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Established: January 22nd, 2012

08/30 B.A.P Summer Vacation

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Aug 20 14
[TRANS] B.A.P has transformed into sexy men holding flowers… fatal photoshoots revealed
Group B.A.P’s leader Bang Yongguk has shown fatal charm.

B.A.P has covered the front page of the September 10+Star magazine that entertainment media is putting out. B.A.P is soon having their promotion in Japan with their 4th single album Excuse Me, so t
hey will be on both Korean and Japanese magazines.

B.A.P who has won first place for the first time after their debut with 1004, they showed B.A.P LIVE ON EARTH 2014 CONTINENT TOUR starting with Seoul, USA, Europe, Australia, and Asia for about 3 months. The six members, Bang Yongguk, Himchan, Daehyun, Youngjae, Jongup, Zelo, grown one step more through the tour, showed their matured sexiness with a flower that suits them at the September magazine photoshoot.

When the members talked about the recent happiness they felt during their short break before the promotion in Japan, they said, “it is when all B.A.P members gather at one place and eat” or “real family, it feels like all the family members are gathered so i really feel happy when we eat together”. Also, leader Bang Yongguk has talked about what makes him smile, it was cream poodle puppy Tigger that he started raising recently. “It’s a little creature but it made me warm up my mind and im gaining strength” said Bang Yongguk sharing his daily happiness. 

You can see B.A.P’s photoshoot and interview on the 10+Star September magazine coming on the 22nd.
© 10+Asia | Trans by Jiwon @ bapyessir.com

Jun 10 14

B.A.P Dazed & Confused / the conversation that didn’t make the final edit

(original article) (do not lift quotes without crediting)


Many of the songs on the album are complex, emotional rollercoasters which have to be interpreted musically by members who may not share that experience. How do you direct them to deliver the right feel for each track?

"For one song to be completed not only B.A.P but a number of staff need to work together so we slowly make a blueprint through time and conversation. We all listen to the song together before working on it. We know each other’s strengths and weaknesses so by talking about who’s voice would match which part and what each member thinks about the story or the message in the song is extremely helpful. Instead of me explaining ‘it’s like this’, we talk about our own experiences or add details into the situation to at least indirectly experience the emotions and identify with the song. All the members are artists, they have rich emotions and they’re very detailed so they’re good at immersing themselves. There are times when they surprise me because their expressions are better than what I’d intended!"

When 1004 (Angel) took first place you seemed relieved as well as happy. If that comeback hadn’t gotten you the firsts would you have begun looking at your career in a different way? Was there the thought of “if this song doesn’t get us that number 1, I’m gonna…”

"To be honest, whenever we start preparing for an album we don’t think “we must take first place”. But with ‘1004(Angel)’ we hoped to receive lots of love and we’re so thankful that an album with such a special meaning took our first first place. If ‘1004(Angel)’ had not won the firsts? Hmm… well, the only thing that’s changed is that we were happy and grateful for the fact that people are beginning to listen to our music. Our aim and responsibility to make better music remains. If we hadn’t achieved number one, then we’d simply try harder to make better music. B.A.P has always dreamed what people said would be impossible and our dreams became real. We’ve made music that does not get swept away by trend and music that includes truthful messages. Even if no one recognised our work, we would’ve continued to keep our unique style and beliefs and we’ll do so in the future."


As a lead vocalist you’re required to interpret and emote. How do you connect with what you’re singing, do you try and find a moment in your life similar or see the song like a film in your mind?

"The connection between the person making the music and the person listening is the most important. But to make this connection work, a sufficient relationship between the makers is necessary. We need to have the same emotions and thoughts to make a piecethat holds one whole message. We listen to common music with similar feelings and referencing films or music can help. You can organise feelings you’ve not directly experienced or find diverse choices in ways of expressing a feeling but the danger is you start to copy. So I just try to focus on our music itself and to understand how to directly pass on an emotion it’s best to be face to face, telling each other stories and sharing our experiences, feelings, discoveries. Not only when a member is recording their part, but from when we hear the song for the first time to the final mastering of the track, through the whole process. Our common goal is to make good music and that’s when we become the most honest with our emotions.”

You’ve said you were trying to find different sides of your voice by listening to a lot of varying genres… you feel you’ve achieved this yet? Or is this a continual learning curve?

"It’s very important to continuously challenge myself to new things as B.A.P explores a variety of music so I try to study a wide range of music to find the various colours that are in my subconscious. In the past I was limited myself by only listening to the genres and artists that I was interested in. Now I listen to everything, from hip-hop and R&B, to jazz and rock because of the others, they know a lot of good artists and songs. Honestly, I can’t say that I am satisfied with my singing. I’ve improved but because music is always changing and moving forward there’s still a lot for me to learn. Alone, I may not be able to complete myself but the members understand me best and follow the same dreams so in the future we’ll be able to make invaluable music. I’ll sing and work even harder until that day!”


With some songs given new arrangements for the tour has there been a particular personal favourite or challenge? For example, for LOE 2013 Coma became quite rock and you got switch up your vocal style into a bit of a belting sound.

"As people give their precious time to meet us and hear us at the concert, we consider the preparation meticulously. We arrange our songs in a new format, re-create sounds through a band, add an acting part or a dance routine or a narration. The new arrangements mean we spend a lot of time practising but this is where we’re able to grow the most. Especially on this tour, I was curious about the audience reaction ‘Body&Soul’ but, personally, I have a recollection of my solo performance at Seoul. ‘It’s All Lies’ was one of my favourite songs but I felt the new version would fit my voice a lot better and I have a lot of affection towards this new arrangement because I’d always wanted to challenge myself with a deep, dream-like atmosphere, with an emotional vocal line."


During this new chapter of the LOE tour, what’s your favourite moment of each show – it can be a song or an interlude?

"Last year when we started the first tour, I liked the moments preparing for the stage after finishing all the rehearsals. I felt so excited waiting to meet the fans. I go over the show in my head once more, study about the city that we are performing in and look forward to the show every time, thinking, ‘what will the performance be like today?’. People may think that performances are familiar, daily happenings for B.A.P but as every performance is live, it’s a series of new moments. But as we started this year’s tour I felt happiest after finishing a performance well and seeing the smiling fans. It’s probably impossible to express it in words how moving it was, I guess it was like an exhilarating moment? That I was able to give the gift of a having good time even if only for a short while, I mean, I realised the fact that we, the fans and us as B.A.P together, have made a time that will be remembered as an amazing moment. It’s why during this year’s tour as I finish each performance I look carefully at the faces of each fan, one by one."


Your vocals have come a long way and your performance has become far more confident. How did you feel when you heard your parts on First Sensibility, particularly that sustained high note on ‘Body & Soul’?

"While working ‘First Sensibility’ I felt the need to strengthen my vocal abilities as a singer, even though my main role was focused on dance and performance in the past. So I listened to Daehyun and Youngjae to practise and learn. ‘Body&Soul’ was a challenge for me. The pitch was a lot higher than what I was used to and on top of that, I took on an important part for the flow of the song so I felt the pressure to do well. It’d be a lie if I said I hadn’t worried but I tried hard and experimented to do my best. There’s still a lot to be learned, but I was extremely happy to hear people say ‘I can see how much you’ve grown’ after listening to the album."

