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[RADIO] 120918 - Younha's Starry Night: Daehyun
(After Daehyun did his 정여사 impression [T/N: it's a corner from 'Gag Concert', he also did it during Music Bank])
Secret: He's so good at it! Really good!
Younha: Daehyun-sshi is good at singing and impressions, really. Daehyun-sshi's charms are-
Zinger: But I heard that unnie ranked him last (T/N: on Beatles' Code)
Younha: I know, I didn't really know him then. He's really worthy of 1st place today. Yongguk-sshi isn't as fun as I thought he would be.
Younha: It's a joke, a joke~

[RADIO] 120918 - Younha's Starry Night: Youngjae
Younha: Who is the best looking? Like, since you guys probably meet during normal times and see each other without make-up, who would still be the prettiest or doesn't have anything wrong with them. I think that's what it means
Zinger: Personally, I think it's Youngjae.
Younha: Ah, Youngjae-sshi. Truthfully, he looks good no matter which way you look at him.
Zinger: He's always really clean.
Hyosung: Youngjae, you can like it. You can show your gums.
Youngjae: VICTORY!

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