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Jun 29, 2013
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[INTERVIEW] B.A.P Interview for Trendy Magazine (Part 2)

B.A.P’s exclusive recommendation of where to go in Korea during summer

Even though they don’t have time to rest during the summer holidays due to busy schedules, B.A.P still passionately recommended places for fans to go to when travelling to Korea in the summer.

Jongup who really wants to go play with water, recommended without hesitation: “Carribean Bay”, seems like he seriously wants to go!

Daehyun strongly recommends hometown Busan’s GwangAn beach and neighbouring theme parks. Daehyun also laughed saying: “I can be everyone’s tour guide! There’s really good sashimi and seafood near the beach, if you’re lucky you can see fireworks.” Upon hearing Daehyun’s words, the other members also started discussing, perhaps next time when B.A.P goes on vacation, “Tour guide Daehyun” will bring the members to Busan and play together!

Neverending music composition

B.A.P who in 2012, received 14 rookie awards, 13 iTunes hip hop music champions, Billboard world album first place, was dubbed by the media as “2012 Korea’s strongest rookies” with their shocking achievements. Officially entering the second half of 2013, what plans and wishes do they have that they must fulfill before the year ends?

Leader Yongguk expressed: “So far we’re focusing on the concert tour. But when we have time, members are actually constantly making music, hoping to hurry and bring new works to everyone.”

"If we can, hopefully this year we can get first place on a music show." Youngjae spoke out member’s inner wishes, everyone laughed and nodded while clapping as encouragement for each other. We believe that under B.A.P’s strong presence and persistent efforts, they can definitely achieve this goal! Go B.A.P~ Fighting!

After the interview

Even though we really wanted to continue chatting with B.A.P who we haven’t seen in a long time, but in order not to delay their next schedules, we could only reluctantly end this time’s interview. Before leaving, B.A.P members each bowed 90 degrees to all the staff as farewell and thanks, smiling while saying: “You’ve worked hard!” just like the first time when they met with TRENDY, still humble and polite, not letting their blasting popularity change that. We believe that perhaps it’s because of this, that B.A.P has received so much love!


Press conference speed notes
-Time: 2013/06/08
-Location: Taipei International Conference Center (TICC)

B.A.P punctually appeared at the site of the press conference in purple, energetically greeting everyone with their signature greeting. Coming to Taiwan for the second time, once they got off the plane they felt Taiwanese fans’ extreme passion. Due to fans’ passion to the point of loss of control and nearly got toppled over, member Daehyun said: “Even though it’s our second time coming to Taiwan, seeing so many fans coming to pick us up at the airport makes me really happy, I hope that the concert will be successful.” Himchan’s memory from the showcase upon the first time coming to Taiwan is still fresh in his mind, and hopes that this time coming to Taiwan they can make many memories as well. Leader Yongguk also mentioned last time because they spent too little time in Taiwan, they weren’t able to properly experience Taiwan, and hopes that this time they’ll have the chance to understand more deeply Taiwan’s culture! Zelo who got picked on to speak by the host expressed: he thinks the same as the hyungs, hoping that the second time coming to Taiwan, they can have a successful concert and further know Taiwan. After Zelo finished speaking he didn’t understand himself so he laughed in embarrassment, making the other members laugh as well.

B.A.P also mentioned that food they wanted to taste this time coming to Taiwan. Youngjae reminisced that the mango ice they ate last time when they came to Taiwan had already melted, therefore this time once they came to Taiwan they immediately reported to the mango ice store, even using relatively accurate Chinese and said: “I want to eat mango ice”, Jongup also expressed that he wanted to drink Taiwan’s bubble tea again, Himchan immediately picked up the microphone and said: “I want to drink bubble tea!” in extremely fluent Chinese, making everyone laugh. Seems like the members all practiced Chinese really hard just to taste Taiwan’s delicacies!

During the press conference B.A.P also ironically revealed that the greatest difference in images on and off stage was the youngest member, maknae Zelo, and was elected by the hyungs as the cutest and most aegyo-capable member! Zelo slowly used Chinese and answered: “thank you!” His cute appearance cause laughter on and below the stage.

The concert’s content that everyone is curious about, members kept as top secret. During February’s Seoul concert, leader Yongguk revealed his sixpack, which also makes people curious whether or not he’ll show his good body during Taiwan’s concert too?

