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Jul 10, 2014
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Fans scream louder than a jumbo jet. With every word, with every move on the stage. One Direction in New York? No, B.A.P live in Düsseldorf! B.A.P stands for “Best Absolute Perfect” - and the K-pop-Kings were true to their words, they wowed during their first gig in Germany! 

Zelo shouts “We are B.A.P”. And you can hear 4,000 voices answer “YES SIR!”. The boys got the crowd under control. Their sound comes from tape (T/N: meaning there is no band playing live), but music and words (“Do you like my Six-pack?”) pierce to the heart.

The fans, which paid about 110€ per ticket, partied along for 2 hours! They sang every song, no matter if it’s "Warrior" or their new single "1004 (Angel)" - even all the rap parts in Korean! B.A.P dally with the idea that they are from planet Mato. That picture matches: They are too good to be from this world. Even the parents of the fans that are waiting in the lobby area bob along to the beat!

Cool show, great songs and hot swinging of the hips. B.A.P pleased 4,000 fans in Düsseldorf. And the vows “I love you! Don’t forget about us! We’ll come back” (T/N: all written in a way they cutely pronounced it; like “I lobe you” instead of “I love you”) caused hysteric screams!

Charts Top Ten (voted by readers):

  1. Shakira & Rihanna - Can’t Remember To Forget You
  2. Pitbull & J.Lo - We Are One (Ole Ola)
  3. Ed Sheeran - Sing
  4. One Direction - You & I
  5. Cro - Traum
  6. Andreas Bourani - Auf Uns
  7. B.A.P - 1004
  8. Pharrell Williams - Happy
  9. Marteria - Welt der Wunder
  10. Aneta Sablik - The One
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