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Established: January 22nd, 2012

08/30 B.A.P Summer Vacation

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Jul 30 14
[NEWS] 140730 B.A.P Jongup & Youngjae’s surprise message to fans during their break


Recently, the boy group B.A.P that finished with the 4 continent tour including Asia, America, Europe and also Australia said they are having their long-awaited break. What might they be doing in their break? The members Jongup and Youngjae send us the recent news!

So, can we first meet with Jongup? Jongup who is currently having an album’s photo-shoot said that they are taking a break after having finished the tour. When I asked about future projects he responded "Maybe, in a certain period, we’ll have a long break, we’re improving ourselves right now". What about your self-improvement? He told us "Vocal or songwriter, I’m trying to write lyrics as a hobby. I think next time when we meet with our fans, We’ll be able to show them a different and cool side of us" and then send some expectations to the fans.

Next is Youngjae. Youngjae who is currently having the japanese album’s photo-shoot said that they are spending their break comfortably. Youngjae who is asking for the fans safety, commented with worry "It’s summer so be careful of the heat, don’t be too close to the air-conditioner because you can get ill, take care of your health". Finally, he send a flying kiss as a gift for the fans who are waiting for them. B.A.P that sent a surprise message to their fans, said that they will be coming back with a different side to them.

That was Jongup and Youngjae of B.A.P.

© Naver | Trans by Mika @ bapyessir.com

Jun 10 14
B.A.P will attend the 2014 Auto Pudong International Car Exhibition

B.A.P will attend the 2014 Auto Pudong International Car Exhibition in Pudong,Shanghai on August 16th and 17th.

TVXQ and B.A.P will be invited as Korean guests and put on a concert along with other Chinese artists. B.A.P is described as the most perfect Korean dark punk band. Having their first show ever in Shanghai, they will perform for not less than 40 minutes.
© Autopudong | Trans by Liliane & Josie @ bapyessir.com

May 30 14
[NEWS] 140530 B.A.P’s Him Chan: My Fan Named her Baby After Me


We imagine Korean boy bands have all met their fair share of, erm, over-enthusiastic fans.

But B.A.P’s Him Chan’s story about an extraordinarily devoted BABY — which is what the group’s fans are called — truly takes the cake.

“There was this Korean fan. She was pregnant when I met her, and she asked me if she could name her child Him Chan,” the Korean boy band member said. “I agreed to it, and now the baby’s name is Him Chan.”

Him Chan (the adult) was speaking at a press conference held at The Star Loft at The Star Performing Arts Centre, ahead of B.A.P’s concert in Singapore on Saturday. This is the group’s second gig here in less than a year.

The 24-year-old added: “It’s very amusing, because it’s not something I experience everyday. Him Chan actually means energetic in Korean, so I hope the child will be energetic, and I hope he will be able to experience all the good things in the world. I am very grateful to the fan.”

But fans aren’t the only ones who sometimes get too excited.

“Our fans are quite courteous, so they don’t make abrupt movements on stage,” said the band’s leader Bang Yong Guk. “But (one time) we got so excited on stage, and I remember kissing one of my fans’ hands.”

Here’s hoping B.A.P will get high on chilli crabs before their show in Singapore.


May 27 14
B.A.P’s Bang Yongguk and Himchan donate books to children’s charity


B.A.P’s Bang Yongguk and Himchan were revealed to have donated to Bugiz, a charity that supports children with leukemia, childhood cancer or any other forms of rare, uncurable illnesses.

On the 27th of May, Bugiz revealed that both Bang Yongguk and Himchan donated over a total of 400 books, in which these books will not only be given to the children in the charity, but they will also be distributed to nurseries, day-care centers, low-income families, neglected children and any other children who need these books.

Source: My Daily

May 17 14
[NEWS] 140517 B.A.P for Apple Daily: “Oppas cherish their bodies like gold, B.A.P would not show their body, only their vocals”

The Korean male idol Group, B.A.P, is going to have their concert in Taiwan NK 101 at 18:00 tommorrow. Today, there is a joint press conference in their hotel. They said, “we have learnt a lot Mandarin with some Taiwanese dialect. And we will show the surprise to the fans tommorrow.” Besides, they had generously shown their abs in the previous concerts. Will they show them to the fans again? Youngjae said, “To prevent them from overlooking the performance to just watch the abs, we are not going to show them.” 90% of the tickets for LOE Taiwan are sold. You can buy the tickets in the concert site.