Even as you improved vocally were you at all nervous by the thought of having more parts written for you? How did you deal with that? In fact, how do you deal generally with things that make you nervous?

"I don’t think the amount of parts or performance that you have affects the amount of contribution you make in a song but I know how much influence it could have on the listeners and so I think having more parts, in that sense, is important. So when given more parts, I do worry and tense up but the feeling of excitement is actually bigger. When I’m standing in front of the mic in the recording booth, when I’m checking the mic before going up on stage, my heart starts to beat. In a song with more parts, this feeling of excitement lingers on for longer. I’m a very optimistic person so even in a nerve-racking situation, I feel stimulated more than nervous or worried. If possible, I try to keep calm and devote myself to each moment."

The difference between performing and off-stage Jongup is startlingly. When you’re on stage what goes through your mind? How do you tap into that powerful, sexier side of yourself?

"On stage there is no ‘NG’ and the attention of the entire audience is centered so I believe it’s the moment to show our most perfect image. That’s clearest when it’s my part as well as when I’m doing the choreography at the back with the other members. When I get on stage my entire head is filled with the thought of the song and I have no room for any other thoughts.

Before we get on stage, we tell each other to ‘do well today’. That might be when I am hypnotised as ‘Jongup of B.A.P’, or even the ‘lead character of the song’. When I’m completely absorbed in the song there’s no need to concern myself with other thing and as my image is not forced, my style and character remains. And I think that image of me is what the fans love most.”


You’ve re-done three singles for the Japanese fans. When you have to focus on re-recording and doing new MV’s for them do you begin to see them differently? And which feels the most re-energised or new?

"I felt that it was more like recording and shooting a new song than ‘re-recording’ or ‘re-shooting’ due to the fact that it was in a new language and it had to be styled completely differently to fit the Japanese culture. When we worked on the Japanese versions of the songs, the atmosphere was naturally different from the Korean version. Perhaps it was because we’d grown since we first released the Korean version. The fans will probably find that the songs seem fresh as well. Mmmn, if I had to choose, I would say it was ‘No Mercy’. The Korean version of ‘No Mercy’ was fun in that it was the first time using saturi rap. It was hard to save that in the Japanese version and it was a shame. However, we were able to use traditional Korean instruments to create music and show traditional choreography. Through that, we received a lot of love so I was extremely happy."

(CR: Taylor Glasby)

Jun 04 14
B.A.P Interview with MeRadio in Singapore

B.A.P were back in Singapore for their B.A.P Live On Earth 2014 Singapore concert last Saturday (May 31) and we met the charming sextet for an exclusive 1-on-1 interview prior, where they shared about their favourite place on Earth as well as stepping up to the challenge to film a self-video.

Having once again titled their tour Live On Earth, we were curious as too which were the member’s favourite place on Earth. After jokingly saying that their favourite place on Earth was … “Earth”, the members shared that they like Busan because of the lovely beaches like Haeundae and Gwangalli Beach. Not to be missed is also the fresh raw seafood, which tastes really good.

Bang Yong Guk wants us to give him a call?

The group also previously revealed in our earlier email interview that they would considerforming new sub-units like Moon & Zelo. With their senior Hyosung from SECRET having just released her solo debut album, we asked the boy band if they would like to make their solo debuts as well.

As if to reassure fans that B.A.P is here to stay, leader Yongguk quickly responded saying, “Currently, six of us are working together as B.A.P and we want to focus more on that in terms of music and our performances.”

However, he did add that if the opportunity arose, they would definitely consider the possibilities of releasing solo materials as well as new sub-units. Well, given the band’s track record of constantly pushing out new material, most recently with their Unplugged album, we hardly thing there’s time for the sextet to work on their solo debuts.

Yongguk had also previously expressed his interest in collaborating with Pharrell Williams to create music that B.A.P has yet to try. We thus asked him if there were any Asian artistes or perhaps even Singaporean ones in which he’d like to work with.

The 24-year-old replied that there are too many talented artistes in Asia for him to pinpoint an individual singer he’d like to work with. “Everybody is talented and I want to gain more experience working with a lot of musicians,” he shared.

When further probed on possible genres he’d like to dabble in, Yong Guk said that B.A.P has tried many different styles of music so far and they don’t want to confine themselves to a specific genre. “I hope to try as many as possible so please give me a call when you’re interested,” he said, flashing the hand sign for calling and smiling sheepishly. (He flashed the hand sign again as the translator spoke to us, sending chuckles round the room.)

B.A.P joins in on the World Cup fever!

It’s just a week from the 2014 World Cup and the six-member band are definitely getting in on the World Cup fever. The members shared that they are definitely rooting for their home team South Korea and are sure that they would perform well in the upcoming games. The boy band also wanted to personally express their support towards the team’s current manager Hong Myung-Bo.

The boys were all excited when we asked about their favourite player with most of them staring at Himchan, before Daehyun pointed out that Himchan’s favourite player is Lee Keun-Ho and that he was a big fan.

Sensing that there might be some big fan-boying going on because of the members’ looks towards Himchan, we asked him if he had gotten an autograph with Kuen-Ho.

Smiling gleefully, Himchan replied that he would be very happy if he received an autograph and added, “There are a lot of young players and players that have been around for a long time [in the current team]. I support everybody and the future of football in Korea is looking very bright. Regardless of the score or outcome in the games, we will always pledge our support to the team.”

It’s all about the chilli crab

The craze over taking selfies has swept the Internet by storm and was recently re-fuelled by the Chainsmokers’ song ‘#SELFIE’. We upped the challenge for B.A.P and got them to take a self-video instead.

Not one to shy away from challenges, Youngjae quickly stepped up to the plate and took our phone, turning the camera towards them and signalled the count-off for their impromptu self-video.

(Youngjae might have cut himself out of the video but we’re sure the boys would perfect the self-vid taking skill in no time at all.)

B.A.P further showed their love for chilli crab during their interview with 987TV as well, where they randomly injected the “chilli crab dance” into the interview whenever they could.

© MeRadio

Jun 02 14
[INTERVIEW] Backstage with B.A.P

We meet K-Pop’s premiere hip hop boy band to speak candidly about music, life and each other.

Bang Yongguk is attempting a behind-the-back pool table shot in the Brixton Academy green room. It doesn’t quite go to plan but his fellow members of B.A.P – Korea’s most progressive hip hop boyband – make encouraging noises anyway. The six-piece are in town to play the 5000-capacity venue and shoot the video for their new single ”Where Are You? What Are you Doing?”along the Thames. They got soaked, but, as 20-year-old Youngjae says, they weren’t bothered but excited.

