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[FAN ACCOUNT] B.A.P Facts/Fan Accounts Mashup Part IV
  • Yongguk got a giant teddy bear and Zelo said he once had a dream that the bear was laughing and walking on the first floor while he was on the 2nd floor (of the bunk bed). Yongguk was a bit scared from Zelo’s dream and he quietly said, “..I still have that bear.” Himchan claims that he puts the bear under the bed but it comes back out.
  • A fan said to Yongguk one of his lines from his lyrics of his underground songs and after the performance ended, he was caught with his head down in the corner.
  • Fan: “Oppa, guess what my name is?”
    Yongguk: “Uh..hrm..I’m not sure.”
    Fan: “Okay.”
    Yongguk: “Why are you being like this..tell me..”
  • Whenever Himchan has worries, he goes to Yongguk to consult it over since he says he helps him solve out his problems well and that he learns a lot from him.
  • Fan: “Oppa, I can’t look at you because you’re so blinding!”
    Himchan: “What, you’ve been looking at me directly fine all this time.”
  • At a fan signing, a pretty fan came and Himchan said, “Uh? Didn’t you come in our last fan signing? I feel like I’ve seen you somewhere before..” and the fan responded, “This is my first fan meetingㅡㅡ”
  • Another pretty fan came to a fan signing and Himchan asked, “How old are you?” The fan responded, “19~” and Himchan replied saying, “Do you want to marry oppa?” (T/N: 19 is the legal age in Korea…)
  • In their last performance for promotions, Himchan said, “If you cheat on us until we come back..you’re all dead~” and the fans responded, “Then try killing us!”
  • A fan brought binoculars at a fan meet and Himchan imitated her.
  • When a fan said Himchan was good looking at a fan signing, he said Daehyun was better looking. Then Daehyun responded, “Ah..what are you talking about..”
  • Himchan and Daehyun watch and imitate dramas together so Daehyun will throw a line like, “Oppa, I need money” and Himchan will respond, “I’ll fight them up front!” (T/N: “맞서싸울게, his line in Warrior)
  • Daehyun said in a couple of years, he’s going to ask permission from their company CEO to get married.
  • Daehyun claims that he didn’t cry during the recording of It’s All Lies.
  • Daehyun really likes eating so a male fan bought him cheesecake one day. As he held onto the handle of the cheesecake box, he said “Chee~se↘Ca↗ke~” The next time he saw the same male fan, he told him, “Uh? It’s cheesecake! ..I..like chocolate cake too..”
  • Daehyun says “Wow” when he sees Jongup’s body, but sighs when he sees his own.
  • On their way out of Music Core, a fan had meant to hand to Daehyun a gift with a handwritten letter in a small shopping bag but due to so many fans crowding, she dropped the bag. However, Daehyun picked it up and smiled at the fan saying, “This was for me, right? Thank you.”
  • A fan went to her third fan signing and she hasn’t held hands with Himchan ever (T/N: normally it’s a given to hold hands) and when she told Himchan this, he roughly took her hand and laced fingers with hers and said, “Then we can hold hands now.”
  • At a fan signing, a fan said to Jongup, “Oppa! Wash my dishes please!” and he said he will when he has time.
  • Jongup claims that his ideals aren’t older girls. He wrote that when he was really young and didn’t know much. Now, he claims that he just likes them if he does.
  • A fan asked Jongup to draw one more heart at a fan signing and he said if he did, the fan would have to pay.
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