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Feb 05, 2013
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happy birthday, moon jongup! ❝ i’m actually quite bright and sometimes become the mood maker.❞

You are the adorable, smiley dancer that all of us know and love, and from our first meeting early last year, the changes us fans have experienced with you have been abundant. From your precious smile, to your defined Cheeto-like arms, it’s hard to believe that there is so much talent underneath that handsome exterior.

You may don a smile from ear to ear nine times out of ten, but when you go on stage your charismatic performer side comes out to shine. With every spin and shuffle of your feet, and the fresh tone of your vocals, we become dumbfounded at how such a talented side is hidden in such a lovely boy. Your resoluteness and determination are evident in all of your endeavours, and we will support you and be with you every step of the way.

We wait with baited breath to see what you have in store for us next, and may you continue to work hard until you reach the top, just like your idol. As long as you continue to show us your diverse sides, we’ll be sure to reciprocate! Good luck on your journey to success, and happy birthday to our sweet and humorous Moon Angel. ♡

Jan 23, 2013
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happy birthday, yoo youngjae! ❝ if you see someone who looks kind and feels like the friend from next door, that’s me, youngjae.❞

The first time all of us met you, you were a talented vocalist showing so much determination to excel in the industry. Ever since that day, we have been watching you develop and improve to be the amazing artist you are today. Going from the polite, intelligent boy we first encountered in the beginning of last year, to the giggly babo we all know and love today, it’s been such an enjoyable journey to watch you grow.

Talent like yours is truly undeniable, and with a short run of smooth, husky vocals, you make all of us awestruck, and your talent doesn’t stop at that. You have proven to be an immensely diverse and versatile individual, with so many sides to you that have been and are yet to be discovered; once the charismatic stage presence that we are used to is removed and you step off the stage, you revert back to your loveable, boyish self with a quick giggle and a flash of your beautiful smile.

Like the time your friends cheered you on in the beginning, us fans will do the same, and will never stop until the very end. May you continue on your way to being the best you can possibly be. As long as you continue to supply us with love, we’ll be sure to do the same. Happy birthday to you, our sweet and fluffy, golden-ratio face. ♡

Oct 14, 2012
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happy birthday, choi junhong! ❝ i will continually run towards the top without faltering to conceit. 

The first time we saw you way back in 2011, you were barely 15 and showing so much potential. Ever since then, we have been watching you develop to be the amazing performer you are today. Going from a shy boy hiding his chin behind a mask to who you are now, we have followed you while you learned to leave it behind and stand proudly for yourself.

Being the adorable maknae, you are loved by your hyungs and all of your fans around the world. Your youth is a cornerstone of the group; it brings all the energy, enthusiasm and joy that it needs to keep on going. However, despite your youth, you have managed to mature at a rapid pace, and thus maintain a serious side in your craft. Much like the speed of your LTE rap!

Not only are you a talented rapper, but also an impressive dancer, always eager to show your skill. Yet, your talents do not stop at just these two. There are so many other hidden talents that are waiting to be utilised, and we anticipate with baited breath to see them shine.

You constantly remind us that you aren’t just a tall boy with pretty face. There are so many different, interesting sides of you, and these sides shape you into the Zelo that we all know and love today. May you live your life enriched with the adoration and happiness that we provide you, and may you continue to enlighten our lives with your sweet smile. Happy 16th birthday. ♡

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Jun 27, 2012
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happy birthday, jung daehyun! ❝ the baby fat beneath my eyes creates a soft image whenever i smile.❞

Going from the mysterious guy behind a mask who always said ‘no comment’ to an adorable and really loveable member, it’s a change we’ve all experienced with you. 

Whenever you lay off the mask and show your beautiful face, with an equally beautiful smile, we almost feel thankful because we still remember how it was always hidden at the beginning. 

You can change from playful and smiley to a very charismatic and serious guy on stage who belts out the highest notes and impresses us with undeniable talent and a great stage charisma. 

Every side of you is a side we love and adore and we hope to see a lot more of them in the future. Be it on stage, on variety shows or in behind the scenes material, we will keep an eye out for you and hope to catch you smiling and laughing even more than you already do. 

You have our full support and we wish you the best and many happy moments to come. ♡

May 11, 2012
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happy birthday to itsbap’s angel, legendary modnim shell! ♥
because this blog works on kst, it’s already her birthday! shell is a very important part of itsbap ♥ she makes the theme pretty, she is always the nicest to our followers and above all she’s the most dedicated admin we have ever seen. please love her a lot! itsbap would be nothing without shellup! ♥

Apr 18, 2012
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happy birthday, kim himchan! ❝role model? i don’t have one, i want to become one.❞

Ever since our first meeting with you back in the summer of 2011, you were always quite mysterious and none of us had much of an idea what you were like. And then you became an open book full of weird and amusing sides to you.

To say it with Daehyun’s words, you are the ‘hardworking pretty boy’ and ‘indispensable atmosphere maker’ of the group. Every day we look forward to what you have in store for us and so far you’ve never disappointed us. As B.A.P’s multi-talented “mother”, we will always look after you and cheer for you, even if behind the scenes we make fun of you and pick on you as much as your fellow members.

We love you very much, commander, and hope you will continue to brighten our lives with your dumbness wittiness, sweetness and gorgeous looks. We wish you all the best for your 22nd birthday. ♡

Mar 30, 2012
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happy birthday, bang yongguk! ❝ are you watching, earthlings?❞

You are leader, producer and rapper and you give your everything for every single one of these roles. However you are not only a musician with a group behind you but also an individual with a complex personality.

You might appear rough and strong on the outside but you have shown often enough how dorky and funny you can be. There is more to you than someone can see at first glance and we will look forward to discovering more and more of you.

You grew from being the youngest of an underground crew to the leader of an idol group and now you shine at your brightest. Confidently you walk your own path and we’re positive you will succeed in everything you plan to do. If it’s the group’s success or your own personal one, we will be here to watch and support you.

We hope you will always be able to show us your gummy smile and be happy in your life, that you can go on with the members and fans behind you towards your dream.

There is so much love in this world for you, Bang Yongguk, and a lot of it comes from us. We hope you can feel and receive it as you live your life everyday and rather than focusing on conquering the earth first, we just wish that you ”do what you like and love what you do”. ♡

Feb 05, 2012
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♡ happy birthday, jongup! let’s all wish him a happy birthday through his twitter: bap_jongup! we’re sure he’ll appreciate every message you send to this adorable, yet attractive dance machine! ♥

Jan 23, 2012
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♡ Happy birthday Youngjae!