The enthusiasm of the six is infectious. They’re still as wrapped up and creatively hands-on with B.A.P as ever, unusual for a boyband regardless of nationality. They debuted in 2012 with the electrifying, aggressive stomp of ”Warrior”, and after a relentlessly productive couple of years, the band scored their first wins on Korea’s music shows with the soaring midtempo “1004 (Angel)” earlier this year. Cut from a similar pop-hip hop cloth to boyband’s BIGBANG’s anthemic “Monster”, the track broke B.A.P into public consciousness, and propelled First Sensibility, their first full-length album, to number one on the Korean charts.

A hectic schedule means that getting in front of B.A.P – whose leather-clad limbs squeak across a leather couch – has been a herculean task. Even now we’re being filmed but the six members are grounded, shy and easy-going with flashes of self-deprecation. Daehyun, who fell over spectacularly on stage in NYC during ”Punch”, shakes his head. “I was too excited,” he says dolefully while Himchan and Youngjae suppress grins. “It was really embarrassing.” 

Zelo, who will later confidently wiggle his butt at delirious fans, is quieter. “I’m not good with my words, when I’m talking I miss my point. I end up talking about something else!” Meanwhile Yongguk discusses art, the Picassos and Gaugins he saw at MOMA. “Their personal influences and way of expressing it is all helpful to me. And when I get  tired art and film relaxes me,” he explains. Photos are taken, time skips past, the screams from the teenage girls (and handful of fanboys) in the main room intensify. There’s a perfect, though simplified, set – dancers, video backdrops, multiple costumes, no pyrotechnics – to be delivered, but over the next few days they want to talk again.

You worked with songwriters and producers on the BADMAN EP as well as (current album) First Sensibility, but how has your level of input changed over time?

Bang Yongguk: I’ve tried to contribute continuously. All B.A.P albums are precious but I feel more attached to BADMAN because I experienced the role of a producer and learned about the whole process. At that time I was hugely influenced by social issues, which may be why the message was stronger and the music rough and more direct. First Sensibility was where I could challenge myself to explore various genres and, due to experience on BADMAN, put input into videos, image and artwork. I’m still learning but I promise to mature in order to produce music filled with more of my style. 

Though you can come across as serious and quiet, a lighter side appears around people like Himchan and Jongup. What about them that makes you laugh? 

Bang Yongguk: I don’t think of myself as a fun person but with those who know me well I seem to turn into a young child! (laughs) They accept me and I don’t feel the need to be distant or make myself into something better. B.A.P, in particular Himchan and Jongup, are who I share everything with and we know how to make each other happy. Himchan has always been very cool and honest in an unpredictable sense, which makes me laugh. And you never know what extraordinary topic Jongup will talk about, he makes me laugh without me realising.

“Yongguk is not only the leader but the core of B.A.P. I depend on him and wanted to achieve recognition for my capability as a vocalist and for Yongguk to know I’ve matured well” – Jung Daehyun.

You spoke about your members on stage earlier this year and described Daehyun as “sensitive”, which was interesting as he comes across as noisy and fun more than sensitive. Who is the Daehyun that we haven’t yet seen? 

Bang Yongguk: Daehyun is an irreplaceable, talented vocalist. On camera he’s very upbeat and cheeky so people think he’s noisy and playful but that’s not all of his personality. Daehyun matured early, he’s someone who’d care for those around him by giving everything and trusting completely. Although he has a tender heart, when he acts strong I feel proud but also sympathetic. Daehyun doesn’t like to appear weak so this sensitive side of him may only be seen by us but with our support I hope he’ll be as strong as his powerful voice.

Yongguk took the time to mention each member during a show earlier this year and you became very emotional….

Jung Daehyun: Yongguk is not only the leader but the core of B.A.P. I depend on him and wanted to achieve recognition for my capability as a vocalist and for Yongguk to know I’ve matured well. Being together all the time actually makes it more awkward to say things like ‘thanks’, ’sorry’, ‘I love you’. I’m grateful but I felt ashamed for being unable to approach him when I’ve failed to express myself because I felt he knew everything anyway. Confessing on stage made Yongguk’s feelings a lot stronger because usually he doesn’t reveal himself immediately like that. It felt like I’d achieved everything with him watching over us quietly with his truthful voice. 

You’ve had time to settle into First Sensibility… which tracks still stand out for you?

Jung Daehyun: “BANGX2”! The vocal training was hard but I felt a great sense of accomplishment. “Body & Soul” was also difficult at first because it contains a sexual atmosphere and I wasn’t used to that mood. I took extra care to create a soft atmosphere that melted into the song and the fan response has been very good.

B.A.P work hard to achieve their dreams but it’s non-stop, even if one of you are sick or exhausted. Does the thought of burning out ever cross your mind? 

Jung Daehyun: With a tight schedule I can be very tired and feel physically unwell but I don’t get stressed or feel pressured. On stage I feel energized, it’s a place to show our existence and conviction and we want to do our best. I have a responsibility to the people who come see us, and the cheering and energy after a perfect performance is the biggest joy I can have!

Although Himchan takes a lot of photos, you’ve also bought a camera…

Yoo Youngjae: I’m the hidden photographer of B.A.P! (laughs) I’m attracted to it because besides capturing a moment it’s also a reflection of myself at the time. If I take a photo of something it means I find it significant. It demonstrates what I’m agonising about, what I’m interested in, and what moves me. 

Being the ‘chatty, brainy one’ is the way you described yourself around the time of your debut in 2012. Who is the Youngjae of 2014?

Yoo Youngjae: I’m certain the Youngjae of 2014 will be different from the past Youngjae. I found it difficult to express my true feelings but that side of me seemed cold and someone might feel hurt by it. At first I thought, ‘why don’t they understand?’. But I realised a relationship isn’t formed in just one moment, I always have to deliver my beliefs and affection. So this year I promised that to those around me. It’s still awkward and unfamiliar but I’m trying my best. I’d like to say the ‘Youngjae of 2014’ is unafraid to get a step closer to people with a warm truth. 

“We don’t hide anything from each other. We’re so close that we just know when to be considerate of each other.” – Zelo.

You’ve said that your first single “Warrior” was most representative of B.A.P. – but we didn’t really see something like it on the album. Is that a style you’d like to return to? Or is progression more important?

Yoo Youngjae: I still feel Warrior” maximised B.A.P in terms of music and message but since then we’ve learned and matured. Music and society constantly change so the stories we tell and the people listening will change as well. I don’t want to repeat a similar concept with the excuse of holding onto my style but instead sing songs of love, joy, anger, sadness and yearning that anyone can identify with. 

Would you ever consider bringing your Janggu (traditional style of Korean drumming) skills to the live show? You and the band having a ‘free jazz’ jam would be pretty cool.

Kim Himchan: Recently on TV I played the Janggu and I think a lot of people thought it was quite impressive. I prepared every day for a few weeks but I felt ashamed of not being able to fully show its true charm. If we can add the Janggu or other traditional music it’d turn into a completely different stage. To prepare that I’ll need to get back in the zone!

Your position as moodmaker/visual can sometimes mean what you bring to B.A.P as a talent is unfairly overlooked. Yongguk even pointed out that B.A.P’s songs don’t make full use of your vocal abilities. How does this sit with you? 

