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[!] Payment for Shipping Fees for Official Goods + Other Information & Guides

We’re getting a lot of asks about those who are not level 3 in the fancafe and are not able to post their memo/form in the ‘BABY 2기’ forum. The first link will hopefully help you out if you’re level 1 or 2 in the fancafe and if you’re interested in doing a bulk payment instead of paying for the wire transfer fee separately. Second link is a guide/tutorial on how to post your memo/form in the fancafe (for those who are still confused on how to post them): 

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[★] Guide on How to Navigate B.A.P’s Fancafe + Making a Post

<How to Make a Post>

Choose any link/place in the fancafe that you want to write a post in and click on the ‘글쓰기' button with the purple pencil near the top left side:


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[TUTORIAL] MBC Show Champion: How to Vote for B.A.P’s ‘1004’

*Before voting make sure you create a MelOn account (© bapyessir.com) if you don’t have one yet as it is required to vote through MelOn.

**Please use a Gmail account since it seems that Yahoo accounts won’t be able to receive an email confirmation. Also, check your spam mail if it’s not in your inbox!  

STEP 1:  Log on with your ID and password at the top right and click “로그인” then go to this link.


STEP 2: You will be redirected to the page before. If it do not get redirected, click here. Scroll down and click the button that says “챔피언송투묘하기”


STEP 3: A pop-up will show with different artists. If nothing shows, make sure your pop-up blocker is disabled. Look for B.A.P’s ‘1004’ and click “투표하기”


You can vote up to 3 times within 24 hours.

If the following shows up, it means that you have reached your maximum amount of votes for the day.


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[!] How to increase the views for ‘1004’ MV
  • Sign out of your YouTube account and search for ‘B.A.P 1004’. You need to watch for at least a minute or if you’re not too sure, just watch the whole MV. Once it’s over, search for ‘B.A.P 1004’ on the search bar again and repeat. YouTube counts views as soon as the video starts, not ends.
  • Do not use playlist mode; it will not help out on the views. Watch the MV manually. 

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[★] B.A.P ‘1004’ Top Search Trending Project!

→ Tutorial on how to make a Naver Account

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[TUTORIAL] All ways to SUPPORT B.A.P’s Comeback with “ANGEL”

Principal ways for international fans to contribute to B.A.P’s success and make them #1 on Korean music shows:

1) Buy their music both physically and digitally (60%)
2) Get SNS points via Youtube and other networks (20%)
3) Vote for them on music shows (20%)

★ MISSION 1: Buy “First Sensibility” CD and digital audio of “Angel”

The best and ultimate way to support B.A.P is to buy their music. There’s two ways to buy B.A.P’s music and each way has different effect.

PHYSICAL SALES allows B.A.P to stay alive and produce more music

When you buy their CD, make sure you buy from a website that will reflect your purchase on HANTEO* chart, since it does have an effect on Korean charts. 

For Baby in Japan: BYS/TS ENT | Rakuten Cool Track | Music Korea | Kankan Shop


*Hanteo is Korea’s biggest physical album chart and is the chart Korean Music Shows go by.

DIGITAL SALES helps B.A.P to win on Korean music shows

This is the BEST and ULTIMATE way to help B.A.P to win on Korean music shows, as digital sales count on Gaon and MelOn charts*. There are 5 major sites where digital music is available for purchase, which is MelOn, Bugs!, Olleh, Naver and Soribada.

***The first 4 doesn’t accept international purchases, so we can’t help. Soribada is like iTunes and we can purchase title track for about 1,65 USD, but currently TS ENT don’t have a contract with them, so B.A.P’s music is not available at the moment.

Please note that iTunes doesn’t have any effect on Korean charts or music shows. BUT, iTunes is as much important as the other charts since it’s a WOLRDWIDE chart and helps B.A.P to be more known internationally!

*Gaon and Melon are the most important digital charts.

★ MISSION 2: Watch the MV and talk about B.A.P

SNS POINTS will also help B.A.P to win on music shows!
Go on TS ENT official Youtube and keep increasing the views of “Angel” MV.

