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Sep 30, 2014
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[TRANS] RIVERIVER vol. 4 - B.A.P Full Interview

My target is your heart ♡

Pulling off a magnificent comeback with their 4th single “Excuse Me”, the six who heat up the world are here to shoot at your heart!

With their one year Japanese debut anniversary coming up, they’ve released their 4th Japanese single “Excuse Me”. Breaking through previous notions with an individual style and strong performance, as well as a final goal of “conquering the world with music”, they are a sometimes-hot-sometimes-cold-to-their-fans six people who’ve flown out from Korea to Japan, China, America, Europe and other places around the world.

To the members who appeared at the studio with a chic suits style, they replied with a soft “yes” when we asked them to briefly explain this time’s concept and presented each of themselves in front of the camera with the James Bond image they thought of. When we said “photoshoot, start”, each of them posed lively, shot after shot without hesitation in front of the camera. They just looked so cool that I unconsciously made an “oh~!!” sound.

— Today’s photoshoot concept was “007”. Smart, capable in his work and popular with the girls; that sort of image. How was it?

DH: It’s different to the image that we’ve shown up till now, I think that we can show a new side to us. All of the members looks good, but personally I think Yongguk hyung and Youngjae suited [the concept]. The two share the charms of “intellectuality” and “spontaneity”.

— The 4th single “Excuse Me” that you released in Japan has gotten quite some attention. “Excuse Me” was included in your 3rd mini album “Badman”, and was comparable in popularity to the title track.

HC: Previously, we’ve showed the Korean version on Japanese stages, and the response from Japanese fans then was great, so we decided to see how it’ll be to release a Japanese version this time.
YJ: This song is very spontaneous. It has lyrics overflowing with confidence and has a good flow to it, so I think it’ll brighten up your mood when you listen to it.

— It’s the perfect song for a live isn’t it?

ZL: That’s right. “Excuse Me” was a song composed so that we could have fun together. I think the fans can easily sing along because the melody isn’t complicated. To combat that, “Zero” has a decadent image. Whilst getting into the world of the lyrics, we put our heart into it when we sing it.

— You’re reaching your one year Japanese debut anniversary soon. Were there any changes in your mental state?

JU: Recently I feel like we’ve been able to do our activities in Japan with more ease and comfort. Since we were all tense with nervousness at the beginning (laughs).
YG: Compared to when we first started promoting in Japan, we now have more people interested in us, I am truly thankful.
HC: We didn’t have any big changes in our mental state, but I’ll be happy if we would continue our Japanese activities for a long time into the future.

— If you were hold some event to celebrate your one year Japanese debut anniversary with your Japanese fans, what would it be like?

HC: We’ve done gift-giving events in Japan, and many fansigns in Korea as well…… Something different would be nice right? I wonder what will make the fans happy?
JU: I want to have a party with everyone! I want to eat delicious food with our fans and get all excited.
YJ: A game tournament? I feel that they can become even closer to us by playing games.

— Then if you were to celebrate the anniversary with just yourselves?

HC: If the six of us are gathered, they’re usually for meetings (laughs). We’ve never had a party before, so cooking food ourselves and playing music that we like might be a fun way to celebrate.
JU: Pajama party (laughs).
ZL: That’s what girls do often.
HC: Don’t we already have pajama parties every night. Chatting in our pajamas, is it different to that?
YG: For me it’s a food party! A party where you just keep on eating (laughs). I don’t eat much, but since the other members like to eat regardless, I think it’ll be fun.

— Do you have parties for a member’s birthday?

HC: Being together for so many years, we don’t really…..
YJ: Since the times when our schedules are busy, and when the member’s birthdays are often overlap, we haven’t taken time out before especially to celebrate.
ZL: Yeah, we just prepare a cake to celebrate it simply.
JU: It might be nice to have a party together once in a while.

— You’re nearing 900 days since debuting in Korea, congratulations! Who was the member that changed the most during these 900 days?

ZL: Youngjae hyung! His face has slimmed down after dieting, and compared to when we debuted, I think he’s changed quite a lot.
JU: Zelo or Youngjae hyung.
ZL: Since I debuted when I was really young, even I think that I’ve matured a little when I look at myself.
DH: It’s true that Zelo has matured on the inside as well. He very well did debut at the age of 14, 15 after all!
YG: I haven’t changed much since debut. I feel that everyone’s professional-awareness has become more defined. I believe that professional-awareness is something you learn as you work, so I think that we’ve grown as professionals in these 900 days.

— You held a huge scale world tour and went around the globe this year. Were there any memorable cities?

HC: Everywhere was memorable, but if I had to choose, it’d be Paris and Chicago. The Parisian fans were very passionate and I cannot forget that they had already began cheering before the concert. The Chicago concert was held coincidently on my birthday so it stays in my memories.

— Were there differences or anything characteristic about how fans supported you in each country?

YJ: Parisian fans stomping their feet whilst moving with the song was memorable.
JU: Paris was where European fans travelled to from various places, so I’m happy at that passion of theirs.
YJ: We had big expectations before we even went, since it was our first time to go to Europe. We viewed the Europe concerts as a challenge. Although we were nervous, I think we were able to leave a good result.

— That’s very James Bond-like, to travel all over the world for activities. Through the world tour, did you feel what skill was needed to communicate in the world?

YJ: It’s music after all. Music cannot be seen by the eyes, but I think that there’s no doubt about its influence.  At our second world tour, it confirmed that music overcomes race, nationality, language; all those things, to unite hearts as one. We, who sing in Korean, are able to receive love from fans all over the world because music is not something calculated in your heads, but felt by the heart. However for further communication, the language is also vital. Because we aim to influence with our music, it is important that we send an even deeper message through language and lyrics. So when we record in Japanese, we take care in our pronunciation. Of course, I’m happy that fans gain an interest in Korea and Korean through our music, but we too want to learn your language and talk a lot more with everyone.

— I think the fans will appreciate that a lot. After the world tour, where would you like to go privately?

YJ: For me it’s Japan. I don’t have much confidence in other languages, but I think I can communicate my thoughts to a certain degree if it’s Japan (laughs). We’ve been to Japan many times, but there are still many places I don’t know of, so I want spend my time leisurely going around.
DH: Going overseas is good too, but I want to try a local tour in Korea. Frankly, a gourmet tour (laughs). If I’m alone, a place with lots of nature is nice. I want to visit the Himalayas in Nepal someday!
ZL: A lone man trip huh~ I want to go somewhere far and spend a day lazing around and doing nothing, but I can’t think of anywhere that makes me think “[I should go] here!”.

— What if it was a romantic holiday with your girlfriend?

ZL: A summer resort for sure! It’s definitely the Maldives!
HC: A summer resort for me as well.
JU: If I travelled with my girlfriend in winter, I want to ski together in Switzerland or at Yongpyong [Ski Resort]. I’d like to go to the Harbin Ice Festival too.

— How did you spend your free time during the tour?

YG: Drinking coffee and wine on the street corner. If someone plans to go to Paris, I recommend drinking wine on the street corner (laughs). Compared to other countries, Paris’ building constructions are developed and there’s a culture of preserving the old. Rather than entering the building to experience it, I think that viewing the structure from the outside is fun. If I had the time, I would be looking at the buildings for forever.
ZL: I too like to see how the people of that country spend their lives daily when I go overseas. Also, what’s memorable about Paris and America are the street performances.
JU: For me it’s shopping! I bought shoes for me and my older brother.
DH: We went shopping together as well didn’t we.

— Who did the most shopping?

HC: Me? Bags, shoes ….. ah~ Did I buy too much (laughs). Other than shopping, I would drink coffee at the hotel lobby coffee shop and watch people walking by.

— Himchan-san is known for loving coffee. Do you have your own coffee philosophy?

HC: It’s not so much a philosophy, but coffee relaxes me. When I’m enjoying coffee, I feel a sense of ease come to me. If I had the time, I want to try roasting coffee beans by myself. Daehyun, Jongup and Zelo don’t drink coffee, but I believe that they’ll at least take a sip if it’s brewed by me (laughs).

 Which member has the most luggage when you go overseas?

HC: It’s definitely Zelo!
ZL: Yeah, definitely me (laughs). One time I brought two large suitcases with me, but since it took up a lot of space, I’ve surprisingly learnt to fit everything into one case.

— What do you bring so much of with you?

ZL: It’s mainly clothes. I bring all the items that I like, and then I coordinate on the day depending on my mood!
DH: There are many clothes that you bring but don’t end up wearing right?
ZL: You’d think so right? But I use every piece of clothing and item~ I too find it fascinating myself though (laughs).
YG: I’m the type to select and only bring what I need.

— Do you have anything that you always bring?

YG: Black coloured clothes!
JU: For me it’s toiletries. I bring the whole bottle of lotion and cream I use regularly. I’d bought local drugstore products before, but I’ve had the trauma of them causing trouble on my skin….  It’s heavy to carry, but for work, taking care of myself is important, so I bring the whole bottle.
YJ: My MacBook and iPad. They’re heavy but they’re an essential and also help me kill time.
DH: It’s not something that important, but plastic bags (laughs). I bring various sizes and use them to put in dirty clothes, and then also for the things I receive from fans.

— You made fans happy by uploading footage on YouTube from the countries in your tour with “B.A.P Attack!”. Daehyun-san was often the cameraman wasn’t he.

DH: More than being filmed, I like to film others~

— Do you have points for filming your members nicely?

DH: I approach Youngjae and request him to do poses like this and that. On the reverse of that is Jongup. If I follow his movements, I can film interesting things. Filming Yongguk hyung secretly is our promise (laughs). I film Zelo so that it shows his purity and cuteness that suits his current age.

— When you say overseas travelling, ‘airport fashion’ is something not to be missed.

ZL: You need to be wearing something comfortable when you’re on a plane, but because our airport fashion is monitored, there’s a bit of pressure. To be honest, I took a bit of care for various parts. However, I don’t feel the gazes of others recently, so I wear whatever I want to.
JU: Everyone takes care before they leave for the airport, but the one who does the most is Himchan hyung. Since there are many fans with cameras at the airport, it’s a bit nerve wracking.
DH: I’m the type to roughly and quickly put on clothes, and then choose something to be the main point. For example, if it were white pants and a white shirt, I would add to it a vibrantly coloured item.
JU: Oh~ is that so. I don’t really have a point like that (laughs). Personally, how do I say this? I like the time where I worry about what I should wear….. I think that period is important. Since the fans have come all the way to the airport and look forward to it, coordinating whilst keeping that in mind is something enjoyable.

— I heard that you’ve changed your room allocation at the dorms?

ZL: Since we moved, we did it to match the place. Our room allocations changed naturally. We didn’t purposely gather up to talk about who should be with who, I think we just thought about which room and roommate would be the most suitable. I like to be neat, so I thought that it’d be nice to use a room with the Daehyun hyung who’s good at cleaning. Thus, I followed Daehyun hyung into the room that he chose and asked to be roommates. Himchan hyung and Jongup hyung use the same room, and Yongguk hyung and Youngjae hyung each have a room to themselves. 

