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May 06 12
[ENG] MTV Ta-dah! "It's B.A.P" - Episode 2

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Mar 25 12

Mar 25 12
[ENG] Ta-dah It's B.A.P - Episode 10 - Final Episode (Part 4/4)

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Mar 21 12
[ENG] Ta-dah! It’s B.A.P - Episode 9

Mar 18 12
[ENG] Ta-dah It’s B.A.P - Episode 10 - Final Episode (Part 3/4)

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Mar 15 12
[Eng] Ta-dah It’s B.A.P - Episode 10 - Final Episode (Part 2/4)
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Mar 12 12
[ENG] Ta-dah It’s B.A.P - Episode 10 - Final Episode (Part 1/4)
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Mar 12 12

Mar 11 12
120311 Ta-Dah - B.A.P's last messages to Ta-Dah viewers
Himchan: We've come to the end. The start of it was rough and we've come to see the end of this long road. It was very meaningful and I think it's a program I would like to do again. Lastly, I love you all.
Jongup: "Ta-Dah! It's B.A.P" is on the 10th episode and when I first started the show, it seemed as if I really liked working out and around when the end was nearing, I quit working out. Thank you so much to those who've watched till now.
Zelo: I'm Zelo. I never die.
Daehyun: I'll pass with a "no comment."
Youngjae: I'm happy to be able to spend the last moment with you all like this and I think I've learned and felt a lot of things through the 10 episodes of Ta-Dah. It feels surreal that it's the end and to the staff members who have had a strong attachment to B.A.P, I want to share a word of thanks to them. Thank you!
Yongguk: Are you listen, earthlings? First off, we've heard that thanks to us falling onto this earth and hearing your cries, our MaTo planet has gained wealth in which we're always thinking thankfully for. B.A.P will keep running till we have invaded all of Earth and although Ta-Dah won't be us, I'm sure the staff members will find a new group, no? Anyway, to the many viewers of "Ta-Dah! It's B.A.P" and the many BABYs that came out to see us today, thank you so much and we'll always work hard to become a B.A.P that is efficient until the day we invade all of Earth.

Mar 11 12
[ENG] Ta-dah It’s B.A.P - Episode 9 - Commander Competition (Part 4/4)

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Mar 11 12
Tadah! It's B.A.P Episode 10 (last episode)

Mar 09 12
[ENG] Ta-dah It’s B.A.P - Episode 9 - Commander Competition (Part 3/4)

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