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9/3 [JAPAN] “Excuse Me” Free Live Event @ LAZONA Kawasaki Plaza (Stream Starts @ 6:30PM JST) [STREAM HERE]
9/6 [JAPAN] “Excuse Me” Release Event @ Osaka ATC Hall A (Event @ 3PM JST)
9/7 [JAPAN] “No Mercy” Make Up Event @ Kanto area
9/7 [JAPAN] “Excuse Me” Release Event @ Chiba Makihari Messe Hall 6 (Event @ 2PM JST)

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Mar 10 14
Anonymous: hello admins !! out of curiousity, do you know who the girl is in himchans previous selcas ? his sister ? thanks ! v

She’s part of a traditional instrument team. They went on Star King as special guests to record an episode. 

Mar 10 14
Anonymous: are any of the admins going to the LOE concert this year? :)

Yes, one of the admins will go to Dallas.

Mar 10 14
Anonymous: Do you happen to know the best way to contact B.A.P (likely Bang Yongguk) to ask questions that they're likely to answer?

Fans in Japan can ask B.A.P questions on their Japanese official mobile site and there’s a chance of them answering but fans will have to pay to do it. Other than that, that’s probably the only way that they will answer back to questions.

Mar 10 14
Anonymous: Can any of the admins make out what yongguk's new tattoo says?

"Make Art Not War"

Mar 10 14
Anonymous: I just wanted to say this to those who're asking about the cameras. I've been to that same venue for the L.A. one for both B.A.P and VIXX's concerts within the last year. They're really picky about ANY cameras period. B.A.P's was so packed that I don't think the security wanted to even bother trying. But during the VIXX one I was literally about five people away from the stage and the girl in front of me used a cellphone and the security guard ran through the crowd to get it from her. So yeah.

Mar 10 14
Anonymous: Does it mean that the Chicago transportation only transport people in that location? Not from a nearby state, like MN? :(

Please contact the person who we just reblogged the post from about this ^^;

Mar 10 14
Anonymous: i've neve bought concert tickets before, when we purchase tickets, do they usually get mailed to us? Or do we print them out ourselves? sorry if it's a stupid question;;

Once Powerhouse announces where to purchase the tickets, the site will usually have a FAQs on how to get the tickets. Some ticketing sites have it where you can print your ticket for free whereas others, they will mail them to you (you’ll need to pay for the shipping fees but it won’t cost too much). 

Mar 10 14
Anonymous: i've been to several kpop concerts before (bigbang, super junior, infinite) and i always had with me my compact bridge camera, it's not a big real professional camera with a huge lens or anything at all, and i've never had problems... do you think i'll have problems if i bring it to a bap concert ? seeing all the fantaken concert pics i wouldn't have thought that i would... (all the concerts i've been to were in europe, idk if it changes anything)

If the compact bridge camera is still considered or looks like a professional camera than they might not let you bring it in. If it’s a digital camera than it’s possible that you can bring it; it really depends on how strict the security is for that certain venue. We’ve heard that even fans who are taking pictures via digital cameras and cell phones were told to not take pictures or were even taken away from them. Like we said, it really depends on the venue. If you know someone who has gone to a concert in that certain venue, you can try asking them how strict the security was there. 

Mar 10 14
Anonymous: hi, sorry if this has already been answered but i've browsed through a couple pages and i still didn't see it being asked. Anyways, I was wondering if y'all have any idea or know any info on what website tickets are being sold at for the u.s. shows (specifically dallas)? i've looked around and can't seem to find it anywhere. thanks!

Click. From this post here at the bottom, it says “Stay tuned for more information on the on-sale information!”. Powerhouse will announce more about it later, before March 14th so please be patient ^^;

Mar 10 14
Anonymous: Regarding the tickets how would you manage to get a seat next to your friend? Would you have to buy at the same time/ together?

That’s correct. You get an option of buying more than one ticket, in which you’ll need to buy two tickets in one order. It’s best if you give the money to whoever is purchasing the tickets so that the one person will buy both of the tickets. 

Mar 10 14
Anonymous: one of the late anon question made me wonder... i wasn't able to go last year so i'm not aware of it but, when you say "you’ll need to be quick if you want to get a good ticket", were/are the american concerts actually seated ??

Most concerts have seats and a pit area, in which people can stand. It’s the section that is closest to the stage. The pit tickets will cost more than the seating ones.

Mar 10 14
Anonymous: any news of european concert dates? i'm excited (bless you for your hard admin work)

No news yet about the European concert dates. We will keep you guys updated once they announce it and check in the loe2014 tag on this blog if you missed the memo!

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