— In a previous interview (in RIVERIVER vol. 2), when Zelo’s sleep talking became a hot topic, he confessed that “actually, sometimes I would purposely sleep talk and enjoy the hyungs’ reactions” and shocked them (laughs).

ZL: I don’t act anymore recently (laughs). Whether it’s because I’m aware of it, I don’t sleep talk nor be half asleep anymore!
DH: I used to always wake up earlier, so I’d watched Zelo sleep talk, but recently I would sleep first and wake up later, so I’m sad that I can’t see him sleep talking~ (laughs).
ZL: The hyungs say that my sleep talking and being half asleep is cute, but I’m already an adult so you can’t treat me like a child! I will work hard to not sleep talk!
JU: Zelo thinking like that is cute in itself (laughs).
ZL: Jongup hyung too, although he has a serious expression when he’s working, his face is really cute when he’s playing around (laughs). Also, hyung has a unique expression from when he sleeps till when he’s awake. He wakes up with a really bright face, so when I see that, I want to fool around with him as a dongsaeng, and pull pranks (laughs). 
JU: I do somewhat remember something being done to me…..
ZL: I go into hyung’s room and and forcefully wake him too to fool around with him!
JU: Since we don’t use the same room now, shall I sleep with Zelo sometimes~ (laughs).

— It’s been 900 days since your Korean debut and a year since your Japanese debut, I’ve heard that you attended 15-years your senior [debut-wise] g.o.d’s comeback concert. What was memorable when you watched their stage?

HC: I was thoroughly moved from the beginning to the end of the concert! There was much to learn from the beautiful performance, and more than anything, I wanted us to continue together like this too when I watched them.

— Did everyone go to the concert?

ZL: Me, Himchan hyung and Youngjae hyung went.
YJ: Although I learnt in regards to stage and performance, I felt the beauty of spending so long together and the importance of destiny. The venue was filled with countless fans who gave their passionate support, and I too enjoyed the performance in the standing area with everyone, but really, everyone had a blissful expression on~ I received energy from that sight. Also, thoughts like “although we always see our fans from the stage, I wonder how our fans view us” came to mind too.

— A senior group’s concert really affect current group’s a lot don’t they. I look forward to your future activities. For your future Japanese activities, please tell us again of your resolve.

ZL: Welcoming our one year anniversary, I want to continue working hard from now on!
JU: I am always thankful to our fans. I’ll work my hardest to repay your expectations, so please look forward to it.
YJ: Many people in Japan have expectations for us. I’ll work hard to stand before you with good songs and a good performance!
DH: I think we’ll be visiting Japan frequently from now on. I’ll work hard to be able to show you a great side that doesn’t disappoint you.
HC: Thank you very much for anticipating “Excuse Me”! I’ll show you a cool stage as we have done till now! Please look forward to it!
YG: I would be happy if you looked forward to the continually-musically-evolving B.A.P. 

Thanks to @aigatto_BAP and @ko1034 for providing the text.

Translation: cassie_babyz

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Sep 30, 2014
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[INTERVIEW] Himchan & Youngjae for STARAZ Magazine Volume 22

Happy Together! Himchan and Youngjae’s special chemistry!
We met B.A.P’s oldest hyung Himchan and Youngjae who is cute but sometimes he even makes hyungs get scared. They seem to not have any similarities besides the fact that they are both “vocal lines”, their similar or not similar special collaboration. They started this interview with a lot of curiosity but their chemistry soon showed a synergy effect. You can tell just by looking at these two guys here.

Interviewer: Have you ever been interviewed by just the two of you before?
HC: It’s a first time for an interview. I was curious. Why us? We’re not similar.

Interviewer: If we had to connect, vocal line? And we thought that your chemistry and appearance will look good together.
HC: Alright. Besides Daehyun, we two are handsome. (laughs)

Interviewer: The reaction for Japanese 4th single <Excuse Me> is really good.
HC: Compared to when we first debuted in Japan, I think we are receiving more and more love so it’s amazing.
YJ: It’s a close neighboring country but being able to actually debut and promote… I knew we were going to promote in Japan before. So I continued studing Japanese. But when we actually went to Japan for a new debut, released albums, had concerts, and performed, I felt a close bond. I am very thankful for giving us so much love.

Interviewer: What is one thing you remember recently while promoting?
YJ: Every year, towards the end, the thing that stays in my memory is the tour. It’s been 2 months since the ‘2014 Continental Tour’ ended and we released a Japanese album as well.
HC: When the tour ended, we all had the same mindset. To be honest, when we first started, it was really difficult. Staying in different countries for awhile is part of why it was hard. But during the last tour in Bangkok, I wanted to go back to New York. New York was our first concert. The fact that we weren’t able to carry on the tour for awhile and had to finish it quickly is sad.

Interviewer: Promoting a lot probably gives you the satisfaction but you can’t ignore the stress you get. What is a way to relieve stress?
YJ: I like going out to get some air. It’s cool when the town is quiet, there are a lot of trees and I can also see the river. I walk around the town and go to the Han river.
HC: I use money. Buy something to eat; recently I have been using a lot of money on food.

Interviewer: A most memorable event during ‘(B.A.P LIVE ON EARTH 2014 CONTINENT TOUR)’?
YJ: Tour is a treasurable experience. Just the fact that we are going out of the country to perform already has deep meaning to us, and it is a happy moment for us but during the tour, every city, and the country had one or two days of a term. Because it is a concert and we have a schedule, we weren’t able to comfortably look around so it felt like we had the freedom but we didn’t at the same time. I think I am growing from each tour because there are more time to think about things and going around unfamiliar places and environment is a new adventure.
HC: Last year we has a tour in New York and LA. We went to the same place this year. It made me think of ‘I have came back to this ground after a year’. It reminded me of before, at the time I didn’t know anything but now that I have been here once, it had a different feeling. It was amazing that we went to new cities that we could only see in a movie.

Interviewer: During the tour, you probably went to countries that you have always wanted to go to. What country left you the biggest impression?
YJ: It’s different in every tour. First tour, I really wanted to go to America. It’s because I thought that since America is really developed with contents business I had a lot to learn. We were all excited at first when we went to America. This tour, because it was our first time going to Europe, we had a lot of anticipation for Europe. We visited England, Germany, and France, and it was really cool how all three countries had different characteristics. I received different feelings even though it was all in Europe. England had England’s own character, France had its own, Germany had its own, all the countries had distinct features. It was cool after I thought about it.
HC: The most memorable event was when I went out and drank wine in the night in France. The midnight streets were beautiful. I felt like I was really watching a movie. When I sat down in the outdoor terrace and drank wine while watching the streets left me a big impression. The cool thing was, Australia, Sydney, in the multi-racial country you could see little bit of Europe, America and all different countries.
YJ: Another cool thing is we went to Europe after America, and lastly Australia so we could really feel it. If you look at a building on this side it felt like Europe and the other side felt like Australia. It was cool.
HC: There is a separate China town, but it’s expensive. I heard that that’s why the labor payment is high.
YJ: They say that Australia has a high happiness rate. The labor payment is high but it makes you spend as much. The welfare system is well built too so I think that’s why a lot of people immigrate to Australia.
HC: It’s good to move to a different country but I heard the law changed so it’s harder to immigrate.
YJ: Most of the stores close before the sun goes down, it’s hard to witness that in Korea, night shifts are very common in Korea. We went to eat once and it closed at 4 PM. During the tour, I felt that because things close earlier, we are able to find time to enjoy the culture more. We can enjoy sports and music more but in Korea, it’s hard to enjoy the culture. I was able to feel the lack of that in Korea.
HC: I can feel my views expanding. It was amazing to see employees off their work shift at 4 PM and drinking beer with their friends when we went to eat.

Interviewer: But wouldn’t it be inconvenient for the tourists’ part? If you went to enjoy time and it closes?
YJ: That’s true. (laughs)
HC: But there are places you can go during the night too. Places like pub opens for awhile.
YJ: The nature is also really beautiful. We went to Sydney and Melbourne and because Melbourne is located a bit more outside, the landscape there was so pretty.
HC: This is starting to become a praise Australia talk. (laughs)
YJ: For people who want to go away but not too far yet not too close, I think Australia is a good place.
HC: No, but America took 12 hours to get there and Australia also took 12 hours, then isn’t it better to go to America instead?
YJ: It took 12 hours? Then back to America…
HC: Australia was great because we were able to experience many different countries and cultures.

Interviewer: Just like <Youth over Flowers>, if you get the chance to go backpacking around, where and who would you want to go with?
YJ: South America or Africa.
HC: Europe or America, I want to go tackle things by myself. I want to go with Youngjae.
YJ: Since he came with me today, Himchan hyung (laughs)
HC: When I go to watch midnight premieres, a text from Youngjae comes in like “Hyuung, where are you? Come in quickly. I love you.”

Interviewer: When we watched the shooting earlier, you express your love to hyungs easily.
YJ: I’m just fooling around. (laughs) But hyung is good at it too.
HC: I express it well. We do it to each other. If you were to go on a vacation, you really need to go on it with someone who you’re comfortable with even if you guys aren’t talking.

Interviewer: How about you two? Truthfully, among the members, there are members who are close to one than the others. Which member would you feel more awkward if you were alone with them?
YJ: I don’t know about the other members but Himchan hyung and I aren’t like that with the others.
HC: We go to cafes as members. If we don’t have anything to do that day, we go to a cafe and stay there for 4 or 5 hours. But we don’t say a word to each other. We all do our own things and when we speak up, it isn’t awkward.
YJ: As for Daehyun, he can be really impatient so if I want to look around this place more slowly, he can’t be slow. If we are finished, we need to go. That’s why I think it’d be hard to go on a vacation with him. Zelo only looks at things he is interested in and doesn’t really look at other things he isn’t interested in, similar to Daehyun. There are a lot of things Zelo is interested in. Then i’m happy but I act carefully when he isn’t interested.
HC: Zelo’s style is to really strongly focus into something he is interested in. For example, if I have an item, he keeps on asking me “What is that? Where did you get it? How is it?”.
YJ: The most comfortable ones are Jongup and Yongguk hyung. Jongup is the style to match up to you.
HC: If he likes it then he goes “Should we?” But lately, if he doesn’t like it he started to show the dislike.
YJ: Jongup has a diverse interest so he is kind of like ‘let’s try this and also that’. Yongguk hyung is the type to discover many different things by himself. If we want to go, he comes with us, if we want to go somewhere else, we can go there. Like that.

Interviewer: Are you guys the type to look at things a lot when you’re on a vacation or the type to slowly look at things and do what you want? Wouldn’t you have to be similar in that field to go on a vacation together?
HC: I don’t really think I need to look at everything.
YJ: That’s why sometimes Himchan hyung doesn’t go out. The person who tries to look at the trademark of that land is Yongguk hyung. He is the type to be like ‘Since we are here, let’s go see’ and Daehyun is kind of like Himchan hyung. ‘If we see it then we see it, going around town is also good’ type. Zelo and Jongup also likes seeing a lot of things. I’m half and half. I want to rest but I also want to go see.
HC: If we went by ourselves to see, I would’ve went too. But when we move, so many people have to move at once so I feel like my freedom is being taken away. Because we have to move in a big group, I don’t like that. If I go with Youngjae alone I don’t think I will clash like that.

