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[NEWS] 130224 - Press Conference Compilation

(Since this is a compilation of various news articles, some parts may overlap or seem out of order!)

“We have no certain mass public appeal in our music. That’s why we believe many foreigners like it. We will try out mass appealing music for Korean fans.”

B.A.P is being noticed as one of the fixed male groups among rookies, and to this the members said, “We’re really honored to be noticed a lot compared to our peers. We believe our musical colors contributed to this.”

They explained, “This is our first concert that we’ve been dreaming about. We will open a movie-like performance with the story that we’ve come to Earth to share our music.”

B.A.P revealed their goal of “wanting to extend worldwide this year”. During their press conference, B.A.P revealed, “Our goal last year was to receive the rookie award, so we’re very thankful that it came true. This year, we would like to share our music worldwide through a tour.”

“The members participated in everything for this concert starting from the planning.”

“Although we promoted busily last year after releasing six albums, we feel proud and content that we constantly shared our music with our fans.” (Daehyun)

“We never gave each other high points. After finishing this concert, I would like to add an additional 10 points, and give 60 points. We will work harder in the future.” (Yongguk)

“We feel very honored to be able to have our own concert 1 year after our debut. As much as this is the first concert which we’ve been hoping for the most, the members promised each other that we would enjoy it.” (Youngjae)

“It would’ve been nice for all six of us to stand on one stage since it’s our first concert, but due to Himchan’s injury, only five of us were able to perform. I wish for him to heal quickly and create stages together.” (Yongguk)

“Sadly, it’s hard to do all the songs for this concert. Due to my injury, I can only perform ballad songs. I’m proud of my members for creating a movie-like stage even without me.” (Himchan)

About their restless promotions: “Rather than say we’re tired, we’re always sad that we lack in time to make it more perfect. But we’re happy that we were able to constantly meet with fans.”

“I believe that idols aren’t stars, but icons who should set good examples for younger children. Because we’re interested in charity work and believe that it’s important to be a good role model, all our members participate in this.” (Yongguk)

“It’s getting better really quickly. I’m anticipating for it to be healed completely in 3 months.” (Himchan)

“I didn’t have many parts in the concert, so I watched the performances from the audience, and it really seemed like a movie. The members were cool, and I felt thankful. I hope you guys fighting harder since you’ll probably be more tired. Thank you to my members.” (Himchan)

“We’re currently preparing an album and concert for the Greater China Region. Although we haven’t exactly picked out a certain date, we plan to meet with fans there soon.”

“We’re also preparing for promotions in Japan. We plan to show ourselves in more places.”

“I hope for this concert to become one that you would want to see again. I will work hard for this concert to be one where you linger for more and wish to come back.” (Himchan)

“I just went into my 2nd year of high school this year. As both my fans and I gain another year, I hope we can become people that approach their dreams closer. I hope we work that hard.” (Zelo)

“Because we’re aliens, we didn’t think it was right to do songs of Earth people, so we made a setlist around our own songs. And the reason why we tried to not say a lot is because aliens shouldn’t be able to speak the Earth language too well.” (Yongguk)

About the “Price Tag” performance: “Although our concept is that we came from another planet, we wanted to put in a stage where we could show more of our charms. Daehyun and I picked Jessie J’s song, which we both like.” (Youngjae)

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