  • We’ve heard conflicting info that you should or shouldn’t log into your youtube account, so whichever you choose be sure to search for the video after each view, and to clear your history and delete cookies.  
  • Click on the Official Video by TS ENT 
  • Subscribe, watch, like, comment, share. Make and use several YouTube accounts to do this if you can!
  • You must watch the whole video (no pause/forward) and the volume needs to be above 50% on the Youtube player 
  • Don’t REFRESH the page or press REPLAY button: You must REPEAT the above steps and search the MV again for each view to count. 
  • You must clean history after 10 plays and delete cookies every 60 minutes (ALL TIME history/cookies, not just the ones for the past hour ^^). 
  • Repeat these steps everyday as many times as possible until the end of Angel promotions!

Also, how much B.A.P is being mentioned/searched online is part of Korean rankings

  • Gaon Social Chart: See tutorial HERE for making an account and share the Angel MV.
  • Search Engines: Enter “B.A.P  비에이피” into the search boxes of the sites below and click on any B.A.P article and keep it open at least 1 minute. Close your browser window before using another search engine: Naver (needs an account, see the tutorial on how to make one HERE); Nate; Daum; Me2Day.
  • Use your social medias: Retweet any TS ENT / B.A.P tweets, share TS ENT posts on B.A.P official Facebook, update your Tumblr and Instagram account with B.A.P videos and pictures.

About REAL TIME charts:

All about trending things on Twitter! 

  • Add #비에이피 and #BAP1004 whenever you tweet! 

Trending has effect on real time chart but JUST on real time chart. When do we need this? When they release music videos and albums! For now, only Inkigayo requires trending BUT that’s only when B.A.P is on top 3!
So we have to vote for them to be one of the 3 first and then trend to help them to win! Other than this, there is no evidence that trending or searching their name effects any chart.

★ MISSION 3: Vote for B.A.P on Music Programs

As you all already know, when B.A.P make a comeback, they will promote the main title track on music shows for a period 4 to 6 weeks. In the meantime, they will rank on various charts and will stand next to other kpop groups to win at music programs. Besides boosting digital sales, we can also VOTE for Angel on music shows and it can also help B.A.P to win on music shows.

We should focus on M!Countdown the most since it’s the easiest way for international fans to vote for B.A.P. Then we should vote on Inkigayo (20%), Show Champion (15%), and Muisc Core (10%). Music Bank doesn’t have voting from fans.

➙ MBC Show Champion
Wednesdays, 6:00PM KST
Watch the live performance: Streaming link
Voting time: From Monday 11PM KST to Sunday 11PM KST
How to vote: Tutorial

* Each email address can register 5 Melon ID.

Ranking system:

  • 45% Digital sales (Melon) 
  • 10% Physical sales (Hanteo)
  • 15% Ranking from netizens
  • 15% Ranking from professionals in music industry 
  • 15% Points on MBC music broadcast 

➙ Mnet M!Countdown
Thursdays, 6:00PM KST
Watch the live performance: Steaming link
Voting time: From Friday 10AM KST to Monday 8AM KST
How to vote: Tutorial

* An ID registered in MWAVE (global) can cast another vote on Mnet Korea or Mnet Japan (1 ID = 2 votes).
* Each IP can accommodate 10 IDs and you can sign up even more accounts if you change your IP.
* Should avoid including bap or related terms in your Mnet ID.
* Make sure IDs are not in sequence. (e.g. bapangel01, …)
* ID registered in Mnet Japan can also vote in Mnet Korea (info to be verified).

Ranking system:

  • 50% Digital sales 
  • 20% Age preference
  • 10% Physical sales
  • 10% Live show preference on Mnet
  • 5% Global fan votes 
  • 5% SMS voting (Only for top 3)

➙ KBS Music Bank
Fridays, 6:10PM KST
Watch the live performance: Streaming link
No voting

Ranking system:

  • 65% Digital sales
  • 20% Broadcast time (times B.A.P’s songs have been used during broadcast, including as BG music on other KBS programs, etc.)
  • 10% Viewer’s choice
  • 5% Physical sales 

➙ MBC Music Core
Saturdays, 3:50PM KST
Watch the live performance: Streaming link
Voting time: During the broadcast via SMS
How to vote: Tutorial

Ranking system:

  • 70% Physical and Digital sales
  • 10% Youtube views
  • 10% Board of viewers’ vote
  • 10% SMS vote

Only views on Youtube via MBC official website will be counted
1. Go to http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/ent/musiccore/musiclist/index.html
2. Find out B.A.P’s song name.
3. Click on the pink tv icon on the right and get the view counted.
4. Each IP can contribute once only (have to change IP to boost the figure).

