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[NEWS] 130205 B.A.P reveals dramatic teaser photos of Bang Yongguk and Himchan for return with “One Shot”

After kicking off 2013 with the pre-release of “Rain Sound“, the hardworking boys of B.A.P have unveiled details about their upcoming mini album along with the first two teaser photos!

B.A.P will be revealing their title track “One Shot” off their second mini album on February 12th!

Judging by the teaser photos of Bang Yongguk and Himchan dressed in sleek black suits, it seems the boys will be returning with a charismatic and manly concept! The music video for “One Shot” is said to be a dramatic one, already piquing the interests of fans.

In addition to the title track, the mini album of the same name will contain 4 more tracks, and the album as well as the music video for “One Shot” will be released online on the 12th.

The music video teaser was originally scheduled to be revealed today along with the two teaser images, but to further enhance the quality, the release date has been pushed back to February 8th.

Stay tuned for more teaser images and details on the group’s new comeback!

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