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[140919] The 20th Chungnam Sports Festival for the
Disabled (Performance @ 6:30PM KST)
[140920] The 8th Green Ribbon Marathon Festival
[Sangam World cup Peace Square]


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[NEWS] 121112 MTV-K Features B.A.P as 2012 Best Rookie Group

On November 8, MTV-K commented, B.A.P is a powerful rookie group that features a unique music sound and style that has taken over the world.” 

They continued, "They are confident and full of energy and has been the most successful rookie group of 2012.” MTV-K also showed their photo shoot photos and interview video from when they visited the states.

The photos were released with the title, ‘B.A.P, Boys of Dogtown’ and the interview video was from October 12 when they attended the “KCON 2012” in California. The interview took place at the Channel Street Skatepark, which was requested by member Zelo.

During the interview, they revealed that they had about 40 staff members from New York and California, making the set look like a Hollywood scene. They also revealed their behind the story videos front her photo shoot and music video.

They recently ended their promotions and will finish off the year with end of the year events and ceremonies.

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