Interviewer: 2014 is an unforgettable year. You had your first win since debut, what do you think of when you think about that moment?
YJ: To be honest, I couldn’t believe it. I wanted first place before but I wasn’t really like ‘I want it really bad’. That kind of mindset wasn’t big at all, but at the time our fans really worked hard to give us the first place.
HC: We are very thankful for that.
YJ: Of course, we were really grateful and honored because it felt like we were able to repay back to our fans’ hard work. The fact that we were even on the semi-finalist list was amazing and the fact that we received first place was even more amazing. Our fans really worked hard.
HC: February 14th, 2014, I think that fans made it happen. We know they are always working hard so I was really sorry. I always say this but I really thank you with my all of my heart.
YJ: Our fans worked hard so when we got first place, the fans celebrated by themselves. (laughs) It’s cute seeing things like that. That’s why when we look at older sunbaes, I understand why they care about their fans so much. It feels like we are an old couple.
HC: Like a friend, like a family.

Interviewer: What do you guys think about each other on a regular base?
HC: Youngjae really studies and analyzes the person. Someone who knows me too well? I don’t even know myself that well but Youngjae really knows me well. I say “Noo~” but it surprises me.
YJ: You have to be precise about human relationships, I think that instead of forming light friendships with anyone it’s better to meet few good people. I think a lot of people feel uncomfortable upon meeting me at first. If you are close to me, I talk a lot but before that I don’t approach you and I’m shy. People told me that after they became close to me. I have to fix that.
HC: If you get to know him, he is a good kid and ser~ious person so he may be hard to approach at first. If he suddenly makes a serious poker face, I get scared too.
YJ: To describe about Himchan hyung, a good word to describe him would be ‘comfortable hyung’ but that comfortable hyung doesn’t mean that he is a shallow type of hyung, it means that he is very caring about the younger. He is different kind of older hyung than Yongguk hyung. Because of Himchan hyung, the members were able to become closer. If we do something wrong, he knows how to fix it, he talks to us and he knows how to comfort us.

Interviewer: Youngjae said relationships are important. You probably met a lot of people throughout your life, what do you think is the most important kind of relationship?
YJ: I think that trust is really important in any kind of relationship. The person who manipulates your trust when you approached them with your trust are the worst. People around me gives me a lot of advice. They tell me that in this society, ‘if you are honest, you will get hurt later’. I think it’s such a depressing statement.
HC: I also think trust is important. I think that if you approach someone with honesty, the person will also come to you with honesty. However, there are some people who think this method will work against it. In that case, its just very unfortunate.

Interviewer: Pick a charm from each other.
HC: He looks cute.
YJ: Himchan hyung gives off this foolish feeling? His charm is that he is able to approach a stranger well and have great social skills.

Interviewer: You guys are becoming more handsome ever since debut. Your most confident part of your appearance?
HC: Lately, I have gained weight so I am not confident. Nose? Eyes?
YJ: Body? The fit of the clothes when you wear them.
HC: Youngjae, isn’t your nose cute?
YJ: Actually, my nose is my complex. It isn’t that high and its round, but some people tell me that I got a plastic surgery so that was odd.
HC: It fits in well on your face.
YJ: People told me to get a plastic surgery on nose before. But i’m scared so I don’t want to do it. Fans and other people say that I got plastic surgery and misunderstood me. So I thought ‘Is my nose ok?’ and felt proud. Himchan hyung has a very slim and sharp face structure.
HC: You can’t see it because it’s buried under fat. You might misunderstand it.

Interviewer: No, looking at you in the past, there isn’t much that changed.
YJ: People say that Himchan hyung got plastic surgery so he got a lot of stress from it. Even when I see it, I see why people might say that because his face naturally looks like as if he got a plastic surgery.
HC: I feel that way too. So I thought about why not just get plastic surgery done.
YJ: So I always used to tell him ‘Hyung, if you do plastic surgery, you are getting a plastic surgery on the face that already naturally looks like you got a plastic surgery.’ I tell him this whenever he talks about plastic surgery stress.

Interviewer: You are both handsome.
YJ: You can’t even see us lately. Because there are way too many good looking people.
HC: I feel like I’m becoming a squid. There are a lot of men who are taking care of themselves lately.

Interviewer: The thing you want other person to fix?
YJ: Lately, Himchan hyung hasn’t been taking care of himself. Before, he was strict with taking care after himself. Since debut, we has free time for a month or half a month for the first time. He sleeps a lot and…..doesn’t…….doesn’t move around so I think Himchan hyung have to fix that.
HC: I know that too. I was the uncomfortable type of person who really looked after myself and calculated and times everything but recently…. But this is only temporary and if not now, when will I be able to be like this again. I will start soon.
YJ: Please start it soon.
HC: Moving became difficult. I shouldn’t get used to it. (laughs) I wish Youngjae would stop playing games. His old dream was to become a pro-gamer.
YJ: In the past, I really liked computer games but I haven’t really played any games for 3~4 years. Recently, app games are really developed. We each got our phones two months ago, and I saw a close hyung of mine playing this app game so I decided to play it as well. I started it and it’s just way too fun. I think I play it a lot too. If we are resting I continue it.
HC: Before sleeping, right away when he wakes up, but this isn’t only Youngjae’s problem.
YJ: Three or four members including me are addicted to this game.
HJ: They play it so seriously.

Interviewer: Did your company allow the phones?
YJ: At first I used Galaxy 1 but I decided to practice harder so I gave my phone back to the company. Now they said we could buy our phones so when I looked up cell phones, now they have iPhone 6 and Galaxy 5.
HC: I was using a flip phone at the time. I could only download ringtones.
YJ: After I bought a Galaxy, I used it for 3~4 months and the internet worked.

Interviewer: It must be like a new world to Himchan.
HC: I have experience because I had things such as iPods. (laughs) I am matching up the footsteps with the modern world but have not transformed yet.
YJ: When I first used LTE, it was so fast. Daebak! It was like a new world. I think a good thing about buying phones are when you can call people and the LTE.

Interviewer: If you two were making a unit, what style of the unit would you form?
YJ: Calm with a bit of acoustic feeling, or we can play around a little, between those two.
HC: Completely calm or songs with medium tempo but we will wear suits to be witty and absorb fun songs. I don’t think we will have big movements. It’s because I can’t dance that well. So like fun little gestures.

Interviewer: The most recent best moment and the saddest moment.
HC: The best moment was when we went on the stage in Korea since awhile ago. It was fun and entertaining. The saddest moment was when I heard the news about Ladies’ Code. It doesn’t feel unfamiliar.
YJ: Best moment…..
HC: When you watched a movie with Himchan hyung.
YJ: (hears Himchan’s words through one ear and says what he has to say right away) When I had a lot of free time. I lived without thinking so it’s been a long time. I have to continuously make something to do and if I don’t, I get nervous but for the first time after one month, I decided. To rest without thinking too much, but that was something to do with courage. I didn’t have much to do. Laying down in the dorm, sitting down in the cafe, it was between those two and that was the best moment. That is also the worst moment. The times I spent like that for a month didn’t have a lot of interaction with others so there were less people to meet up with even though I had a lot of time in my hand so I became depressed.
HC: We just meet up with the people we usually meet up with.

Interviewer: Earlier, you guys seemed like you were planning to go watch a movie together. You guys must really like movies.
YJ: Truthfully, we went to see movies because we didn’t have anything else to do but when we went, it was really great.
HC: We watched all the recent movies. <Sea Fog>, <The Pirate: Bandits who went to the sea>, <Battle of Myeongnyang>. We watched all the recent fun movies.
YJ: Watch one a day and 3 or 4 a week.

Interviewer: The best movie you’ve watched recently?
HC: <Begin Again>.
YJ: I also liked <Begin Again>. It was so so so much fun. I was so into it. Also, I liked <Into the Storm>. I wanted to watch <Hello, Hazel> too but they didn’t really play it. Because I watch too many movies, when I search for movies to watch on the plane, there aren’t too many options since I watched it all. Re-watching the ones I already watched.
HC: I think I’ve watched <Snowpiercer> 5 times. I went to eat after I watched <The Divine Move> and Jung Woo Sung came in. It was as if I was watching the movie.

Interviewer: You guys have been performing together for awhile now. Are there any times when you were happy or angry because of a member?
YJ: There a lot of times I was happy. The six of us, always, if we do something we fill in each other’s spots and help one another, and I think having the six of us really makes me feel more confident and feel supported. Angry.. Since we all live together, there are times someone does something that I don’t like but there weren’t anything that made me exceptionally angry.
HC: It makes me happy when just the six of us are around. When I feel that we are together. Recently, I am more thankful for my members. I don’t really remember when I got angry but we have this conference once in awhile. It’s where you comfortably talk to each other. We discuss like that regularly now but we really tell everything to each other when we have the meeting. We talk about our daily lives, little small talks, business matters, we talk about everything. Therefore, we don’t really have problems with each other. ‘You, you really aren’t buying food. Hyungs are paying for everything’ hyungs talk about these things too (laughs). We share with the middle child like Youngjae. ‘Since I’m buying food, you should buy coffee’ like this. Because we all get paid equally. (laughs)

Interviewer: Everyone is like that. When you are younger, you can’t do that but as you get older you meet people who you have met a long time ago.
YJ: I happen to hang out with a lot of people who are around their 30s, so i’m the youngest, and the hyungs worry about me. To go meet friends my age to play.
HC: 34. I meet people who are about to get married next year.
YJ: I think hanging out with people is hard too. During the one month when I was resting, I was dazed. I don’t think there was a time where I had so much fun I was like “Woah~”.
HC: When I wake up in the dorm, it’s already too late, and the members are all there. Then I suggest to go eat or go watch a movie.

Interviewer: What are you recently burning?
YJ: There’s the game but also chatting with people around me. However, the hyungs who i’m usually close with all plays the game so we just all play the game together. (laughs)
HC: Human relations, there are people who we just pass by casually and there are people who we don’t, so i’m thinking a lot about clarifying my relationships. I used to not be able to do this kind of thing. I knew a lot of people here and there and as I was living I realized that there are some people who you shouldn’t approach even with a honest mind. I wasn’t hurt. I just pondered a lot about my future. Luckily, I have the 5 people who are always on my side.

Interviewer: Your 1000th day since debut is coming up.
YJ: Ah~ I didn’t know.
HC: I didn’t know. It’s already been like that. Should we do something?
YJ: To be honest, we have in mind that we’ll buy food on the Sunday of our next fanmeeting of the comeback. It’d be nice to do something like 1000th day fanmeeting but there isn’t much time to organize it right now (laughs).

Interviewer: The word ‘1000th day’ must really feel great.
HC: I have realized that time really do fly by.
YJ: It’s cool. Before we knew it, it’s been 2 years and more since our debut, heading towards the third year, when it only feels like I have debuted yesterday.

