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May 09, 2012
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[B.A.P Hot Debut Story] Himchan ④ “After the intensive survival, I was qualified..and in the end, joined B.A.P.”

“How did the celebrities inside our televisions become a star?”

With the outlooks on the entertainment industry rising one step higher, we as the public aren’t just curious about their glamorous images, but their back stories before they became celebrities as well.

We have prepared the column “star story” in our publishing which not only tells a truthful side to stars, but their past that brought them to where they are today. This episode’s protagonist is Himchan who has stepped forth into the music industry with his strong charisma as he let his name be known with the title of “ulzzang from a Korean traditional music high school.”

In his third year of high school, Himchan who lived a life more intensely than others was able to taste victory when he was accepted to the Korea National University of the Arts.

“At the time, the acceptance for Korea National University of the Arts was 100% based off of skill and with fate being on my side, I was accepted (laughs). Everyone says I stepped foot into an elite course but for me, I just thought of it as a reward for all the effort I put in to be accepted into that school rather than considering myself as an elite. I still have a lot of pride in my acceptance to this day, although as of right now I’m taking a break from school as my second year in university to focus on promotions for B.A.P.”

Although he spent a short amount of time being a university student, Himchan spent a fulfilling time more than anyone else. In being casted by an entertainment company that specialized for actors, he even played minor roles as an actor in his first year in college.

“I think I spent my time actively while I was a minor actor partaking in ads and even appeared in a cell phone CF featuring celebrities like seniors T-Ara and Yoon Siyoon. Of course, you can’t see my face though (laughs). Also last year in 2011, I appeared in the music video for senior Jung Seulgi. I was even a protagonist for an independent film.”

With Himchan who appeared as if he’d walk down the path of an actor, he was given a fateful offer which led to the contract between him and his current company today.

“In 2011, I began as a trainee with the recommendation of TS Entertainment’s current recruiter for actors and in seeing the family-like atmosphere alongside meeting the CEO, I decided to sign with them right away. I don’t think I’ll come to regret this decision and I find it fate (laughs).”

However, Himchan wasn’t skilled in dancing or singing from the start. Himchan having only played gukak [T/N: Traditional Korean drum with two sides], dancing or singing was very new to him.

“All I remember is that I would get in trouble because I couldn’t sing or dance. Because I only played instruments, it was hard to maneuver my body. I knew that practice was the only road to save myself so I practiced endlessly and there were about 30 peers who were practicing to become a member of B.A.P. It was indeed an intense survival game in which I survived.”

Despite the rigorous competition, what was a big strength to him was same-aged leader Bang Yongguk.

“At first, Yongguk and I lived in a dorm together and I thought that was the most fun. I was able to tell Yongguk openly about all my troubles (laughs). Yongguk? He’s a friend who upright values and in meeting Yongguk, I think I changed a lot too.”

Bang Yongguk and Himchan, the two depended on one another and began overcoming the obstacle of their trainee years. Of course, there were many times when they wanted to give up but all of a sudden, the two same-aged friends became the two dependable eldest members of B.A.P.

“My dream? Invading the universe haha. Also, I want to be able to be with the members of B.A.P for a long time. Of course, with our fans too (laughs). With how much obstacles I’ve faced to make a debut, I want to promote just as hard and I’ll continue to become a Himchan who never loses his roots. Anticipate for me.”

Despite the long interview, Himchan’s face never showed signs of tiredness, but the confidence written on his face in braving all the obstacles that will come towards his direction in the future. And in seeing the infinite confidence he showed in his facial expression, the thought of this confidence possibly being the driving force that’ll lead B.A.P crossed the mind of the reporter.


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