Kim Himchan: Although I’ve said ‘I’m the visual in B.A.P’, I was just joking. There’s still a lot for me to learn in terms of music so I want to find a unique role by trying different things instead of deciding on my position. The word ‘visual’ is a nice compliment but it’s, more importantly, a chance to shine. To take that chance I’ll need to develop my skills. I think I have a special vocal style but when I see the members practising without realising how tired they are I think, ‘you can only improve if you try that hard’. I’ll grow my strengths so please look forward to the ‘vocalist of B.A.P, Himchan’. 

We’ve seen you wearing that cheeky Chanel/Chanie shirt… would you design if you had the opportunity?

Kim Himchan: Of course! The symbol started because I thought it looked fun but now some people even come wearing clothes or jewelry designed as ‘Chanie’. It’d be fun to design the costumes of B.A.P or launch my own brand. I haven’t thought of a main concept for my own brand but the clothing I’m interested in ranges from street fashion to semi-casual, so I’d like to design with the same unlimited style. 

Daehyun has hinted that you dream noisily but is there a recurring dream or nightmare you have?

Kim Himchan: When I’m tired I sometimes get nightmares. Recently I had a scary dream that we were all running away from something chasing us. In the dream the dancers and our staff were running away with us. It might be because I see the younger members reading comic books or watching animations with frightening characters in them. (laughs).

You (and Zelo) worked out the choreography for ”1004 (Angel)”. How do you approach this? Is it intuitive or meticulously plotted out move by move?

Moon Jongup: Zelo and I came up with the intro dance because we felt we needed something to catch the attention of the audience from the beginning. We tried out various choreography to create the song’s emotion while highlighting our individuality. Although we have different styles we found a way to mix with each other. I felt like I was designing the performance and not simply dancing – so, if possible, I want to contribute more to B.A.P’s performances!

Your love of manga/anime is well known. If you had the chance to voice one character from any of your favourite stories or films who would it be? 

Moon Jongup: Olaf from Frozen! His positivity is similar to mine and not knowing the concept of the impossible is very attractive. I was into the film for so long I even tried imitating his voice. In the past I tried to imitate Haunter from Pokémon. It’s a shame that most of the Pokémon don’t have lines and only certain noises. I can try my best to imitate them if you’d like me to! (laughs).

Though you’re nearly 18 there’s some BABYs (B.A.P’s fan army) that would like you to remain the innocent Zelo of your debut forever. How do you hope fans treat your transition into adulthood?

Zelo: Being the youngest and getting all the hyung’s (Korean term for older males) adoration means mostly I don’t feel like I’m growing up. For a long time I think I’ve been in between the stages, looking at the professional world through a boy’s eyes. Sometimes I worry if I’ll make the right decisions but I want to be a good adult, to give back all the love I’ve received. The nature of me won’t change so I don’t think there’s anything for the fans to worry about. It’d be great if they can watch me grow and be proud.

You’ve been writing lyrics but we’re yet to see them emerge…

ZeloI’m still learning to find my own style! I’m inspired by new environments but on tour I don’t really have time to write. Normally I show them to Yongguk who helps. I took his advice on keeping memos when composing. Sometimes everyday thoughts can inspire you and I’d forget them if I didn’t keep memos! They might not seem anything special but to me they’re like a treasure box. I can’t yet write lyrics that I’m satisfied with so I’m leaving them behind but I believe it won’t be long until you can listen to my words.  

Your hyungs would often tease you in the early days and you’d take it but you now tend to give as good as you get…

ZeloNormally the members make jokes by pinching my face or trying to lift my shirt up on stage, but nothing serious. When I’m not in a good condition or in a bit of a mood to get back at them, I tell them honestly so there’s no misunderstanding. The hyungs only play with me because they find me cute, they care for me more than pulling pranks all the time. Actually we don’t hide anything from each other. We’re so close that we just know when to be considerate of each other.

© DAZED | Interview by Taylor Glasby | Pictures by Elliott Morgan | Trans by Katy Kyung-Min Kim 

May 31 14

B.A.P whose name carries the meaning of aiming to be “Best Absolute Perfect”, are known for their strong hip-hop based music and great live performances. Along with their activities in Korea, they are also very active overseas. As they have said to “conquer the universe with music”, they surely are spreading their music across the globe step by step!

They have now announced the “B.A.P LIVE ON EARTH 2014 CONTINENT TOUR”, covering the four continents, Asia, America, Europe, and Oceania. Along with the release of their 3rd Japanese single “NO MERCY” on 2 April, they are gathering momentum! They have come visited Japan for their fan-meeting and single release event, and we deliver their most recent interview!


——Your 3rd Japanese single “NO MERCY” has been released on 2 April. It must have been very busy for you to be working on the activities of the full album “First Sensibility” in Korea, while preparing for the release of a new single in Japan. What kinds of practices have you gone through before the recording?

DAEHYUN: Before the recording of the Japanese version of “NO MERCY”, though we were having activities back in Korea, we each went through image training while listening to the music (T/N: imagining while listening to the music). Also on the day, we sang a lot of times, and also communicated with our producer a lot while recording.

——How was the atmosphere like during the recording?

DAEHYUN: The Japanese producer understands our music style very well, and hence the recording was carried out under a very relaxed atmosphere. Thanks to the producers working with us at best possible, it came out fantastic.

——Were there any episodes during the recording?

YOUNGJAE: When Daehyun was recording, I did a bit of translating for him. When the Japanese staff had something to tell Daehyun, I translated it for him.

——It’s very reassuring to have members who speak Japanese. You are probably going to sing more songs in Japanese in future; are there times when you mix up the Korean and the Japanese lyrics?

DAEHYUN: It sometimes happens on stage.
HIMCHAN: Actually back in Korea, there was once when Zelo did the Japanese rap instead (laughs).

——Were you able to correct it immediately?

DAEHYUN: It’s not only Zelo, there are times when other members mix up as well, and we laughed at each other.
JONGUP: It was during rehearsals, and we all laughed so hard at these mistakes, hahahaha (laughs).

——Your outfit this time are very special as well. Do your own opinions on your outfit and hairstyle get reflected?

HIMCHAN: We decide on the most suitable style after discussing with our stylists and hair stylists. A lot of our own opinions are taken in.

——Himchan also designs his own T-shirts; have you also taken care of B.A.P members’ outfit as well?

HIMCHAN: My skills are still immature so I have to study more for it. After studying more and if given the opportunity, it would be great to be able to get my designs published some day.

——The MV of “No Mercy” Korean ver. was very cool, and your Japanese ver. is very eye-catching as well. How was the filming?

DAEHYUN: Was there anything, Jongup-san? (laughs)
JONGUP: Mmm. We filmed the Japanese ver. of the MV in Japan, and there are differences with the Korean ver.. In the Japanese ver., during the dance break, the drummers actually came and filmed with us together. …Daehyun-san, it was fun right?
DAEHYUN: Yes it was. I enjoyed it a lot. A lot of people were playing the drums really hard for us. The drums were very loud in the filming studio, and we had a lot fun filming while dancing to that.