Interviewer: If the 1000th day rolls through your head like a movie film, what is one memory that stands out?
HC: If I think broadly, from our debut on the Jangchung Gymnasium.
YJ: There isn’t a moment where it hits me like “BAM” but there are a lot moments where I want to capture them. Since you asked, I thought about it but there are way too many moments. I think I am very happy. It makes me happy that there are a lot of happy memories for me to think of.

Interviewer: Since we thought about the past, now what about the future?
YJ: I think we’re going to do more tours that we are currently doing right now. I think that if we study more music and improve, we can be more a matured B.A.P. Hopefully we can prove it to you guys through the albums.

Interviewer: Do you want to do a solo activity?
HC: First of all, as B.A.P we should do some promotions in Korea and rather than satisfying our own greed, I think having a comeback is the first priority. There are a lot of people waiting for us so I will think about that some other time.

Interviewer: There were probably a lot of stories the fans have told you guys. What is one of the most precious one?
YJ: There are a lot. The most thankful thing is that, if you look at it, there is no need for the fans to thank me. However, they still thank us and I really appreciate that. Hearing our music and saying that it gave them strength with all honesty I really really am thankful. It’s a phrase where I feel like I need to improve and be more responsible.
HC: I am really thankful for all those phrases and such but right now, I can only think of funny ones. One time a fan sent me a poem, “I wish I can switch places with you for once”. It was a sad poem full of love but I mentioned it saying ‘I know how hard the ticketing is and how hard it is to come to the concert after the ticketing, and do the streaming’ it was something like that (laughs). I wanted to let them know that I am sorry about it because I also feel it deep inside my bones.

Interviewer: Since we interviewed you guys like this, is there anything you want to tell each other?
HC: When it’s over, let’s go eat spicy pork bokeum.
YJ: Please take care after yourself.
HC: I am going to eat two bowls.

Interviewer: What is your future plan?
HC: Another Japanese album will be released.

Interviewer: Send a message to the fans.
YJ: We really want to go meet our Korean fans who are always waiting for us and working hard for us. We will produce a good album soon to repay back to all your anticipations so I will be thankful if you can wait a little more.
HC: All the fans worldwide, we are always working hard to show you guys the best. The fans in Korea talks a lot about it lately.
YJ: They are a bit annoyed.
HC: I’m sorry. I always repeat words. I’m sorry I said that there will be an encore concert. I know how you feel so keep up that mind and show it to us for our next album, show us your power!

Interviewer: I think that’s why Korean fans are a bit upset.
HC: I spilled oil onto the fire.
YJ: They are cute. (Youngjae who is eating the candy for the shoot and laughing while calling fans cute…)
HJ: The older fans are going to say ‘who are you calling cute’…
YJ: I always get scolded.
HC: He gets scolded a lot not to act like an oppa.
YJ: They scold me saying ‘I am your noona’.
HC: I know how the fans feel. Please keep those feelings and show it to us on our next album. Your strength.
YJ: Pfft hahhaha
HC: I’m sorry, it isn’t our decision.
YJ: We can watch movies, we are the only happy ones here (laughs).
HC: I’m sure they understand us. I hope it’s delivered well.

Trans cr ; Kat @ itsbap ; take out with full credits.
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[INTERVIEW] B.A.P Interview for Sintesis 13

Watch their interview on their site here or on Youtube!

Daehyun: “Argentina is very far away, we still don’t know how many fans we have there, neither how the country it is. I think we’ll be very surprised.”

Himchan: “We’ll return the love at the concert.”

Question: A fan of yours in Buenos Aires sent me a mention on Twitter saying there was a fan of Che Guevara (among you)?

Yongguk:I found out about him through a book when i was younger. How his life was, his values. I share all that. Ideologically, I agree with him. That’s why I put on a lot of effort so that through music I can express those same values.”

Question: I suppose that an objective you have as a band, is to make like a revolution but through music?

Yongguk: Telling stories nobody tells, we believe it’s possible to have a better world. And I believe that’s possible through music.

I think that a better world would be one where rather than materialism, there would be equality for all.” 

B.A.P: “Thank you! We’ll see you soon Argentina!”

trans. cr; maria @ itsbap ; take out with full credit.

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B.A.P’s interview for GONG TV (quick translation) 140929

Quick translation of B.A.P’s interview for GONG. Not translating some of the voice over parts.

(Every member briefly introduces themselves)

Yongguk: We create a music whose main theme is Earth. We try to create and to innovate with each new song. We do not want to restrict ourselves to only one kind of music but to slowly erase boundaries between musical genres.

How did you come with the idea of a global tour ?

DaeHyun: We started to think about LOE 2014 ever since 2013. Back in that time, we were thinking about creating something new for our fans, our will was to give them the best show possible, to be more creative and spectacular as well.

Do you think, by 10 years, you will still be on Earth or are you thinking about going back to Mato ?

Zelo: I think, in 10 years, we will be back in France. But we promise we will come back very soon.

During your tour, you never forget to collect screams, similar to your birds (?), as of now, how has it been doing ?

YoungJae: Until now, we have gathered many fans’ screams. But today, we anticipate a lot from our French fans.

Girl’s question: what is your opinion about France ? Will you come back ?

JongUp: France is a beautiful country. There are many beautiful monuments and edifices. I was very impressed by how much impregnated by history  the capital city is. I can tell you we will be back very soon.

Voice over: Now it’s your turn. Do you have something to tell to French  Babyz ?

Yongguk: We will meet our French fans for the very first time. I must tell you we are very impatient and excited to meet them.

Here is a small souvenir (postcard from B.A.P France)

DaeHyun: Thank you, French Babyz.

YoungJae: (in French) Thank you very much. I like it

Do you any funny memories for your French fans ?

HimChan: In Korea, there is a broadcast called Inkigayo we participated in for our debut. We performed so powerfully the stage we were dancing on collapsed.

Sorry for my bad English and any mistranslation.

Cr: Gong TV/ myself

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[TRANS] haru*hana vol. 26 – B.A.P Full Interview

The lead song for their 4th single was decided from the fan’s heated response!

B.A.P who’ve pushed through with their Japanese activities with an opulent sound has released their 4th single with a catchy party tune, “Excuse Me”.

― It’s a rare case to release a song that wasn’t the lead track in Korea and then to choose it to be the lead track in Japan

YG: Yes it is. Actually, the atmosphere was really good when we performed this song at concerts and live performances, so we came about discussing to go with this song [for the next single].
DH: Himchan hyung’s “let’s getting’ high~ ♪” part is where everyone can have fun together, so please enjoy yourselves at the lives!
HC: *Sings “let’s getting’ high~ ♪”*
JU: *Claps to the beat reflectively* Yoohoo~!!
HC: We so fly to the sky high~♪
JU: Yoohoo~!!
HC: Nice~ (laughs)
YG: The sound is really nice and I’ll be happy if you looked at the lyrics too.
YJ: The title and lyrics both are filled with confidence and have a challenging feel.
DH: Yes. We thought to “let’s show them the best coolest thing!” with our strong morale and confidence.
HC: Hence, when we sing, we sing it coolly!

― I look forward to seeing the stage performance

DH: *Suddenly in MC-mode* For the point of the dance this time… Jongup-san?
JU: I think that being able to communicate with the guests is more important that showing off our usual style for this music. So the MV and stage [performance] is slightly different in construction.
YJ: So, I think what he wanted to say was, “it’d be nice if you enjoyed that difference as well” (laughs).
ZL: Actually, we didn’t have that much time to film the MV so I’m happy it turned out nicely. Everyone has their own role, like Daehyun hyung is spraying graffiti and Himchan hyung is throwing money around, so please look out for that.

― It’s also interesting to see what you choose as coupling songs every time, what’s your favourite song in this single?

YG: For me it’s “Coffee Shop”. I like the acoustic and jazz genre in the first place, and it’s the first time for B.A.P to try out this genre so I think fondly of it. It has the charm of not getting sick of it even if you keep listening to it.
YJ: I like the relaxed feel of this song as well. Personally I like these types of melodies, so I’m happy that we can deliver this type of genre when the majority of our songs are powerful.
JU: It’s a song that fits any situation and makes you feel good, so I like it a lot too. I think it’s very fitting background music to when you’re doing any work.
HC: That’s true. Even if you only listen to the instrumental, the piano melody is really nice!
ZL: And, to choose the song that fits me the most in this single album, it would be “Zero”!
YJ: Only for you Zelo (laughs).
ZL: Huhuhu… *gets embarrassed even though he said it himself*

― Did anything change between your last round and this round of promotions?

YG: Hhh~m, we moved dorms (laughs). Up till now the six of us had slept in the one room, so we didn’t really have ‘roommates’.
ZL: Now Daehyun hyung and I, Yongguk hyung and Youngjae hyung, and Himchan hyung and Jongup hyung share a room. [T/N: This was probably a translation error by the magazine….]
YJ: We didn’t plan to split the rooms up like this in the first place, it just came naturally by choosing the member who matched with our own lifestyle patterns.
HC: For example, Jongup and I sleep the most, so our lifestyle patterns match and we can enjoy many things together. I uploaded it onto Instagram, but we had like a meat party at midnight… (laughs). The two of us are basically always sleeping (laughs), so we don’t fight either.
DH: These two have been called “koala” by the rest of us lately. Their average sleep hours exceed 15 hours (laughs).

JU: There’s not many episodes other than sleep… (laughs). However I’ve become able to talk a lot with Himchan hyung, and I think that we’re becoming a better combo. Spending a casual day together really makes me feel that we’re roommates, and I really like this feeling!



You performed in even more countries this time for your tour this year, is there anything memorable?

YG: Seeing people worldwide listening to our songs, liking them and welcoming us moved me and filled my heart.
YJ: In terms of scale, the Japan venues were the largest weren’t they. I was happy that we were able to perform multiple times throughout Japan.
HC: It makes you feel really good doesn’t it. There weren’t any inconveniences even when we stayed here for so long.
DH: However we haven’t been able to go anywhere in Japan recreationally, so the only places we remember are concert venues (laughs).
JU: That’s true… *looks to staff* Um, please take care of us [to play in Japan]!
ALL: Hahahahaha! (laughs)

 B.A.P Attack 

In the Fukuoka episode of “B.A.P Attack” you showed that everyone used individual rooms, do you like your own or a shared room?

YG: Since we’re always together, having my own room at least when we’re overseas is nice.
YJ: The shower and toilet is relaxed as well. [T/N: As in they don’t need to wait]
DH: Well there’re advantages to both of them.
JU: I don’t mind either~
ZL: Recently, if I sleep with the hyungs I can sleep in till late in the morning so having a room together is… (laughs)
HC: Even when we’re using individual rooms we’re all gathered in someone else’s room right before we sleep, so I don’t feel that there’s much difference… (laughs).


