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We are not B.A.P nor are we affiliated with them or TS Entertainment. All content belongs to their respective owners, are sourced whenever possible and will be deleted upon requested by the original owner. Please refrain from editing, cropping or removing the logo of fantaken pictures. Everything must be taken out with full credits!

To show our support to B.A.P at their upcoming US, Singapore and Hong Kong concerts, we, at ITSBAP, have decided to create our own hand banners to be held by fans at the concerts! We’d like to encourage our followers and every international BABY, regardless if you’re going to the concert or not, to contribute in this great opportunity to let our boys know about our efforts and love through these banners (which say “We’ll always support you!” in Korean), and give them an amazing sight to see. Sounds interesting? Read on!

We’ll be handing out as many banners as we can to the fans attending the Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington DC, New York, Japan, Singapore, and Hong Kong concerts. We will need your help in collecting funds, so we can make this awesome project come to life! And don’t worry; we won’t be putting a minimum amount for you to donate, so you can contribute as much as you would like (because we all know how much every little bit counts)! To get you even more motivated to donate, we’ll be giving the top 3 donors who contributed the most these following items:

  1. A Matoki calendar
  2. A “One Shot” album (with a random photocard)
  3. A “One Shot” poster

You can donate in one of two ways:

  • PayPal (itsbaptumblr@gmail.com)
  • Western Union (for the receiver’s name, please put down “Samantha Meredith”, to be picked up in Hong Kong, and we’d prefer it if it was sent in Hong Kong dollars!)

When making your donation, please send us an email at itsbaptumblr@gmail.com in this format:

Name / Country / Twitter / Tumblr / Amount Donated / Transaction Proof (just a screen cap of the receipt will do) / Money Transfer Control Number (if sending through Western Union)

We will keep donations open until further notice, so make sure you get them in as soon as possible! We want this experience to be a remarkable and unforgettable one for both B.A.P and BABYs, so we encourage you all to spread the word, and help contribute and support our project! Thank you. ♥

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