——”NO MERCY” has combined traditional Korean music with hip-hop. What new challenges would you like to see in future?

DAEHYUN: Himchan-hyung is very talented in various musical instruments…
HIMCHAN: I have come a long way (laughs).
DAEHYUN: He is good at the piano, and also the guitar.
HIMCHAN: Yeah (laughs).

——In the lyrics of “NO MERCY”, you mention ‘unexperienced zone’. Are there any new things that you would like to experience?

JONGUP: There are many things that I haven’t experienced before…
DAEHYUN: I wonder what they are (laughs)?
JONGUP: To carry out concerts in countries that we haven’t been to… As for personally…, I would like to go to Disneyland (laughs). 
DAEHYUN: I would like to go to Okinawa. Since I haven’t experienced that before (laughs). (T/N: He is referring to the lyrics) I want to visit Okinawa!
YOUNGJAE: Although I’ve been talking about wanting to go to hot springs since two years ago, I still haven’t! I would definitely like to go to a hot spring!
ZELO: I would like to visit places in Japan that we haven’t been to before.
YONGGUK: I would like to go to space.
HIMCHAN: I would like to go travelling alone, since I haven’t tried that before…


DAEHYUN: The park in front of our home? (laughs)
JONGUP: Itaewon? (laughs)
HIMCHAN: First of all let’s start with Tokyo!

——This time you are staying in Japan for quite a while as well. Having been to different places, what is the most memorable?

HIMCHAN: Beef tongue! (T/N: gyu-tan, speciality of Sendai)
YOUNGJAE: The love from all our fans!
JONGUP: While having the beef tongue,I got confused between my own tongue and the beef tongue and almost bit myself (laughs).
DAEHYUN: You’re joking, right? (laughs)
HIMCHAN: Although we have had Okonomiyaki in Tokyo before, the one we had in Osaka was completely of a different level. (T/N: Okonomiyaki is an Osaka speciality) It was very delicious. We have also visited the Osaka Castle for the first time.

——What are some of the Japanese phrases that you have learnt?

ZELO: It’s “I like you a lot~” (T/N: in Osaka dialect). I just learnt it last time, and this time I have learnt it well.
HIMCHAN: "Chanchara okashii" (T/N: Osaka dialect, meaning ridiculous, funny in a weird way)
DAEHYUN: "Pachi-pachi-pachi-pachi" (T/N: onomatopoeia for clapping sounds)
ZELO: Also, “Don’t cheat on us~”.
JONGUP: For me, it’s “I can’t hear you.” When the other members say weird things to me, I use “I can’t hear you” (laughs).
YONGGUK: "Doki-doki". (T/N: onomatopoeia for heart beats)

——How about Youngjae?

YOUNGJAE: "Chanchara okashii" is mine (laughs).

——Himchan has taken Youngjae’s phrase then (laughs). Although you are all very close with each other, what do you feel like “I can’t lose on this!”?

JONGUP: Drawing weird faces (laughs).
DAEHYUN: Regarding getting up early, I am the first place.
YOUNGJAE: My emotional ups and downs are huge, and my mood changes very quickly.
YONGGUK: It’s because Youngjae’s blood-type is AB (laughs).
DAEHYUN: He switches between type A and type B (laughs).
YONGGUK: For me, it’s my big mouth.
ZELO: I won’t lose on height.
DAEHYUN: You breathe air from a place that’s higher than everyone else (laughs).
HIMCHAN: For me, it is eating and sleeping. I am always sleeping. I eat a lot as well…

——It’s like a bear before hibernation (laughs).

HIMCHAN: (laughs) A bear that eats a lot before sleeping a lot (laughs). In the past, there were times when I got up and no one else was in the dorm (laughs). No one woke me up… (laughs).

——Yongguk’s birthday is on 31 March, so you have spent it in Japan. I have heard that you have celebrated in the fan meeting…

YONGGUK: A lot of Japanese fans have celebrated with me, and I was very happy.

——Do you celebrate the other members’ birthdays a lot as well?

DAEHYUN: We are the type to celebrate our birthdays as far as we can. When we can’t make it big, we would have a meal together to celebrate.

——Yongguk and Zelo had activities together before the debut of B.A.P. It you are to form a new unit within the group, who would you want to be with?

DAEHYUN: For me, it’s Youngjae.
YOUNGJAE: I would like to form a vocal group with Himchan-hyung, Jongup and Daehyun.
YONGGUK: I would like to collaborate with each of the members one by one in order.
HIMCHAN: I would like to collaborate with each member as well.
JONGUP: For me, it’s Zelo.
ZELO: For me, it’s Jongup as well.

——Zelo and Jongup’s thoughts suit each other. If you are to form a unit, what sort of image would you like to show?

ZELO: Aren’t we both the youngest in the team; we can present a youthful feeling in our music. I would like to try a unit with a strong naughty, mischievous image.
JONGUP: Yes, we can have a stage where we run around in some very loud exciting music. Coming soon (laughs).

——I am looking forward to Zelo and Jongup’s unit! Also, you are going on a Continent Tour covering 4 continents, America, Europe, Oceania, and Asia, with 20 concerts. Is there a difference for you between the Korean concerts and the foreign ones?

HIMCHAN: Concerning concerts, we hold them all with the same mentality and feelings regardless of being overseas or not. But for overseas concerts, as the language spoken is different, we have to prepare for what to say. Of course, we prepare a lot for our Korean concerts as well…

——What are you looking forward to in the Continent Tour?

DAEHYUN: There are a lot of countries that we are going for the first time, and I am curious as to how they are going to accept us. I am also interested in the different cultures of different countries, and I will definitely try to experience that.
HIMCHAN: Also, it’s almost been a year since we’ve been to some places last year. I hope we can create more new memories.

——Having to travel a lot, Yongguk, do you have enough time to compose music? I have heard that you like working while no one else is present…

YONGGUK: I work when everyone is asleep.

——I see. Composing requires various kinds of experiences, so do you have plans to incorporate what you have experienced in Japan and other places?

YONGGUK: Yes, I do. It would be great to write a song on the feelings of the different things around us during the Continent Tour.

——The fans must be looking forward a lot. At last, please give the fans a message.

YOUNGJAE: The fan-meeting in Japan was carried out successfully. Thank you everyone who came to the fan-meeting. “NO MERCY” is going to be released on 2 April. Please give it lots of love. Japan is also included in the Continent Tour, so please give attention to that as well. Thank you.


Feel free to take out or do whatever you want with this as long as you credit :D

Original scans can be found here.