Q1: What do you often drink at a café?
Q2: If you were to give an example of your members in relation to coffee?
Q3: The member who seems good at creating a menu and managing a café?
Q4: There are the lyrics “I’m from Zero, I’m hero”; who was your childhood hero?
Q5: Hashtag talk

A1. Americano. The aroma is nice so I like it.
A2. Hmm.. Nothing comes to mind. Seeing everyone answer, I feel like everyone is correct (laughs).
A3. Himchan. He loves coffee in the first place and drinks it often, going to many different cafes. So of course other than running a cafe, he seems good at making a menu that matches the drinks.
A4. Hepoi from the anime “RPG Densetsu Hepoi”. He’s a youth who’s a living stuffed doll, and fights with sword even though he has no fingers. I find that cool and think of him as a hero. Well, of course that was when I was really young (laughs).
A5#hairstyle #hairstyle that you like #short hair : I’ve tried out many hairstyles up till now, but really, if it’s short hair, it’s better short. In the past I had a haircut like a monk and it was comfortable so I liked it.

A1. Americano. I like anything coffee flavoured, but espresso is too strong so…
A2. Jongup is the buzzer you get when you wait for your drink. Don’t you feel happy when your drink is done and the buzzer buzzes?
A3. Daehyun. He likes to eat, so he seems able to make a menu that combines the delicious food he’s had till now. Also, I can vouch 100% for the kitchen hygiene because he’s very clean and it seems like he’ll be popular with the customers because he’s so friendly. It seems like it’ll be an enchanting café where you’ll want to visit again and again because of him. Of course I’ll go there first to investigate the taste and upload my report on foodstagram!
A4. My father. When I was young I never won against my father in games and sports, so I admired him greatly and thought “I want to win”.
A5#foodstagram #trigger #the next candidate : At the start it was focused mainly on scenery and selcas, but from some time on I felt like sharing the delicious foods I eat with the fans. They say that you want to share your happiness with the people you love right? That’s what I felt when I began and I was surprised at the huge reaction. I’ll upload [pictures] when I’m in Japan so I hope I can convey the refreshing charm of Japanese cuisine! Please anticipate it!

A1. A drink with mango in it. It’s delicious, the aroma’s nice and it’s sweet. It’s a taste that I like.
A2. Yongguk hyung has a strong feel like a black coffee, Youngjae is a soft caramel macchiato, Jongup is a cold ice tea and Zelo is a sweet frapped with fresh cream on top.
A3. Jongup always comes up with unique ideas so he seems like he’s good at coming up with a menu.
A4. I didn’t have a childhood hero, but musically, I want to be someone that everyone looks up to.
A5#B.A.P Attack! #the most appearances #famous cameraman : I call myself “Reporter Jung Daehyun” so I had a responsibility, hence I appeared the most (laughs). Whether the fans were curious, we wanted to show what it was like backstage in its natural state in “B.A.P Attack!”. For example, fooling around whilst we’re eating, our daily selves going shopping, how excited we are before we see the fans, and so on and so forth. Our filmography is still of a rookie, but the staff edited it nicely and pointed out interesting things that even we looked over. Thanks to that, we were able to enjoy ourselves, and more than anything, I’m very happy that BABYz liked it!

A1. Americano. Because it has a nice aroma.
A2. Zelo is ice. An iced drink is only complete with ice. The shape and variety changes with the franchise, it’s very important.
A3. Himchan hyung
A4. My older brother. The older brother that I saw when I was young could do anything and looked really cool. I always followed after my brother whenever I did anything. Even now he’s a very special existence to me, he’s someone who understands me the best and is always on my side. That dependability cannot be compared to any hero. After I dreamed of becoming a singer, musicians were also heroes to me. I want to become someone’s dream as well and become a person who can make hearts pound.
A5#photos #photo subject #method to enjoyment : I don’t know if I’ve improved, but I take many photos as I usually do. Originally I liked to photograph scenery, but I got given lens that would photograph fans and people prettily, so I take a lot of photos of the members when I use it. I took photos like of people on the streets when I was overseas. It was gruelling at first when learning about songs and music, so I don’t want to be bound by that when I learn other genres. Thus I take photos the way I like, freely and for my interest.

A1. Iced chocolate.
A2. Daehyun hyung is the remaining beans of a drip coffee (laughs). Because it’s dark in colour.
A3. Himchan hyung, Youngjae hyung. Himchan hyung is knowledgeable and Youngjae hyung is the type to see it through to the very end if he does it.
A4. My parents. Because they gave birth to me and my sibling(s), loves us and brought us up to be simply sincere. Finding what I wanted to do, and afterwards, what I’m good at, they nurtured my dream - physically and mentally - so that I’d be without regrets. Being a monosyllabic son, I can’t express myself well usually, but I really respect my parents who gave me this dream, and so much love and trust to me. When I have a family in the future, I want to become someone like my parents.
A5#Peter #English name # reason : There’s no special reason, I was just given this name by the church pastor who chose it from the bible when I was a kid. A name is something you give after giving it a good thought and love right? I believe that my name too has received a lot of good thought when I was given it so I’m thankful. Now as B.A.P, not only in Korea, but Asia, America, Europe and elsewhere, my name “Moon Jongup” is being called, so I’m thankful as well that it’s not an English name.

A1. I eat bread and sandwiches but I don’t order drinks.
A2. Himchan hyung is an Americano. He may seem cold and moody, but he’s actually kind and takes care of us, and is a bright, easy going, loved-by-all character. He overlaps with the Americano image of “once you’ve had a taste, you’re hooked and you’ll only drink that”.
A3. Menu curating will be Himchan hyung. He has an excellent aesthetic sense, so I think he can make something that looks good as well. Managing will be Yongguk hyung. He looks like he can bring the café into a good direction just like how he pulls B.A.P. It seems like he’ll think deeply about the customers and create a charming place. A café opened by the two of them… Don’t you think it just suits them perfectly?
A4. My mother who supported me so that I could succeed. She’s been my hero ever since the past.
A5. #B.A.P Attack! #camera angle #fixation : I’m the type of person who is excited at new things, and interested in things that others aren’t, so I always want to do something different for selcas and even magazine photoshoots. In “B.A.P Attack!”, I did things like putting the camera on top of my bag to film, trying out uncommon angles to usual programs. If we were to make a second season, I want to try out even more striking angles (laughs).


From the lyrics of “Excuse Me”…
Q1. More than “exclusive”, who’s the member that doesn’t have “limited edition” “limited items”?

DH: Ok let’s publicise it~
YJ: Oh, I thought we were all going to vote for Yongguk hyung, but surprisingly the votes are split. Yongguk hyung – 3 votes, Himchan hyung, Zelo and Daehyun – 1 vote each.
HC: Yongguk is has quite the collecting mania. Things like fashion items and a variety of other stuff. And well, there’s Zelo. The remaining four are pretty much the same.
YG: Mmm. I chose Zelo as well… More like, why did you make that comment when you wrote your own name (laughs).
JU: What’s the ranking for Youngjae hyung and I who got zero votes?
ZL: Scissors paper rock? (laughs)
DH: Ready, scissors paper rock! The winner is Youngjae!

1st: Yongguk
2nd: Zelo
3rd: Daehyun & Himchan
5th: Youngjae
6th: Jongup

From the lyrics of “Coffee Shop”…
Q2. Which member will be the most picturesque in a “Coffee Shop”?

YJ: Himchan hyung and Youngjae gets 2 votes each, Yongguk hyung and Daehyun get 1 vote each.
HC: If only I wrote my own name I’d be first!
YG: Well Youngjae and Himchan drink coffee often.
YJ: I have a MacBook which is the essential item to be a picturesque guy in a café, so of course I’m first!
DH: Huh…? (laughs) Well, putting that aside. Then, let’s say Yongguk hyung and I are equal third, and the maknae line are fifth.

1st: Himchan & Youngjae
3rd: Yongguk & Daehyun
5th: Jongup & Zelo

From the lyrics of “Zero”…
Q3. More than “just like Superman, no, Batman?”, which member is the most superhero-like?

ALL: This is Jongup!
DH: He’s healthy, got a fit body and never tires.
HC: He definitely doesn’t take medicine even when he’s sick.
YG: Even though he doesn’t take any supplements or health foods.
JU: But I eat very often. I have lots of what I want to eat.
ZL: His driving force is hamburgers. Even though it’s an unhealthy food.
JU: But there’s meat in it so it’s full of protein.
YJ: Zelo is in second place. Because he’s tall (laughs). Since he’s young, he also has a lot of energy.
DH: The remaining members are common humans who are saved by the super maknaes (laughs).

1st: Jongup
2nd: Zelo
3rd: Yongguk, Daehyun & Youngjae
6th: Himchan

From the lyrics of “Zero”…
Q4. More than “as long as we know our rule breaking limits, we’re free butterflies”, the most “free butterfly” member is?

HC: Jongup is amazing isn’t he. He sleeps when he wants to, eats when he wants to, an unruly lifestyle. Not unruly, there are no rules!
JU: Himchan hyung himself is the one who suits the phrase ‘butterfly’.
ZL: I’m envious that they can go anywhere freely.
YJ: Zelo has age limitations you see.
YG: I don’t exactly have rules, but Daehyun is very proper so I’m last.
JU: Daehyun-san being fourth is nice.
DH: Why? (laughs) Different to Jongup I live according to the rules!
HC: There it is, the free person’s wild words!

1st: Jongup
2nd: Zelo
3rd: Himchan
4th: Daehyun
5th: Yongguk & Youngjae

Translation: cassie_babyz

Please take out with full credits

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[TRANS] B.A.P for 10+Star Japanese Magazine Interview (Part 2)

Q. During this tour you have released a self-produced reality show ‘B.A.P ATTACK’ on the official YouTube channel. It was favorable for many fans that they were able to see the members’ routine overseas. Each member’s airtime was different. Have you ever thought of how much would the percentage of your own airtime on ‘B.A.P ATTACK!’ be?

YG: About 1%? And that’s still rounded up because we’re looking at it largely. :) If you watch ‘B.A.P ATTACK!’, you’ll see that each member has a nickname that represents himself. Mine was ‘camera-phobia’. Even now, I’m like that. It’s awkward. I don’t want to be this way, but I’m still unfamiliar with being in front of the camera. When I see how much fans worry about my airtime, I’d think ‘I’ll have to do better next time’, but in reality, when I stand in front of the camera, things don’t work out so well. However, I’m always thankful for the members who work hard even in my part.

JU: Exactly 5%. Perhaps because I was too focused on filming, only my voice was recorded… I calculated by my voice’s airtime. :)

HC: It would be about 10%? Actually I wasn’t filmed much, but when I appear, don’t you think there is my presence at some level?

DH: Um~… I think it would be about 50%. Perhaps because ‘reporter’ was my nickname, I appeared occasionally. :) I was only filming really hard with my out-and-out reporter spirit (?)… I’m also thankful but, still, I’m sorry! :)

YJ: Wouldn’t it be about 15%? Mainly, Daehyun carried out ‘B.A.P ATTACK!’ and I supported him.

ZL: 20%? I still regret a bit now that I couldn’t participate a bit more actively. There are many things I want to try and things I want to show, but the schedule was so busy that I forgot even the fact that I had to hold the camera and film. I reckon that next time, if we have another chance, I’ll be able to make it more entertaining.

Q. We’ll look forward to your next reality show. :) Then, what is your current status on your messenger (KakaoTalk, Line etc.) account? Even though I think nothing is written…

YG: I’m the type not to give a detailed description on my profile. The way to express one’s status or words one wants to say is different for each person. Somebody would communicate with another through status message, while, on the other hand, I deliver that through music. Therefore, I have no status message. It remains the default status. I think that, wouldn’t everybody’s be so.