➙ SBS Inkigayo
Sundays, 4:10PM KST
Watch the live performance: Streaming link
Voting time: From Monday 11PM KST to Saturday 11PM KST
How to vote: Tutorial

Ranking system:

  • 50% Digital sales (Gaon)
  • 30% SNS 
  • 20% Voting
© bapyessir.com

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[TUTORIAL] 28th Golden Disk Awards: How to Vote for B.A.P

B.A.P is nominated for 'Division Album' and 'Popularity Award' at the 28th Golden Disk Awards. The ceremony will be held at the Grand Peace Palace at KyungHee University in Seoul on January 16th from 5:00PM~8:50PM KST.

There is a voting method that requires you to pay, but there is an event where you can get free ballots to vote!

⇨ 1 free ballot/vote will be given each day.
⇨ Voting period: December 16th, 2013 to January 12th, 2014.
⇨ Step 1-7 : How to get ballot/vote, Step 8-10: How to vote for B.A.P

Step 1. Download the “Golden Disk Award Global” app in Play Store (currently for Android only).

Step 2. Click the “Charge” button at the bottom of the screen.

Step 3. Make sure you’re on the “Share” page.

Step 4. Then, click the “like” button below. 

Step 5. ‘Like’ 2013 GDA page on Facebook. Logging in is required.

Step 6. After liking the Facebook page, go back to the previous page (the page at Step 4) to share.

Step 7. After clicking the “Share” button, you will see this. You can write something in the given box before sharing it to your Facebook.

After sharing, you will see this. Just click the “Confirm”.

And now you have one ballot/vote already.

Step 8. You can choose which one to vote for. B.A.P is nominated for 2 categories.

Step 9. Click “event vote”

Step 10.This is the last step! Click the “free charge” button.

Finally you’re done! Keep voting for B.A.P!

© iDaehyunBaby

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[TUTORIAL] 2013 SBS MTV Best of the Best: How to Vote for B.A.P

Go to SBS MTV’s website to vote! B.A.P has been nominated for Best Male Group.

  • Click on BEST 투표 and scroll down until you see this: 


  • Click on the yellow button (투표하기) to vote.  
  • Click on the purple button (결과보기) to see the current rankings.

You can also vote on 2013 SBS MTV Best of the Best’s Facebook page:

  • Like the page, click on BEST 투표 and scroll down until you see this:


  • Click on the yellow button under B.A.P’s picture to vote. 

You can also vote on your Android and IOS devices:

  • Download SOTY in the Play Store or App Store. 
  • After opening the app, click in the search and click on ‘2013 SBS MTV Best of the Best’.
  • Scroll down until you see BEST 남자그룹
  • Choose B.A.P and then click on the red button (투표하기) on the right to vote. 

Voting Period: December 7th ~ December 19th

Voting Criteria: Website (30%), Facebook (30%), SOTY (30%) and Experts’ Evaluation (10%). 

You can vote once per day through all three methods. Please remember to continue to vote every day until the 19th!

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[TUTORIAL] 23rd Seoul Music Awards: How to vote for B.A.P!

B.A.P is nominated in the 'Popularity Award' category for the 23rd Seoul Music Awards. Broadcast will be on January 23rd at 7PM KST.

See the awards official site here (It might take a while to load). You can download the app for Android here, but so far the one for iTunes isn’t available.


Step 1: Open up the app and click on the 기부zone


Step 2: Click on any (only download items)


[FOR VOTING]: You need to download advertisers’ apps and run them to collect CONS. Every vote needs 50 cons. 10 chances to vote are given a day, so you can click on any to earn the points. Some of them just need downloading whilst others require signing up. Unless you have Kakao Talk, we suggest you pick the downloadable apps!

Step 3: Click the orange button!


Step 4: When the following message pops up, press “OK”.


Step 5: Install the app!


Step 6: Go back to the app and press the orange button again. If needed, open the app so you will receive the points.


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