T/N: This is a fun interview that I feel a lot would enjoy, and I looked around and there doesn’t seem to be a translation so I did this! (definitely not procrastinating work) I hope you enjoyed, and as usual, comments, advice, anything from you would be great! (Jongup is so active in this one I want to give him a big hug. He wants to go to Disneyland T_T)

[As a side note, I would like to also mention that Himchan has described himself as a bear in a Japan TV show that was aired recently, and I think it should be recorded some time around this interview when they were last in Japan. In the same TV show, Youngjae again mentioned “Chanchara okashii” as a phrase that he has learnt, and the host told him it’s a weird phrase that no one really uses and that he got tricked by the fan who taught him haha. I was looking around and apparently lots of Japanese BABYz think that the actress in this commercial looks a lot like Youngjae, and one of her lines in the CM is “Chanchara okashii”, so this is probably why the fan taught him the phrase. Would be great if Youngjae can film a CM cute like that as well ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ ]

May 31 14
B.A.P Live on Earth Press Conference: Zelo and Jong Up: the “aliens” of B.A.P

Before Professor Do Min Joon charmed legions of fan girls with his dreamy alien self on You Who Came from the Stars, six other extra-terrestrial beings were poised to take over the world as scream-inducing idols.

At least, that was the concept TS Entertainment came up for their then-upcoming sextet B.A.P’s pre-debut reality show Ta-Dah, It’s B.A.P in 2012. The SBS MTV program featured Bang Yong Guk, Him Chan, Dae Hyun, Yong Hae, Jong Up and Zelo as blonde-haired beings from a different planet who invade earth and form their tough-as-nails boy band.

Since then, the boys have moved on from their introductory otherworldly image and dabbled in other styles, such as the urban badass for ‘Warrior’ and, more recently, the sunshiny hipster cutie for their impending comeback with fourth album B.A.P Unplugged 2014.

However, it seems that there are still two aliens left in their midst.

When xinmsn asked which of the members is the most alien-like during yesterday’s B.A.P Live on Earth Singaporepress conference, Jong Up’s and Zelo’s names made the ballot.

“I think Jong Up has quite a cool life,” Him Chan said of his bandmate. “He can fall asleep and wake up whenever he wants to.”

As for Zelo, the group’s youngest member at just 17 years old, Dae Hyun picked him because of his unusually quick growth spurt that propelled him to a towering height of 184cm. “He has grown so much since our debut,” Dae Hyun explained. “I think that’s quite rare for somebody from this earth.”

In addition to that, Zelo’s – a.k.a the “giant baby” – belief in horoscopes, as revealed a little while later, prompted Young Jae to quip, “That’s why he’s the alien!”

Despite being relatively fresh in the fiercely competitive and ever-expanding K-pop industry, B.A.P has already had the opportunity to hold concerts in many cities as part of their tours. (By the way, Him Chan affirmed that Singapore remains dear to their hearts because it is the first location they performed in outside of Korea.)

The increased exposure has helped the band to grow in many ways, particularly the way they present themselves during their showcases. “We recently watched the video of our debut, and I must say that compared to that, we are a lot more relaxed on stage,” Him Chan revealed. “We communicate and interact more with our fans, which is why we’re able to have more fun.”

Thankfully, the fun has not been spoiled by any unpleasant encounters with inappropriately overzealous enthusiasts. “Our fans are quite courteous and have good manners,” stated Yong Guk, the leader and oldest member.

In fact, the “craziest” meeting Him Chan could recall was when a pregnant Korean fan asked if she could name her baby after him. “It was very amusing because it’s not something that happens to you every day,” he expressed. “’Him Chan’ means ‘energetic’ in Korean, so I hope the child has a very energetic life full of good experiences.”

When we spoke to B.A.P’s label mates SECRET back in March last year, the girls named them as one of their main rivals. The boys, however, refrained from dropping any specific names when presented with the same question (the same topic evasion was shown in an earlier e-mail interview with us, where they named themselves as their biggest competitors).

“There are a lot of bands in Korea, but there are many elements that we can learn from each of them, and they can learn from us, regardless of whether they are our seniors or our juniors,” Yong Guk said. “I won’t call it a competition, because everyone is growing up to be better musicians together.”

© Xinmsn

May 17 14
[INTERVIEW] Which B.A.P member is most like an ‘1004 (Angel)’?

Just 2 weeks more to B.A.P Live On Earth 2014 Singapore happening on 31 May. After sharing about their thoughts of forming sub-units and what to expect from the concert, we bring you part two of the e-mail interview with the sextet; where they revealed more about their first full-length album First Sensibility, and more insights as to who is the most angelic member in the group.

A smile that will “melt your stress away”

The South Korean boy band released their first full-length album two years after their debut and First Sensibility was received with much fanfare. With the album title in mind, we were curious as to which member was the most sensible.

Leader Bang Yong Guk said, “Most of our performances are very charismatic and tough; although we are quite sensitive and emotional offstage. If I have to pick the most delicate member, it would be Him Chan. He enjoys communicating with people via SNS (social networking services) and often writes some letters to fans at the fan cafe. You can see how much he cares about people around him. He’s very outgoing and honest and he knows how to express himself. I envy him sometimes, haha!”

Lead vocalist Dae Hyun added that fellow lead vocalist Young Jae is also a sensible one. “He’s very calm, organized, and you can see that he thinks and talks very logically. That might make you think of him as a sort of a cold person. But if you get to know him in person, Young Jae is very sensible and caring. He knows how to control himself but also when to loosen up,” shared the 20-year-old.

Given that their title track is ‘1004 (Angel)’, we also asked the group which member was most like an angel, to which Him Chan said, “I must say Jong Up! Everybody calls him ‘Moon 1004(Angel)’. He’s got that something special that even when we have a long day full of promotions scheduled, he never pulls a long face and takes care of the other members, even the big brothers. He always smiles and that melts all our stress away. Jong Up listens carefully to other people and shows how much he concentrates on your story. That’s what people love about him! Isn’t he a true angel of B.A.P?”

Well, from Him Chan’s description of Jong Up off-stage, we definitely agree that he is possibly an angel in disguise.

Shedding away the tough boy image

The group also seems to have taken a step away from their tough image, where they often sang about social issues, adopting a more mature image.

Main dancer Jong Up shared that since First Sensibility is the first record from B.A.P, they have to show how they’ve grown as artistes; but above all that, they want to connect with fans and share what they feel.

The 19-year-old added, “We know it’s a big change for us, but all of us were quite sure about what we’re going to do. B.A.P has worked very hard to showcase our versatility. This new album has crossed all different genres on top of hip-hop. We’d like audiences to enjoy all the various colours that we have on our palette. We hope that we’ll become a good artist who influences people’s lives with positive and better music.”

Will there be another B.A.P album this year?

When B.A.P first debuted in 2012, the group produced up to five songs. Last year, B.A.P returned with two EPs, One Shot and BADMAN; with a record of churning out fresh music constantly, we asked them if fans could expect more new material before the end of the year.

Yong Guk revealed that he hasn’t stopped working on new songs even when they are busy with their album promotions. He further shared that he would often stay up in the middle of the night or wake up earlier to write songs as there’s very limited spare time while they’re having their promotional activities.

The leader also added that touring the world and meeting new people also helps to give him inspiration, with the fans love and cheers giving him the energy he needs to get on stage. From watching movies, to reading books and listening to music, Yong Guk pools all the inspirations into his song writing and hopes to present a new album to fans soon.