YJ: Because I don’t especially write status message… now it’s just “?”

ZL: I’m not the type to like writing something or making an appeal on things like status message, so there’s nothing written there.

Q. As expected! :) Do you have a group chatting room? If you do, who is the person who sends the most messages and who doesn’t?

YG: Recently, we do share it when each other’s funny pictures are uploaded, we do have a group chatting. For funny pictures, mostly we capture or save those that the fans make and upload on the internet, and we share it with each other. Every day, we’re really discovering new sides of us that even we didn’t know. :)

HC: Once we catch fire it’s no joke, attacking each other with funny photos :) The amount each of us sends messages is similar, but if to choose one that talks the most, wouldn’t it be Daehyun.

DH: If we need to choose, I think it’s right that I talk the most. :)

JU: Usually if I have anything to say, I say it at the dorm. If not I can say it at the practice room, so I don’t use chatting room that much. I think I only use it when I have a personal matter? First of all, I’m not the type to speak much. I voluntarily confess!

ZL: It seems like we all send messages in similar amount, but, even though I don’t start the conversation that often, mostly it’s me when it comes to answering, so wouldn’t it be me that sends messages the most? :)

Q. All B.A.P members seem to have different character and personality. If you were granted an ability to read another member’s mind for one day, whose mind would you like to read?

JU: It’s possible to guess generally what others think and how they feel, but Yonggukie hyung… Um. I’d like to read Yonggukie hyung’s mind once. I’m curious. Yonggukie hyung’s inmost heart! :)

YG: Hahaha. I choose Jongup too! I’ve been a Maknae, I’ve once been the middle, and now I’m the eldest of B.A.P. However, Jongup’s position is not a Maknae, or the middle or the eldest. He’s in a different position so I don’t know what feelings that would be. Therefore, if it’s possible I’d like to read Jongup’s mind.

DH: I choose Jongup too. Jongup’s charm is how we cannot guess where his mind flees, what he is thinking, so before he expresses it with words, I want to be a step ahead and find it out. :)

ZL: He always has a bright look on his face so it’s impossible to tell what’s on his mind by his facial expression. For that reason, I’d like to read what’s on Jongupie hyung’s mind.

HC: I choose Zelo. Hasn’t he got any concern among the 5 hyungs, what kind of thoughts does he have, there are really lots of time I’m curious about Maknae’s point of view. Also because there’s a gap between our ages, I reckon wouldn’t there be some parts I couldn’t understand thoroughly.

YJ: I choose Maknae Zelo too. As he’s turning 20 soon, I’m curious what kind of things he’s thinking about and what kind of feelings would it be, and I also think there must be Zelo’s worries that I cannot know of. Zelo is too mature to show such expressions so if I can read his mind, I think I can understand and comfort him without him telling me to.

Q. I can feel that you cherish each other a lot. For the members, what is B.A.P?

YG: For me, B.A.P is Hannam Bridge, because the members are what keep me running.

HC: It’s my everything. Since whenever, B.A.P is not a group I became a part of, but it feels like it became what I am. I think it’s so precious that I can say that all six members are me.

DH: Now it’s already a family. It’s also my new start and until the end, it will stay with me forever.

YJ: It’s a ‘precious thing’. Because I have B.A.P, I’m able to continue doing music and not able to give it up. More than anything, it is my precious origin that brings me to meet lots of Babys who love me. I want to carry on forever with B.A.P, the thing more precious to me than anything.

JU: Because it’s been together with me through my teens and twenties, for me, B.A.P is youth.

ZL: When I became B.A.P, I came to believe that dreams don’t end as merely dreams, but it can become reality. Actually, after I’ve become B.A.P, many dreams of mine have come true. B.A.P is a reliable companion that will make music together for a lifetime, and it’s not an exaggeration to say that now it is music itself to me.

Q. Then, if you have something you want to tell the members but you were too embarrassed to say, let’s say it now.

ZL: Um~. I think there’s nothing I was too embarrassed to tell hyungs. Because if you have something you want to do or something you want to say and you hold it back, you can end up regretting in the future. So I always try to express my sincerity to hyungs. (Looking at the members) Hyungs are nothing less than a family to me.

JU: We spend time together more than a family does. Let’s think it’s always a new start and work hard with all our power! B.A.P altogether, fighting~!

DH: All the members, I love you guys and thank you. In the future, let our feelings stay the same and let’s make good music and be together forever until the end.

YJ: Lately, I’ve expressed and laid bare my thoughts with the members quite a lot. You all know this but I’m always thankful and I love you. I’m grateful that I have gained great friends by the name of B.A.P. And to Zelo. I’m especially thankful to you and I want to say I’m very sorry. Because you’re the Maknae, you must have suffered a lot among the hyungs and if you would stay bright and passionate just as you are now, I’d be really happy.

YG: The dream of not just making a beautiful earth but a beautiful world, because it’s not just me but five reliable members dream and think together, I don’t feel lonely. I’m thankful that you always stay with me and try to match my steps.

HC: Thank you for always being together and being my reliable support. Love you all!

Q. This is a basic question but, what is music for B.A.P?

YG: Chocolate. A thing that makes my heart move.

HC: The reason I live on. A thing that makes me able to dream, makes my heart flutters, and wakes me up to rise again. For this reason, I want to continue making B.A.P’s unique music as B.A.P in the future.

DH: Something like a ‘bamboo’. They say bamboos have a gift of a scary growth ability that makes them grow absurdly fast during a day. Because music makes me grow faster than anyone or anything, I can say that music is like a bamboo to me.

YJ: A thing I’m thankful of. Through music, I’ve gained a feeling of wanting to attempt something and an opportunity to meet great colleagues like the members. All those things are the reason I’m thankful.

JU: Because it’s something that always gives me unchanged powerful energy and passion, for me, music is youth.

ZL: Because I first had a dream when I started doing music, and it made me able to feel the happiness of dreams coming true, for me, music is happiness.

Q. Lastly, please say one thing to the Japanese Babys whom you guys will be meeting soon.

YG: B.A.P came back with Hip Hop. Whatever you guys are expecting, we will show you the better and we will prove it to you guys so please anticipate! And please make sure you put your hands up while crossing the road to go to the convenience store across the street! CD shop is also good. Let’s buy a lot of good album and listen to it a lot.

HC: I will always be by your side. We can’t always see each other but remember that my mind is always next to you, don’t forget that!

DH: We really put all our energy into making this piece. And therefore I will try and work harder to show you guys the best! We will definitely see each other!

YJ: I always have an apologetic mindset because we can’t see each other a lot. However, you guys are always in my heart so please wait a little! We are coming to see you now! And I love you guys deeply in my heart.

JU: I have a lot to say to you guys but I can’t because my Japanese is very limited. But you already know it right Babys? I love you! And always thank you.

ZL: I love you Japanese Babys! Thank you for always waiting for us and thank you for always being there with us through new beginnings. We will work hard to be better in the future so that we can have your support!

Korean trans © BCHYJZ | Trans cr ; Jeanne @ itsbap ; take out with full credits.
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[TRANS] B.A.P for 10+Star Japanese Magazine Interview (Part 1)

Deepened eyes, another growth

B.A.P, a charismatic hip hop group who is gaining popular attention, made a comeback with their 4th single “Excuse Me” on September 3rd. Their 3rd single, “No Mercy”, released this year came in 2nd place in the Orion Daily chart and the Weekly chart, so it is safe to say that B.A.P is K-POP’s new strength. June 28th, concert in Bangkok, their 3 month tour in the four continents, USA, Europe, Australia came to an end, and they were able to show a look of a man who became more manly after their growth from <B.A.P LIVE ON EARTH 2014 CONTINENT TOUR>. With their deepened eyes, what kind of charm can they show us with their “Excuse Me”?

Q. You guys are going to release your 4th single “Excuse Me” in Japan, please say a word about it.

YG: It’s been a long time since we performed with a song with strong traditional hip hop feel to it. I always liked this song, but I am sad that we had a very small opportunities with it in Korea. I have a high expectation that a lot of people will listen to it in Japan, so my heart is thumping. I am anticipating :)

HC: One word: Jjang! This B.A.P performance will be where you can see us really enjoying ourselves on the stage.

DH: I would like to always perform with my best anywhere, as well as in Korea. With this single, I will do my best and work hard to show B.A.P’s charms so show us a lot of love and support.

YJ: It’s great that we were able to release a 4th single in Japan! (Claps~) It feel like it’s only been a few days ago when we released “WARRIOR” in Japan… We have received a lot of love from the Japanese Babys but we have paid more attention to “Excuse Me”, and it’s a piece where we really enjoyed doing so I hope you guys will really like it.

JU: We are more excited to perform with “Excuse Me” on the stage. I think that whoever is watching our performance will also feel that same way.

ZL: I’m happy that I’m able to work with many new people. I am anticipating of whom we can work and experience with.

Q. What is the one part in “EXCUSE ME” where you had paid the most attention to?

ZL: I paid most attention to “Zelo”! :) During the “Excuse Me” production, I tried my best to show my image and character. It would be thankful to know that the audience will also feel the special effort by Zelo.

YJ: I paid a lot of attention to my Japanese pronunciation so that I could properly deliver the lyrics. I don’t want to make an excuse of “It’s okay because I am an artist from a different country!” Of course we are Koreans, but we are releasing a Japanese song in Japan so I thought that I should get comfortable with the Japanese pronunciations.

DH: I tried my best in the vocal. Unlike recording in Korean, I have to pay a lot of attention to other things. Pronunciations, vocalizations, and more.. I was able to start focusing on recording after I practiced a lot of that.

YG: There were many opportunities during concerts and special stages where we could sing “Excuse Me”, but unlike those times before, we prepared different choreographies to match the new Japanese version. We organized the formations and added the dances according to the atmosphere of the song. So I think it’d be fun to compare the choreographies from before and now.

Q. Just like you said how you created a new choreographies for the Japanese promotion, were there any hardships while filming the music video?

DH: It was super hot at the filming scene because so many lights were set up. It was already a super hot day and adding the heat from the lights… And we had to dance so it was extra hard. But I am excited because we are able to show new different concepts unlike the music videos before.

YG: Ah! Rather than hardship, there is an episode. During the filming of the music video, we were changing into the prepared clothes, but I thought that if I took off the inside shirt it would match the music and the music video more so it was a quick idea but I thought it was good so we filmed like that.

JU: There was a scene where I had to push off the glass prop, but it was a one time deal so I had to be precise when pushing it off.

Q. During the promotion, if you were to say “I want to show my OOO charm!” what would go in the OOO?

YG: “I want to show my playful charm!” During this concept, I was like a playful boy and cheerful. I want to show many people my new side. 

HC: For this Japanese promotion, “I want to show my pretty handsome charm!” Please anticipate for the new changed style of me!

DH: “I want to show that I am doing my best!” Because this promotion is a different concept unlike the previous ones, I’ve set a new mind set and I want to show that i’m doing my best. I’m not very used to the language or the culture of Japan but I will do my best. Thank you.

