A blog dedicated to TS Entertainment's 6 membered Korean hip-hop group B.A.P, consisting of: Yongguk, Himchan, Daehyun, Youngjae, Jongup and Zelo!

Here you can find the latest pictures, videos, translations and everything else related to them.

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Established: January 22nd, 2012

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[141003] LG Dream Festival (Performance @ 4PM KST)
[141004] The K Festival (Performance @ 8:10PM KST)


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  • Does B.A.P have an official fanclub or colour? What are fans called?

The official fanclub is “BABY” (베이비). There is no official colour as of yet, though spring green has been used.

  • How can I sign up/level up on the official fancafe?

You can find a tutorial on how to sign up and level up here or click on the ‘Daum&Fancafe’ link on the sidebar. Remember that it’ll take a few days for you to get leveled up.

  • Do the members have individual fan names?
Yes! Keep in mind that these names were made by International fans. Yongguk’s fans are called Bangsters, Himchan’s are Hime, Daehyun’s are Daewons, Youngjae’s are Brainboxes, Jongup’s are Cheetos and Zelo’s are Jellies.
  • Can I edit fantaken pictures? What if we leave the watermark on the pictures?

We strongly suggest that you do not edit fantaken pictures, whether you leave the watermark on or not; it’s strictly forbidden. Let’s all respect the owners’ rules. If you are looking for fantaken pictures that are allowed to be edited, check out our p:editable tag!

  • Where can I watch “Ta-Dah! It’s B.A.P” with english subtitles? In HD?

Please refer to this post for english subtitles! As for HD, you can find the videos at Viki or from this post here

  • Where can I watch “B.A.P’s Killing Camp” with english subtitles?
Episode 12 & 3.
  • Where can I watch videos with English subtitles?

Check out our english subs tag.

  • What is the show where both Block B and B.A.P appeared and has it been subbed?

It’s Lullulalla, you can watch it here with english subs.

  • Where can I buy ‘I Remember’, ‘Never Give Up’ and ‘Everything is Pretty’?

Those singles were digital releases so you can’t buy them. The physical copies were produced in limited quantities for promotional purposes, they aren’t for sale.

  • I want to send fanmail and gifts to B.A.P, what is their address?
TS Entertainment
140-894 서울시
용산구 한남동
788-6 3층
South Korea

TS Entertainment
140-894 Seoul City
Yongsan-gu, Hannam-dong
788-6 3rd Floor
South Korea

You can write it in either Korean or English. Make sure you write 'To: B.A.P' somewhere on the package so it arrives to them safely!

  • Do you know where I can buy their masks or any other accessory or clothes they wear?

Sadly, we are not stylists and there’s a 99.9% chance that we don’t know. You can always check Coordi Nuna and bestabsolutestyle. They are great websites that will help you a lot more than us!

  • What are their clothing and shoe sizes?

We don’t know about their clothing size but Medium should be about right. As for shoes (will be in US size): 

Himchan: 9  
Daehyun: 8.5  
Jongup: 8.5 
Zelo: 9

  • How old are each of the members right now in Korean and international age?
Yongguk: Korean age - 25 / International age - 24
Himchan: Korean age - 25 / International age - 24
Daehyun: Korean age - 22 / International age - 21  
Youngjae: Korean age - 22 / International age - 20 
Jongup: Korean age - 21 / International age - 19
Zelo: Korean age - 19 / International age - 17
  • Do you have a bigger picture of the bunnies?
Yes, here. You could also check out our Matoki Earthventure tag for more!
  • Do you have a compilation of B.A.P’s concept photos throughout the eras?
You can find it here. We also have one for BANG&ZELO promotions, which can be found here!
  • Does Yongguk really have a twin? Do you have a picture?
Yes, Yongguk has a twin but we won’t be posting any pictures of him in this blog to respect his privacy (unless Yongguk is in the picture with him).
  • Where are Yongguks’ tattoos located at and what do they say? 

He has a tattoo on his back that says Do what u like and luv What u do , one on his right bicep that says Make Art Not War and on his chest that says Viva La Revolución.

  • What happened to Yongguk’s hand during POWER promotions?
Yongguk underwent surgery to remove a cyst on his left ring finger, and ended up having to wear a cast for more than a month. He didn’t want anybody to worry over him, so he never complained or said anything about his hand hurting.
  • Why was Himchan absent during ONE SHOT promotions?
Just like Yongguk, Himchan underwent surgery because he slipped and fractured his ring and pinky finger, 10 days before their comeback stage. He had to wear a cast for 3 months and didn’t perform with the boys until their LIVE ON EARTH concert in Los Angeles.
  • What is it about Youngjae’s baby fat? Do you have a picture?

This picture will explain everything you need to know…

  • Why do people call Jongup Cheetos/Moontos?

Because that’s how he and the members call Jongup’s biceps (Moon + Cheetos = Moontos).

  • Do the boys have girlfriends?

We don’t know if they have girlfriends or not, and honestly it’s none of our business. Please don’t ask us any questions about their private lives, we won’t be answering them.

  • What are some good blogs dedicated to the members? 

Yongguk, Himchan, Daehyun (1) (2), Youngjae, Jongup (1) (2), Zelo.

  • Do you know any fansites or blogs for SECRET?

Please refer to this!

  • Who are New Champ/Zinsuk/RiLord/Maslo/etc?

New Champ is a rapper and Zinsuk is a singer. They’re members of New Block Babyz, an underground hip-hop group, and used to be in a group called NomNomNom. They used to be under TS Entertainment until recently. To know more about them, check this blog.

RiLord and Maslo were in Soul Connection with Yongguk. For future reference, Soul Connection members were KeyReal, Rhymics, Maslo, CSP, Still PM, DJ Tiz, Kwangyo and of course Jepp Blackman (Yongguk).

  • Where did you get your theme from?
A friend of ours, Lesa, has created the recent theme and the previous ones! Thank you 
  • Who are the admins? Where are you from? Who is your bias?

Chi (I’m from United States, my biases are Zelo & Youngjae), Maria (I’m from United States, my bias is Jongup), Yaz (I’m from England, my bias is Yongguk), Casey (I’m from United States, my bias is Daehyun).

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 If you do have other questions not listed here, please feel free to leave us a message! We’ll try to answer your questions as soon as possible.