© MeRadio

May 12 14
Billboard Exclusive: B.A.P’s Top 6 ‘Best Absolute Perfect’ Songs

Any fan of B.A.P knows their name is derived from an acronym for “Best Absolute Perfect,” but what music does the K-pop boy band consider the “B.A.P”? When the sextet was in New York to kick off the U.S. leg of their B.A.P Live on Earth 2014 Continent Tour, Billboard found out about the most meaningful music for each member.

Over the weekend, the B.A.P boys performed two shows in Australia, hitting the fourth continent (so far) in their truly global world tour. With such busy schedules, learn about — and listen to — the music that inspires and keeps the group going below.

Miles Davis, “So What” - Yongguk (B.A.P’s Leader, Rapper, Songwriter)

Yongguk: “I really feel like this song took music to a whole nother level for me.”

Chris Brown, “With You” - Jongup (Dancer, Vocalist)

Jongup: “When I first started to explore Chris Brown, this is the song that he released really got to me. It’s really the song that made me dream about becoming an artist and a musician.”

Musiq SoulChild, “Love” - Youngjae (Vocalist)

Youngjae: “It’s the track that got me inspired to want to explore music more. It’s probably the most meaningful song to me.”

Stevie Wonder, “Lately” - Daehyun (Vocalist)

Daehyun: “‘Lately’ is the song I loved even when I first started singing and I still love today. It continues to challenge me when I listen to that song now.”

Eminem, “Lose Yourself” - Zelo (Rapper, Dancer)

Zelo: “After I really started taking on the rap role in the group, I really started exploring that space and Eminem’s ‘Lose Yourself’ became my inspiration.”

B.A.P, “Warrior” - Himchan (Vocalist)

Himchan: “Not only is ‘Warrior’ our debut song, but it’s the song the six of us formed together. So, the ‘Best Absolute Perfect’ song is probably that song.”


May 09 14
[INTERVIEW] B.A.P’s Exclusive Email Interview with MeRadio

Six-member South Korean boy band B.A.P will be returning to Singapore on 31 May for their B.A.P Live On Earth 2014 Singapore concert. We caught up with the sextet in an email interview to find out more about what we can expect from the show and if they might be forming any sub-units soon.

Comprising of leader Bang Yong Guk, Him Chan, Dae Hyun, Young Jae, Jung Up and Zelo,B.A.P was last in Singapore last August for their Live on Earth 2013 concert where they thrilled with their synchronized dance moves and hilarious on-stage banter.

B.A.P promises special stages for their concert

Lead vocalist Dae Hyun shared that they have gained “priceless experiences” from their various concerts and that they have been trying new songs and variations for their Live on Earth 2014 Tour. “It has always been B.A.P’s style to try bold changes for better performances. It’s too early to tell but the concerts to come will consist of special stages somewhat different from Seoul’s concert,” said the 20-year-old.

Visual Him Chan promised that fans would “fall for B.A.P after watching [their] performance! To bring that perfect stage, we practice much harder to make ourselves full of confidence on-stage. Don’t ever turn your eyes from us!”

Rapper/dancer Zelo also shared, “When I am on the stage, I feel utmost freedom. Just like me, I want everyone who is at the concert hall to enjoy the show without thinking about others. Scream whenever you want and jump around when you want, when you bring yourself to music, you will be able to enjoy more than you thought!”

Lead vocalist Young Jae shared his excitement over being able to meet even more fans this year with the B.A.P Live On Earth 2014 Continent Tour following last year’s Pacific Tour. “There are stages which we never tried out before and we will be able to perform in some new countries that are musically more developed. I am nervous but excited at the same time,” said the 20-year-old.

B.A.P’s Continent Tour is so exciting fans faint even before the show starts!

We also asked the members which country they were looking forward to performing most in their Continent Tour.

Main dancer Jong Up was excited to be performing in even more places in their Continent Tour, which includes two new cities in the USA, Chicago and Dallas, which they didn’t visit previously.

Him Chan on the other hand couldn’t wait to see the BABYs in Europe. He shared, “It will be a life changing experience having shows in the heart of rock n’ roll, UK and the capital of fashion and art, France.”

The 24-year-old was also excited to perform ‘One Shot’ in Germany after hearing that it ranked atop the K-pop chart for over a year in Germany.

Maknae Zelo’s answer was our favourite as he shared that he couldn’t wait to receive the attention and love from the Singapore fans. The 17-year-old said, “When I first met Singaporean fans during our first fan meeting, and also when we were there last year with our first concert, the fans showed us love that we couldn’t handle; we felt so full of it when we came back to Korea. I can’t wait to go back to Singapore to meet the Singapore BABYs. Please wait for us!”

The love that the international fans pour to B.A.P is also evident from their performances in America and across Europe last month as part of their Live On Earth Continent Tour. It was even reported that about 29 fans fainted at their sold-out New York show, with paramedics using up three oxygen tanks by the end of the show.

Move over Bang & Zelo, we bring you Moon & Zelo?

We were also curious if B.A.P would consider forming any sub-units amongst themselves, like many of their peers have done.

Zelo shared that before their debut as B.A.P, “Yong Guk and I had a chance to perform as a sub-unit called Bang & Zelo … Bang & Zelo was my first debut, means a lot to me, so I’ll be happy to do it anytime!”

He also added that it might be interesting to work with Jong Up as they have a lot in common. “You see, we are the dancers in the group but have different styles. You know Jong Up used to be a B-boy, and he also has a great voice. So as a sub-unit, fans will get to know us better easily. It will be quite an interesting combination to collaborate, won’t it? It’s been 3 years now since our debut, so things will be very different from Bang & Zelo.”

Young Jae was quick to jump in on the idea of the sub-unit between Jong Up and Zelo saying, “If that’s the case, I will study music harder to be the producer for the younger unit! I will make Moon & Zelo (Moon is Jong Up’s family name) even better than Bang & Zelo. Let me know if you have anything you want out from this younger unit! Haha!”

Yong Guk on the other hand considered performing with Dae Hyun. The leader added, “I performed ‘I Remember’ with Dae Hyun at a concert before. The song was a collaboration with BEAST’s Yoseob and it turned out even better than we expected. My rap went down very low and intertwined with Dae Hyun’s high-tone voice. These total different voices ran contrary and also mixed up together perfectly like black & white.”

Hopefully, we might see a debut of Moon & Zelo at the Singapore concert, or a special collaboration between Yong Guk and Dae Hyun.

@ MeRadio

May 07 14
[INTERVIEW] B.A.P Daehyun for Haru*Hana Magazine Vol. 23

Q: You’re originally from Busan but have now been living in Seoul for quite a while. What are moments that make you think you’ve become a Seoulite?
DH: I feel like one every time I’m on TV and speak in standard dialect, (laughs). I lost my dialect quite rapidly, maybe that’s why. [Youngjae: But even now, when he’s on the phone with his parents or his friends from Busan he speaks in dialect, (laughs)].

Q: BABYs are ___
DH: You’re mine!!

Q: Please tell us what you first think about when you hear “spring.”
DH: I think of Forsythia, because they are a very pretty colour. There were a lot of Forsythia that bloomed close to my house in the spring.