YJ: “I want to show my refined charms!” The point of the newly released “Excuse Me” in Japan is to be classy and polished so I am preparing to show off 120% of that classiness.

JU: My “amazing” charm? I want to surprise you guys “Wow! B.A.P had this kind of side?” with a new charm unlike the previous performances and the styles. This is a song of great charms and performances so please look forward to it!

ZL: “I want to show a charm like a traffic sign!” Traffic lights always change their lights to a different light right? Just like that, I want to change and show you guys my different charms on different situations. Serious on the stage and warm and friendly when i’m with you guys.. :)

Q. Since you guys had multiple concerts in Japan, one would think that your Japanese have gotten more fluent, who is the one member who is able to successfully deliver the message of the song smoothly and the best?

YJ: Yes~! The answer is Youngjae! :) Ever since we started promoting in Japan, because I have a lot of passion to study Japanese, I studied hard for it and I have been practicing it from time to time even during promotions so that I won’t forget it and so, that’s why I think that I am able to deliver the messages smoothly the best.

JU: That’s right. Even when Youngjae hyung is recording, it feels like he can really sing with a lot of emotions because he can understand and comprehend the song. On normal occasions, he studies Japanese and really practices a lot of pronunciations and etc. When we perform altogether, he really shines.

HC: Youngjae can really speak Japanese well and so when he sings in Japanese, it really suits him well. Now that I think about it, my parts are usually in English so there isn’t a lot of chance for me to sing in Japanese. Hahaha

DH: Um.. Then I will pick me. Daehyun! :) Since I am a vocal, I really pay a lot of attention to the emotions put into the lyrics so that I can properly deliver the song. I practice a lot of pronunciations and I listen to the guide versions, rather than just pronouncing it right, it’s important to remember to express it in the way it is the most comfortable so I asked the Japanese staff members to help me practice as well.

ZL: I also think it’s Daehyun hyung. Singing in a different language is not an easy thing and so, trying to put in the emotions into the song is hard if you don’t have the basic technique to do so. We all put in a lot of efforts into this Japanese album but because Daehyun hyung has a great singing ability, I think that he will be able to sing it really well no matter what kind of language the song is.

YG: To be honest, Himchan, Daehyun and Youngjae are all talented. To express the lyrics, you need to really understand it, and so I think that all three of them are able to do that because they studied so hard.

Q. Then who is the member who is the most fluent in Japanese?

YJ: That’s also Youngjae. I think I am on the basic conversation level. It makes me happy when I can really communicate with Japanese fans when we promote the new song in Japan. It makes me think “Good thing I studied Japanese!” and it’s also really fun. The thought of “I will have more fluent conversation next time!” motivates me to study harder.

JU: Himchan hyung and Youngjae hyung are the best in Japanese among all of us. I’ve seen them talk fluently without a translator, and… to be honest it may be because I really am not good at Japanese but i’m sure that Himchan and Youngjae hyung, those two, are very talented in Japanese!

Other members: Laughs loudly

HC: Youngjae and I are on that level where we can understand and laugh along with the Japanese Babys. Speaking the language really can develop when you study for it. During the tour, I wasn’t able to study Japanese that much so I have forgotten some. I still have places where I lack so I am planning to continue to study.

Q. Favorite Japanese sentence?

HC: “I will always stay by your side.” I like it because it is really warm and emotional sentence.

DH: “I like you” The pronunciation is cute, and it has a very cute meaning so I like it.

YJ: Similar to Daehyun, “I like ~.” Doesn’t it just make you happy and flustered when you hear it? It’s something I want to tell Babys.

ZL: “Like.” My pronunciations are still awkward but this word makes my emotions boil.

JU: “Amazing” “Awesome” I liked the meaning behind them so I memorized them.

YG: Honestly, fans probably got the answer when they saw this question but its “Convenience store!” This word was trending among us. It’s an important Japanese word you need in real life so I am memorizing it. :)

Q. Not too long ago, you have completed a tour also in Japan, what was one thing you liked about <B.A.P LIVE ON EARTH 2014 CONTINENT TOUR>?

HC: The fact that B.A.P concerts became more enjoyable and the tour was fun. This is our second tour already, and both our fans and us were able to enjoy the stage. Because we were able to enjoy standing on the stage, the whole tour became enjoyable.. Good influence.

DH: I will never forget all the things that happened during the tour. All the countries and cities, I cannot just pick one because I was able to really get myself into the music and tour, and that time became very special and important memory. And during this tour, I really liked “B.A.P ATTACK!” because the fans were able to watch us behind the stage. It felt like I was sharing all the memories together.

YJ: For me, it was a time for me to look back and re-examine and understand myself deeper. From the time we prepared the concert and to the end of the stage, I tried very hard to show the best of me but, it was also the time for me to think about the one thing I really wanted to do. I would like to think that this was a very important opportunity for me to grow once more.

Q. Just like Youngjae said, what is the moment where you felt that “We grew more”?

YG: There were more schedules during this tour than the tour we had before, I think that because we were in different and strange countries and stages, we were able to understand the tour and concert system deeper. Not just going on the stage, but it was something we had to think about and prepare so my eyes have developed a wider perspective. So it made me want to produce, direct and prepare B.A.P’s very own concert. I have found a new dream while fulfilling my dream.

YJ: When I stand on the stage, I am able to see each and every one in the audience, and watching them enjoy the concert and the music makes me think “Did we develop more?”. In this world, one of the hardest thing is to make someone laugh and be happy but we are actually doing that right now. Music was something we started because we enjoyed it but it’s really cool that one day it started to make our families happy, Korean fans happy, and every fans around the world happy. I feel that we grew more when my voice and B.A.P’s music is growing into a bigger influence.

DH: June 28th, the mark of our last tour! During this Bangkok tour, I strongly felt that “We have grown”. The 3 months we performed under that name B.A.P have successfully ended and it really means a lot to us that we were able to make many people happy.

Korean trans © BCHYJZ | Trans cr ; Kat @ itsbap ; take out with full credits.
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[TRANS] B.A.P for AJ Magazine Volume 4

[T/N: Small text portion for each of the members’ page]

Bang Yongguk
Born on March 31st, 1990. Leader, Rap.
Going from the underground scene to the idol world.
Rapping with a low bass like voice is his charm.
Very active with volunteering and charities.

Born on April 19th, 1990. Vocal.
An elite in music that majored in traditional music.
Hobbies include taking photos of fans during lives under the name Strong Baby.
Fluent in Japanese.

Born on June 28th, 1993. Vocal.
Supports B.A.P with his powerful 7 octave high tone.
At first sight he’s cool and handsome, but in reality he’s cute and talks a lot.
Fluent in Japanese

Born on January 24th, 1994.Vocal.
A little bit different from Daehyun, his soft voice also bring out something different in B.A.P. Because of his intelligence, he is referred to as the “Brain” of the group; he’s so smart he doesn’t need a Japanese translator.

Born on February 6th, 1995. Vocal & Dance.
His everyday character is very calm and mysterious, but on stage is sexy.
The difference between his everyday self and when he dances, is his charm.

Born on October 15th, 1996. Rap & Dance.
Raps alongside Bang Yongguk, ultra high speed rapping is his charm.
Usually very confident on stage but off stage he is super shy.

[T/N: Longer text section at the side of a page]

Coming from the star Mato, the “Music Warriors”, their concept, B.A.P has descended to show their powerful masculine performances. With their hip-hop sound they share messages about society in their lyrics. The contrasting twin vocals who shine and the contrasting pair of rappers, their style overflows. Their appearance shocked the k-pop media with their good looks and fans called them “princes” and “idol boyfriend”. 

In 2012, a new rookie group debuted in Korea, who held a showcase that consisted of 3000 people. In 2013, they soon debuted in Japan and immediately started an arena tour. Starting in both countries very powerfully and continuing to do large-scale performances, they make their presence known. It is almost as if the k-pop world has made B.A.P the role models of hip-hop style groups. Not only have they gathered fans from Korea and Japan, but countries over the world; in June they finished their second world tour that included 4 continents. Leader Bang Yongguk said, “B.A.P’s dream was to do a world wide tour and ‘Conquer the world with music to make it a beautiful world’ but now it’s become a reality.” B.A.P’s everything for writing lyrics is to put feeling and emotion into the song. They are not just some idols who were made by a famous producer just to sing songs, they give their all to their fans.

“People of different ethnicity, age, and gender all come together to watch us perform. We see this from the top of the stage and it’s very touching.” - Daehyun

Immediately after their Japanese debut, they won two awards at the Japan Gold Disk Awards.

“With good music there are no boundaries.” - Jongup 

Even after their Japanese debut, they continue to release new songs and perform live events. Right before their fourth single release, “EXCUSE ME”, they will celebrate their one year anniversary of their Japanese debut.

“Japan is a country that B.A.P is highly active after our Korean debut. This year has been a year where we have gained lots of love and accomplished many of our dreams. Japan is very special to us.” - Youngjae

In their new song, “EXCUSE ME” they sing “The world is a stage”. They make social change on a global scale; they are borderless. It might not be bad to be invaded by these aliens.

Scans © rokkettstars | Trans. cr; Mia @ itsbap ; take out with full credits.
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[TRANS] 140917 Oricon Interview: B.A.P member’s place of memories and style of girls they like

B.A.P who’s making rapid progress, achieving #2 on Oricon Weekly with their previous release “No Mercy” has released their new single “Excuse Me”. Being previously released in summer last year in Korea, it’s a fun song that was revealed during their April event that heated up the venue. As well as talking about this cool hip hop number, they also talked about the place of their memories and the style of girl they liked.

The sentimental place of your memories is……

―― It seems that “Excuse Me” is an extremely cool and wild hip hop number. 

YG: It was originally one of the songs released in Korea on our mini album “Badman” and had been shown various times during our lives in Japan, and we received a really good response. Thus to give back to the fan’s support and love, we decided to release it in Japanese. With a cool hip hop sound, the lyrics express our confidence towards music. The coupling song is a heartbreaking ballad “Coffee Shop”, and hip hop number “Zero” expresses slight irony towards arrogance. “Zero” is definitely aimed towards us as well and acts as a reminder for us to not forget our resolve. 

YJ: "Excuse Me" didn’t have any set choreography to it, but we thought of some new moves for the music video, so please take a look at that too. There are slightly dramatised scenes with us being mischievous and stealing huge amounts of money and playing in a flashy manner. 

JU: Me in glasses is something to look out for (laughs)!

―― In the lyrics of the coupling song “Coffee Shop”, it talks of going to the coffee shop you frequented with your ex-girlfriend and becoming sentimental from memories about her. Now everyone, do you have a sentimental place in your memories like that? 

HC: For me it’s Gangnam station. When I was a teenager, it was the station that I went to often, and even if I go there now, I’ll think about my teenage memories and become sentimental. 

DH: When was this during your teenage years?

HC: To be honest, I was still a bit fat until I was a junior highschooler. I’ve been told that I’ve probably gotten a bit fat lately, so I think it must be from thinking about my junior high memories (laughs). 

