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Jul 17 14

Jul 17 14

Jul 13 14

Jul 09 14

Jul 04 14

Jul 03 14

Jul 01 14

(T/N: She won the event in the ‘BABY 2기’ forum of the fancafe from Jongup, in which TS mailed the Koala plushie and the signed album to her).

Jul 01 14

[TRANS] Himchan’s Written Card to a BABY

There’s no “uselessness” in this world.

We usually forget that in life.

So I’m going to tell you once again.

That you’re a special and precious person.

(T/N: She won the event in the ‘BABY 2기’ forum of the fancafe from Himchan, in which TS mailed the card to her.)

© hong_song_ | Trans by realwhitebean

Jun 30 14

Jun 30 14

Jun 29 14

Jun 29 14

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