Appledaily.com | Trans by CK & Shwen @ bapyessir.com

May 10 14
[NEWS] 140509 Sydney’s love of Asian pop moves beyond the novelty of Gangnam Style

On Saturday, six-piece South Korean boy band B.A.P. dance into town to play at Luna Park’s Big Top as part of a world tour that includes the US and Europe. When sales opened last month, the $200 VIP tickets (600 of them) sold out within minutes. Joy Kim, the general manager of their agency TS Entertainment, says next year they hope to travel to more countries. It’s part of a strategy to bring B.A.P. (it stands for Best Absolutely Perfect) and K-pop to a wider audience. 

Many K-pop bands (including B.A.P) record versions of their songs in Mandarin and Japanese, and Kim says they are thinking of doing English versions “so more people can enjoy the music and the concerts better”. But ultimately, she doesn’t believe language is an obstacle: “People get their emotions and feelings from the music.” 

Very few members of the 2000-strong audience at Kyary’s concert at the Roundhouse in March understood Japanese, and she spoke very little English, so Kim is probably right. The concert exceeded the expectations of its promoter, Handsome Tours, who had to move it to the bigger venue after the Metro sold out so rapidly. Handsome’s Chris Twite hopes to bring the J-pop singer back next year.

"Asian pop music is definitely a growing market in Australia,” he says, "and she is one of its shining stars." He is also looking at other Asian acts but won’t say at whom: "A promoter is only as good as his secrets." 

Twite puts the rise in popularity down to SBS PopAsia, which airs on SBS each weekend and on YouTube. Visuals have always played an important role in Asian pop, whether it be set design, CGI or elaborate choreography.

Although B.A.P come from one of the smaller music stables in South Korea, they have the distinction of having produced one of its most expensive music videos: for the title track of their second EP, One Shot, they did a shoot in the Philippines, then spent another week in a studio in Seoul. The final bill, says Kim, was “not exactly $1 million dollars but pretty much around that”. South Korea’s biggest music agencies routinely spend vast sums of money promoting their groups.

The band, whose songs take in such styles as urban grooves, ballads, EDM and even heavy metal (a variety that isn’t unusual in K-pop), has consistently had hits throughout Asia since their first single Warrior was released in 2012. Yet Kim demurs when asked if the label was pleased that they achieved success in the competitive field so quickly.

"We are still on the way to success,” she says. "It takes five years to see if you are successful or not. That’s what I think. Warrior was a big hit and it got them a lot of attention, but since Gangnam Style … that’s the standard for K-pop these days.”

© Sydney Morning Herald

Apr 04 14
[NEWS] 140404 B.A.P to release their fourth photobook and DVD set ‘RECORDING TAKE4’

B.A.P will release their fourth photobook and DVD set ’RECORDING TAKE4’!

'RECORDING TAKE4' is the next installment of their 'TAKE' series and features a total of 80 photos of B.A.P's journey throughout their promotions for “BADMAN" and "1004(Angel)”, and their first win on a music show. The one-hour DVD also includes making films for the “BADMAN” MV filmed in Detroit as well as the “1004(Angel)” MV in Korean and English subtitles. The set also contains one photo card of a B.A.P member selected randomly.

With B.A.P’s third Japanese single ”NO MERCY" charting at #2 on the Oricon Daily Single Chart upon its release on the 3rd, the boys will also drop this photobook in Japan as well.

'RECORDING TAKE4' will be released in Korea and Japan on the 23rd!


Apr 02 14
[NEWS] 140402 B.A.P at Shibuya Tower Records for their Japanese 3rd Single “No Mercy” Release

On Wednesday April 2nd, to celebrate the release of their 3rd Japanese Single “No Mercy,” the members of B.A.P, a group storming through today’s K-Pop world, visited Tower Records Shibuya Cafe which has a collaboration [drink] with B.A.P.

The B.A.P member’s attacked Shibuya Tower Records on release day, signing their display amid the screams of fans (although there was no notice given about their appearance, we had a crowd of fans waiting here for B.A.P) as they moved to the 2F cafe.

Having interviewed them several times, X-GUN’s Nishio-san from the CS TV program “Han-Chu” was also here. With an interview and collaboration dance with Zelo, laughter overflowed as they also played an “Association Game” together. Today’s visit will be broadcast May 19 / May 26 on Homedrama channel’s Han-Chu [T/N: The broadcast schedule is not up on Homedrama channel’s HP yet, but we will keep you posted about broadcast day/time].

© KSTYLE | Trans by Nicole @ Bapyessir.com

Mar 13 14
[NEWS] 140313 B.A.P on Their Popularity in Europe: “There’s an Appeal in Our Unique Style”

Among the different K-Pop idol groups, B.A.P is especially popular in Europe. The group was recently asked why they think that is.

On March 9, at the press conference for “B.A.P Live on Earth Seoul 2014,” member Daehyun said, “I think there’s an appeal in our unique style, and I think people like our masculine and powerful performances.”