DH: I don’t think that’s the case (laughs). For me, I used to live in a place called Gwangju. It was a very simple place and you’d see stretches of fields and the river if you opened your window. Now I live in the city and there are a lot of people and the time goes by really quickly, so sometimes I go to Gwangju to relax. Many things get reset, so I can get to feel very much at ease. 

HC: We haven’t been before.

DH: I’ll bring you next time. Roasting sweet potatoes and eating them at Cheonwon will definitely be fun. 

YJ: That sounds nice.

JU: I guess it’s my hometown for me too. Nearby there was a park and a small valley where I played around a lot when I was a kid. I still keep in contact with my friends from back then, and when we go back, we gather there and talk about the past. 

ZL: When you say memories, I guess it must be things like your hometown and childhood friends. I used to dance on the streets with my friends. Meeting up with those friends and going to the streets we used to dance on really brings up old memories and makes me nostalgic. 

DH: Ah, I have one more thing to add, can I? Another place of my memories is the dorm where we first lived together.

JU: That! You said something great!

DH: Right~ (laughs). Now we’ve moved into another place and live together, but memories of the dorm where we worked hard to debut are very strong. Actually I went there once, and it felt a little strange when my feelings at that moment had overlapped [with feelings about debut].

YG: It’s that dorm for me too. It’s the starting point from where we grew till now. 

YJ: Me too!

DH: Don’t get carried away.

YJ: Well then, the local junior high school that I attended. Since I became a highschooler, I had B.A.P activities and lessons day and night, so I rarely had time to play with friends at school. But up until junior high, I’d played and studied with friends and really enjoyed living a normal life. I was in the band in junior high, and although it’s nothing to boast about but I was popular!

HC: You know, I was popular in neighbouring schools as well!

YJ: That’s a lie. You just said you were fat before (laughs). 

HC: That was during junior high. I’d gotten skinny during high school so I was popular. 

The style of girl you like ―― any fashion is ok as long as it suits her! 

―― Another line in the “Coffee Shop” lyrics. There’s ‘long black hair’ and ‘white tshirt and sneakers’, what’s the style of girl that you like?

ZL:  I think it’d be nice if she knows herself well enough to wear anything that suits her, is stylish and enjoys fashion. I think she’ll suit anything regardless of the fashion genre. 

JU: I also think it’s the best if it suits her. Any girl who isn’t stretching herself and being worn by the clothes, but to actually wear the clothes are beautiful in my opinion. 

YJ: I like casual/normal over trend wear. If I had to say, I like the pants-look. Something just like what the lyrics express. 

DH: On the reverse, I guess I prefer a feminine style. It’d be nice if a girl with straight long hair showed up wearing things like one pieces and blouses.

HC: I’ll show up wearing a wig and dress like that for you next time (laughs).

DH: That’s impossible (laughs). What’s your type Himchan hyung?

HC: I don’t mind any fashion as long as it suits her, but I guess I like a girl similar to the lyric descriptions. 

YG: Me too. The lyrics are my exact ideal…… More like, I wrote the lyrics for this song (laughs).

ZL: Ah, I think I like short hair girls in the end!

HC: Then, I’ll wear a short wig!

ZL: I didn’t ask for that (laughs).

Source: Oricon

Translation: cassie_babyz

Please take out with full credits. 

Sep 15, 2014
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Catch Up with B.A.P During MTV Sessions Media Interview

On the afternoon of September 11, just hours before the MTV Sessions with B.A.P, the members met with several media outlets taking time to answer questions. As the media has been requested to field only questions relating to their songs and performance, the questions submitted by Soompiers through Twitter hash tag #BAP_Soompi may have been rephrased to meet the requirement.

Let’s find out if your question has been answered through the round-robin style interview and other updates on the boys!

XinMSN: You guys are known as Best Absolute Perfect. Can you share with us your “not so Best” Absolute Perfect moment? Is there any embarrassing moment on stage? (Interpreter misheard the question as “Best Moment”.)

HC: Our best moment is when we debuted as new artists. That was the Best Absolute Perfect moment for us on stage.
DH: We debuted with this strong and powerful image but when we started to do some kind of different stuff like the song “Don’t Do That” and “Crash”, these are kinda mellow dance kind of song. So when we did that we feel a little bit embarrassed doing that because it’s different from what we’re from.

The New Paper: Where did Jongup get the inspiration to write his song?

JU: The thing is, Yongguk is the one who is actually writing the songs apart from me. I am still at the learning stage at the moment so I cannot actually have those kind of inspirational moments yet.

Today: This is your third time in Singapore in a year. How do you feel about coming back to Singapore?

YJ: Singapore is the country we performed in for the first time while overseas after our debut. The reaction from the fans in Singapore has been really great and that made us come back to Singapore.

Youth.sg: What are some of the challenges you faced as a young group?

YJ: In term of the music shows after we debuted, our schedules were really tight. Like doing live performances today, we have to do it over and over again the following days so that was quite hard for us to adapt to.

GoKPop: Recently you have a promotion in Japan. What’s the difference between promoting in Japan and outside of Korea? How are the fans like in Japan?

HC: When we first performed in Japan, the fans in Japan were different from the fans in Korea because the Korean fans are very enthusiastic and passionate when they see our performances. Quite differently, Japanese fans are quite moderate and they were listening to us actually not reacting. But nowadays the Japanese fans become more active, so we like this kind of changes of the culture. Japanese fans have the Matokki, so everytime we perform, the fans will wave the Matokki, and we like it!

Kavenyou: You have toured so many countries. Any memorable experience or unforgettable stage that you still remember?

DH: Every single stage that we performed overseas have been a memorable moment, especially when we were doing our tour in Europe for the first time this year. At this moment, the Europe tour has been the most memorable moment for us because we have experienced something that we have never experienced before.

Korean Indo: When will you have a comeback stage in Korea and when will you visit Indonesia?

YJ: We have no plan for our comeback in Korea at this moment. As for Indonesia, we always want to go to Indonesia because through SNS, our fans are so active and we look forward to going to Indonesia as soon as possible.

Korean Updates: It will be end of the year soon. What is your goal for next year?

YJ: We will be very happy if we can release an album for our fans or perform for our fans.

KPopStarz: It has been more than two years since your debut. So what does B.A.P mean to you guys now?

YJ: After being together for two years now B.A.P is more like a family rather than just members or friends. So as time goes by, we are going to be more comfy, bond more strongly and expect all of us to be a real family.

Officially KMusic: What are some of the variety shows that you guys are eager to be on?

HC: Rather than saying a variety show, we actually want to do a musical.

Soompi: Describe the current status of B.A.P in one word or phrase and the reason. (@daemchyoo)

HC: B.A.P is the best. Because we believe that we are the best and are number one.

Yahoo: What would you say to the fans who are not able to attend the MTV Sessions today?

YJ: I love you!
JU: Today’s program will be broadcast so many more fans can watch us from TV.

MeRadio.sg: Can you share with us what you like and dislike about the members?

JU: I like Himchan, he is very friendly and what I dislike him about him.. I can’t think of any because there are too many.

Teenage: Things have gotten really busy since your debut. Is there anything you miss about your normal private lives?

DH: There are many things that we want to do, but we can’t enjoy easily. I cannot go shopping by myself whenever I want. These kind of small minor things in our lives are the things that we miss the most.

XinMSN: Are there any plans to release the second season of “B.A.P Attack”?

DH: We are always ready to film for Season 2 if our company actually approves it.

The New Paper: You guys are staying together in the dorm. Please tell us one habit of each other.

JU: We sleep next to each other in the house and when Himchan is sleeping, he moves a lot. Sometimes he will cross the line and sleep on my side.
HC: Likewise. Sometimes we’re at the other side because we move too much while we’re sleeping.

Today: Every time we see you, you have a different hair color. Is it painful for you guys to go through the process?

DH: Every time we change our hairstyles, it’s really hard to maintain. Whenever we go out we have to do something to our hair to make them look nice so that was kind of a bother before. Now, we’re trying to cut our hair short so that we can maintain it easily. There’s nothing that is painful or anything.

Youth.sg: What is the most heartfelt song that Yongguk has ever produced?

YG: There are many heartfelt songs produced by me, I think songs with a little bit of political theme are the most heartfelt songs.

GoKPop: Is there any difference between B.A.P on stage and off stage?

HC: What’s most different between off stage and on stage is that when we are on stage we have our image which is strong and powerful, but when we go off from stage we are just normal, active, and energetic. We have different looks: professional and cool image on stage and being normal and ordinary off stage.

Kavenyou: You have tried a lot of different genres before. In the next album, are there any genre you guys would like to try or challenge?

DH: Yes. We would like to try a song like “Excuse Me,”  our latest Japanese single, which has a trendy vibe.

Korean Indo: Among all the K-pop idol groups, which group do you consider as your rival?

DH: We don’t think of any specific Korean group as our rival because we can be combined. We treat all the K-Pop idols as our role models, at the same time as rivals. We have a lot of things to learn from them and compete against them.

Korean Updates : What have you learned in these two years since your debut?

DH: As we’re working in the music industry, we were able to meet a lot of people from different industries. So from that experience, I think we have learned a lot of different things to live our lives more maturely in different ways.

KPopStarz: What inspires Himchan to come out with cute and interesting social media accounts usernames?

HC: Berry Berry Strawberry? I live with my elder sister when I was young. My sister’s name is Ye Ji so we make these king of jokes. Her username was YeJiYeJi and my name is Himchan so… Himchanchan, HimchanHimchan, Strongchanchan. It’s also easy to memorize.

Officially K Music: What’s the best piece of advice you have received since debut?

HC: Somebody told me to keep the relationship between each member for a long time.

Soompi: What was the last song you listened to before stepping into this room? (@IrIda_space)

HC: Lost Star
JU: Change Your Mind
YJ: Swimming Pool
ZL: Last Kiss (instrumental version)

Yahoo: The K-Pop industry recently lost two artists. How does B.A.P feel about this and has your management do anything to tighten the safety of the band when you are travel?

HC: It was really heartbreaking and we all prayed for them. We really hope this kind of accident will not happen again.

MeRadio.sg : Which member is the most different from their on-stage persona?

DH: I think Jongup has the most different persona because Jongup is really manly on stage but actually in real life he is just a cute and shy brother.

Teenage: What is the one thing that you wish to be complimented on?

HC: I want hear “I love you” from Jongup.

Question: What do you think about the lip sync ban on music core?

DH: There must be some reason behind it if some of the bands are doing lip sync. Despite that, as a vocal group, we would like to keep doing it live because that is the most efficient way to express what’s on our mind. That’s why B.A.P is always doing live instead of lip sync.

The New Paper: What does Yongguk think about Jongup’s songwriting skills?

YG: I have never listened to Jongup’s songwriting because I don’t think Jongup is really doing songwriting, yet. So I would like each member of the band to do songwriting some day so that we can give compliments to each other.
YJ: Jongup wrote only eight bars of beats and he keeps listening to it. So it’s kind of irritating.

With Youngjae’s joke, the interview came to an end. We hope you have enjoyed the full list of questions and answers.

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