Himchan indicated: “You can’t reveal all your best possessions during one concert, we’ll work even harder to improve our bodies, next time we’ll show it to everyone!” Leader Yongguk added: “If the concert atmosphere is high enough, members may also subconsciously show off their bodies too!”

On this time’s press conference, B.A.P also received the confirmation of Sony BMG Taiwan’s golden disc award because of second mini album “ONE SHOT“‘s sales achievement in Taiwan. B.A.P’s great popularity can also be seen through this.


B.A.P Live ON Earth Pacific Tour in Taipei
-Time: 2013/06/09
-Location: Nangang 101

Bringing the original performance from the Seoul stop onto Nangang 101’s stage, while declaring to conquer the world, the six members of B.A.P stepped on stage in a blast of all-white outfits, bringing three powerful hip hop signature songs “Warrior”, “What The Hell” and “No Mercy” as the concert’s opening. The fan’s super strong cheering also caused the atmosphere to reach a climax. B.A.P who immediately transformed into deep, sentimental men, performed ballad song “Rain Sound”, letting fans swoon uncontrollably.

During each member’s introductions, B.A.P’s “extremely manly” leader Yongguk sang Girls’ Generation’s “Gee” under the pressure of the other members to prove that he is a rapper who can sing. Bang Yongguk’s deep voice singing the playful “Gee” had a somewhat “giggly” effect. B.A.P who has always had a strong image, during this time’s concert, every member ignored their image and revealed their cutest side to the fans. Zelo who was revealed to be the member most aegyo-capable during the press conference also performed “gwiyomi”, causing everyone at the concert to shout from his extreme cuteness!

Apart from six membered stages, B.A.P also specially prepared small group performances during this time’s concert, letting members show their most talented side. Daehyun and Youngjae performed R.Kelly’s “I Believe I Can Fly”, Youngjae’s elegant turn notes, Daehyun’s perfect high notes and the two’s flawless harmonies expressed the song perfectly; Jongup and Zelo showed their adept dancing skills; Yongguk not only showed a bit of DJing, but also performed their new song “Sexy Clap” with Himchan, showing the two’s mature charisma.

B.A.P performed a total of 20 songs during the entire concert, singing and dancing, dynamic and static, Hallyu rookie bosses is definitely not an unworthy title. This time’s concert created beautiful memories for both B.A.P and BABYz, Himchan also took out his personal camera in the end to record Taiwanese BABYz looks of passionate cheering.

Translations by Liliane © bapyessir.com; Take out with full credits. 
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Jun 29, 2013
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[INTERVIEW] B.A.P Interview for Trendy Magazine (Part 1)

B.A.P @ Taipei
Super rookie B.A.P lands in Taiwan
Holds concert to celebrate 500 days since debut

B.A.P who is planning to conquer the earth has began holding their Pacific concert tour since this May.
Under the BABYz anticipation, B.A.P finally arrived in Taiwan again.
On the day of the concert, what’s even more worth celebrating is—B.A.P’s 500th day since debut!
Such a special day, hurry and celebrate with TRENDY and B.A.P on a date!

The night before 500 days since debut, TRENDY’s cover artist’s specially prepared interview!

Since their debut, TRENDY has had quite an affinity with B.A.P. On such a memorable day of 500 days since debut, B.A.P coincidentally has their Taiwan concert, how can TRENDY not help them celebrate?

Contagious “PUHA laughter” photo time

B.A.P who immediately began carrying out their extremely tightly-packed marathon schedule after getting off the plane, by the time they met with the TRENDY crew, it was already their last schedule, but the six of them still look energized. When they saw TRENDY’s specially prepared balloons for the shoot, B.A.P members yelled out loud and they seemed really happy just as though they would float up together with the balloons! When they were told to take a “cool” shot first under the request of the photographer, Daehyun couldn’t resist and started the “Puha” laughter, thereafter this “puha” started spreading as though it was contagious, in the end, originally leader Bang Yongguk who was trying to hold it in also gave out, six of them laughing happily as a bunch. B.A.P’s good mood also spread to the staff on site, completing this photoshoot filled with laughter.

Interview time starts with a “surprise”

TRENDY’s surprise for B.A.P, of course isn’t only the balloons during the photoshoot. Before the interview started, TRENDY specially brought out cupcakes that had candles on them spelling out “B.A.P 500 DAY”. When the B.A.P members saw the cake, they were surprised and elated and shouted “what’s this?”, “is something happening?” and they couldn’t resist smiling with shining eyes, hiding their normally tough, cool and handsome image on stage and revealing the cute sunshine boy underneath without regret.