Q: How was it to be in the MBC Idol Sports Championship?
DH: This time we won the silver medal in relay~! We did the mixed relay race with Secret, and we were really happy to get a medal even though it was our first time participating. Next time we’ll definitely do our best to win the gold medal! Also we participated in Archery for the first time and got 4th place, so I’m really satisfied. I definitely want to participate again next time!

Q: What word or phrase do you use a lot?
DH: I have the habit of saying “su” (he makes noise while breathing in) a lot when I’m interviewed.

Q: It seems that your bright personality comes from your family. What kind of family do you want to build in the future?
DH: When it’s time for me to have my own family, more than anything I want to make it a family that is overflowing with love. Because I believe that no matter where you look, anywhere in the world, there’s nothing that can replace family. They’re an important presence that will always be by my side no matter what happens, and I think you have to have love at the centre of that. Also, for the kids to not feel lonely, I think it would be nice to be able to live together as a family, in a happy atmosphere. I’m not really someone that’s good at doing romantic things, and I don’t know if I can become a cool husband to my wife, like you see in dramas, but I want to become a husband that my wife can trust, rely on, and depend on. To my son I want to be a father that’s like friend, easy going and approachable. To my daughter I want to be a father that is caring, kind, and sensitive. I want to help raise my kids so they are happy and are able to find what they really want to do. Like me, who started doing music, struggled during adolescence but overcame it, and who is now able to stand here…

Trans Cr; Julie @ Bapyessir.com

May 07 14
[INTERVIEW] B.A.P Himchan for Haru*Hana Magazine Vol. 23

Q: What word or phrase do you use a lot?
HC: I thought about it, but I really don’t know. The fans probably know more about that than me. BABYs, please let me know what words I use a lot! (laughs).

Q: During the Arena tour, the way you took the initiative and emceed in Japanese was memorable.
HC: Our memories of our Japan tour of last year were those of a pleasant start, and a performance with a special meaning. During our previous tour, the Pacific tour, we also challenged not using a translator, and we’re planning to not use translators and to emcee with our own words from now on as well. We’ve been studying Japanese from before, so it’s not something impossible. Right now we’re not studying anymore but I really want to become better at Japanese!

Q: Please tell us what you first think about when you hear “spring”
HC: You can’t talk about spring and leave out its beautiful and colourful flowers. How can trees that have gone through winter be able to bloom such pretty flowers… The more I think about it, the more it’s a mystery.

Q: BABYs are ___
HC: You are my spring.

Q: In our previous interview, you said that in 2014 you would stop drinking coffee…
HC: I made a promise with our fans, a promise that I would only drink two cups a day. I didn’t have the confidence that I’d be able to stop drinking it but since I was going to make a promise with the fans I would have to keep it. So in order to keep it, I instead decided to reduce how much I drink, (laughs). On the other hand, there’s something I started this year. I started practicing instruments again. The other day I played piano for the first time in a while for a special stage with Daehyun and Youngjae. It had really been a while, so I couldn’t play very well… When we’re done promoting and I have a little more time, I want to start practicing again.

Q: The members voted you as the least athletic…?! What do you think about this result?
HC: I admit that I’m not the most athletic. But I’ve been swimming since I was young and I have the confidence that I can beat all of the members when it comes to that. And, I’m the best looking of all the members, so it’s ok! (laughs). I’m B.A.P’s official visual! But lately all the members are becoming more and more handsome, so I’m a little nervous… Especially Yongguk. Ever since he changed his hairstyle the reaction from the fans has been extremely good, so he’s the one I have to be the most careful of, (laughs).

Q: Yongguk answered “Himchan” when he was asked what member he wanted to change places with. Do you think you’d like to change places with Yongguk?
HC: I think I’m the best when I’m myself so I’ll pass. I’m joking, (laughs). Men also think that Yongguk is cool so I’d like to try and change places with him. If I could, I’d change places when he’s working on an album so I can also make music. Also, I’d like to try and have his low voice and charisma for once, as they are things that I don’t have.

Trans Cr; Julie @ Bapyessir.com

May 07 14
[INTERVIEW] B.A.P for Hallyu Pia (May Edition)

"We want to make it a concert where people go, feel things and change because of it"

The start of a 4 continent Pacific Tour!

They won their first #1 on a music show in Korea in February. They’re releasing their third Japanese single, ‘No Mercy’ in April, and the release of the DVD of their first Japanese Arena tour is planned for early summer. We asked B.A.P, who are still on a roll in 2014, about their upcoming concerts.

Q: The concept of your first Arena Tour had a story behind it, right?
YG: B.A.P were created as warriors, so we wanted to express that as well as the type of music we do. We wanted to show B.A.P’s everything.
DH: We paid a lot of attention to the opening. Please also look at the sets on stage.
JU: For the first time, we also showed the emotions of the songs by making a kind of drama.
HC: Please also look forward to never seen before off shots as well as backstage footage in the DVD.

Q: Starting with Seoul last March, you’re already having a 4 continents Pacific Tour, going to Asia, Europe, America, and Australia. There’s also a lot of anticipation for your concerts in Japan next June.
JU: This time us 6 all have a different theme: Justice, Emotion, Passion, Love, Happiness, and You. We were charged with the mission to go around the world and convey what the earth needs. Simply put, we don’t want to only perform, but we also want to deliver a message. We’re happy if people feel something when they see it and change because of it.
HC: We want to turn it into into a concert that leaves something even after it ends, we want to make it meaningful.

Q: How are your rooms split during the tour? Please give them a name.
YJ: We could change our rooms if we wanted but it always ends up being the same. But we’re free.
HC: I guess mine and Yongguk’s room is the Grandpa Room? Ah, after all I’ll call it the Dark Room, (laughs). It’s because we wake up late in the morning. We’re the complete opposite from Daehyun, (laughs).
JU: I room with Zelo…
DH: Zelo can never wake up in the morning so he always ends up ordering room service, (laughs). I’m proud of the fact that I never missed breakfast once, even in Japan, because I always wake up early in the morning. I’m the type to think about the schedules for the whole day before on deciding things. So I think about the time I need to wake up and shower, eat breakfast and have my makeup done before deciding at what time to sleep and what time to wake up.
HC: Daehyun-kun is organized. By the way, in the 24 years I have lived, I haven’t eaten breakfast a single time.

Q: Lastly, please tell us your aspirations for this tour!
ZL: I want to use the tour as a time for people to feel and know B.A.P’s different colors even more.
YJ: Since people are sparing their time to come see us perform, I want them to make wonderful memories.
DH: We’ll show you more than you can imagine!

[About organized Daehyun] He’s the kind of person to think about his whole schedule before planning his day. He always brings everything he might need when traveling. “Before, I used to bring a bunch of things for me to use, but now I bring them thinking the members might need them. But lately some of them take this for granted, (laughs).” But he doesn’t have a lot of luggage. “I always pack my luggage while thinking about space. People who pack carelessly have a lot of luggage”, he laughs bitterly.

Trans Cr; Julie @ Bapyessir.com
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