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[NEWS] 130403 B.A.P to perform at Yin Yue Tai’s first V-Chart Award Ceremony in Beijing

On April 13th, Popular South Korean rookie group B.A.P will participating in 音悦Tai (Yin Yue Tai)’s first Yin Yue music video chart (V-Chart) annual award ceremony held at MasterCard Centre in Beijing, this is their first time heading to mainland China and meeting their fans there.

The group B.A.P debuted in January 2012 and in just slightly more than a year’s time they’ve released 3 singles, 2 digital singles, 2 mini albums, 1 repackaged album, 2 photobooks, held showcases in various countries, received 13 Newcomer Award along with other Dance and Music Awards, and in this year’s February they held the first stop of their “B.A.P Live on Earth Pacific Tour” solo concert in Seoul. B.A.P seems to have become a big trend among rookie groups in South Korea.

Even though B.A.P has not been to mainland China for any promotional activities, but their influence and popularity that they’ve received is a big. In China’s Yin Yue V-Charts where interactivity is highest and where fans have a big say, B.A.P’s debut song “Warrior” received good results and their latest song “One Shot” landed in 3rd place for the website’s Korean Charts.

All the members of B.A.P will be participating in Yin Yue V-Chart first annual award ceremony, where they will be showing their fans their first performance in mainland China. Group member, Himchan who was unable to take part in performances due to a hand injury before promotional activities of “One Shot”, the award ceremony performance that features all members will definitely become one of the highlight.

The final winners of each region will be announced on April 13th at the Annual Award Ceremony.

Fans can either watch the award show online at:

  • Award Ceremony’s official website
  • Yin Yue Tai’s website
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