B.A.P’s agency TS Entertainment said, “As B.A.P hasn’t been to Europe yet, it’s hard to tell, but there’s definitely a highly positive response to the group there. We should be able to get an idea of their popularity during this world tour.” For this year’s world tour, B.A.P will be visiting America, Europe, Oceania, and Asia for a total of 20 concerts. In Europe they have decided on visits to Germany and France, and they will be adding other European countries to their itinerary at a later date.

B.A.P has achieved some impressive feats in Europe, placing in the top 10 of the iTunes Hip-Hop Album Charts for various European countries. In July of 2012, the group’s first mini album “No Mercy” was second in the Norway/Finland iTunes Hip-Hop Album Chart. In February of 2013, with their second mini album “One Shot,” the group placed second in Sweden, third in Norway/Finland, eighth in Greece, and ninth in Germany. Moreover, B.A.P won 4 awards at Germany’s Remarkable Awards last year, and up until this past February, B.A.P maintained a spot in the top 10 of Germany’s K-Pop chart for 25 months with “One Shot.”

On their upcoming international performances, B.A.P leader Bang Yong Guk said, “We haven’t even completed half of the goals that we had when we debuted. Now, rather than specific goals, we’re putting more importance in our own development and growth as a team. We’re taking it one step at a time. Ever since our debut, our dream was to meet with our fans from around the world as artists. We want our music and our message to be known to the world.”


Mar 06 14
[NEWS] 140306 B.A.P was Actually Named After the Food

In a recent recording of KBS’ Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook, the B.A.P members shared that ever since their first number one win, their food expenses have doubled, much to everyone’s happiness. 

“Our group name is actually bap (rice or meal). We went to check everyone’s fortune and found out that there’s no water in our future,” explained the B.A.P members. “We tried to think of a word that would go well with water, and bap was it.”

Other names in the running included Hot Shot and Hot Boys, but the members were satisfied with B.A.P. 

Meanwhile, B.A.P put on a perfect performance of Shinhwa’s Wild Eyes as well. The show will air on March 7. 


Feb 21 14
[NEWS] 140222 B.A.P to perform and B1A4 to collaborate with Song So Hee for traditional Korean music special

The press conference for KBS 1TV's 'K-Pop Merge Paths with Traditional Music' took place at the KBS annex building in Yeoido on February 21.  At the press conference, it was revealed that there would be a collaboration stage with B1A4 and Song So Hee, who is currently garnering a lot of fame for being so young yet so talented in the traditional Korean style of singing called pansori.  B.A.P will also take part in this program.

The production team said, “We chose B1A4 because they are a trending idol group while one B.A.P member specialized in traditional Korean music.  We tried to stay professional in that way.”  It appears they are talking about B.A.P’s Himchan, who had attended the National School of Traditional Music.  

Song So Hee said, “I am shy around strangers, but they thoughtfully took care of me so that it was comfortable during practice.  I was happy that B1A4 would be my first collaborator.”  She then chose B.A.P as another idol group with whom she wanted to collaborate, “They say that there is one person in B.A.P who specialized in traditional Korean music, so I want to try a duo with him.  I think it would be refreshing.”

B1A4’s Jinyoung and CNU were also present at the press conference.  Regarding this collaboration, they said, “We saw her a lot in CFs.  We thought she was really pretty, so we wanted to meet her; if anything, we feel more honored.  Truthfully, it was a bit awkward at first.  She seemed really averse to being around strangers.  We will talk more and then have a fun performance.

This program will combine the two unique musical styles of Korea, K-Pop and traditional music.  It will be a very fascinating and interesting merging indeed!  Make sure to check it out on March 2.


Feb 16 14
[NEWS] 140217 B.A.P’s ‘LIVE ON EARTH 2014’ concert promotions take over Seoul + 3rd teaser spot

After winning #1 on three music shows this past weekend, he boys of B.A.P have blanketed  the streets of Seoul with promotions for their upcoming tour ‘LIVE ON EARTH 2014’.

TS Entertainment announced, “As much as B.A.P has gotten close with fans through their stages since their debut, they are participating with affection in every process of the plans and preparations for this concert.”

Sparing no expense TS Entertainment has blanketed the streets of Seoul with advertisting in hotspot neighborhoods such as Gangnam, Myeongdong, Shinchon. Thousands of dollars have been spent to ensure that everyone knows of the upcoming concert.

This will be your chance to check out live performances of the boys’ charismatic stages, including that of their latest hit “1004 (Angel)”. With an expected audience of about 40,000 and tickets nearly sold out, this is sure to be a great concert.

B.A.P’s concert will be held at SK Olympic Handball Gymnasium on March 8th & 9th. 

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