Arriving at the “500 day since debut” milestone, the six B.A.P members were both cheering and accepting the staffs’ congratulatory applause, and politely smiled and said “thank you!”

Asking them what they thought about 500 days since debut? Himchan laughed and said “I really can’t believe we’ve debuted for 500 days already! I’m really thankful to the members and BABYz who kept supporting us. In the future we will show more varied and better appearances to show everyone, hope everyone continues to look forward to it!” About the changes within these 500 days, Himchan thought that “going through these days, we’re more able to express ourselves comfortably on stage, and show more performances to everyone.” Youngjae thinks that “being able to hold a concert tour, to us, can be seen as a big reward for debuting 500 days!” As the leader, Yongguk, sentimentally expressed his gratitude for five hundred days: “The six of us went through 500 days together, it’s not really short, but not long either, hope we can work hard to keep surging forward towards our dreams, and not to give up before we reach it! Even if you think it’s something impossible, you have to complete it!” When leader Yongguk was speaking, firstly Himchan looked touched and squeezed his nose bridge seemingly trying to hold in his tears. (Even though on site it seemed like there was more humorous content than sentimental) Youngjae put his hands on Zelo and Jongup’s shoulders, indicating that they would keep going together! For Daehyun who isn’t too used to these “sentimental” settings, purposely laugh and yell out: “too forced” to cover his embarrassment.

However after playing around, from their composed gazes, it isn’t difficult to realize that perhaps because these six people carry the same beliefs that they are able to extend their stage to the entire world within a short 500 days since debut.

Never stopping to fulfill their dreams
B.A.P who is carrying out their “Live On Earth Pacific Tour”, held concerts at Japan and even across the Pacific ocean in America, and received relatively passionate responses. Not only in Taiwan do they have dazzling achievements, also in China they received the confirmation of a rookie award. B.A.P who is already going towards the road of an international superstar seems to have set their own standards even higher. When talking about their shockingly good achievements, leader Bang Yongguk modestly said: “I actually don’t really dare to think that we’re already some type of “celebrity”, it’s only that we’re B.A.P who is quite seriously producing music. Once our future efforts have fulfilled our dreams and become more influential, I hope that we can be able to give a positive influence.”
B.A.P who continuously works hard to communicate with their fans through their music, in their second mini album “ONE SHOT”, also carry the idea of hoping that teenagers like themselves won’t give up easily and take action, getting up and chasing your own dream. Leader Yongguk also said that “the song “ONE SHOT” is trying to tell adolescents not to miss good opportunities, and grasping onto their own chances. I hope that by listening to the messages we tried to deliver through our song and album they can fulfill their wishes.”
The ideal summer holiday is?

On their overseas schedules, what sparks curiosity is what BA.P members must bring with them?
After some serious thought, Himchan looked at the other members and answered “things we must bring… probably MP3 and laptop!” Zelo made an action of putting on earphones, Daehyun, Jongup and Youngjae also nodded in agreement, Yongguk also added: “we have to bring something you can listen to music with.” Seems like music is really B.A.P’s important companion!

B.A.P who has been fairly busy since debut, if they had to chance to have summer holidays, where would they want to go and what do they want to do?

Busan boy Daehyun said without hesitation: “whenever it’s summer, I want to go to the beach, like Busan’s GwangAn beach or Haeundae, they’re both awesome places!” Jongup said Korea’s must-go place for playing with water — “Carribean Bay” water park. Himchan expressed: “because of busy schedules, even when we go overseas we can’t go sightseeing properly, so if we have a long vacation, we can go travelling overseas.”

Leader Yongguk suddenly thought of something and laughed saying: “I hope that apart from rehearsing, we can do something else together. Korea has a military experience camps, if the six of us have the chance to try it out together, it seems pretty nice.” Youngjae also joined in on the discussion: “Getting punished together, accepting hell-like training…..” You can only see Daehyun furiously shaking his head next to Yongguk, as though not really wanting to join an experience camp like that. Daehyun who was especially paid attention to by TRENDY, under Yongguk’s “attention”, hurriedly explained: “it’s…because there are mosquitoes!” Through his serious eyes you can see he’s failing to hide his laughter, and got the other members laughing.
Translations by Liliane © bapyessir.com; Take out with full credits.
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Jun 24, 2013
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