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Real Name: Kim Himchan (김힘찬)
Nickname: Fan fool (Someone who only thinks about fans)
Birthdate: April 19th, 1990
Height: 180cm
Weight: 69kg
Blood Type: O
Hometown: Seoul
Family: Parents, Older Sister
Position: Sub-Vocalist, Visual
Bunny Color: Pink
Yoojin Kindergarten, Chungam Elementary School, Gukak National Middle School, National School of Traditional Music, Korea National University of Performing Arts
Hobbies: Shopping
 Guitar, Playing traditional korean instruments, MC
Gentle and against war, a pacifist. Cheerful and sometimes not so much.
Role Model: 
Doesn’t have one, he wants to make himself one.
Usual Fashion Style: 
Colorful Street, English fashion
Frequent Habit: 
Calculating how much he ate in a day, thinking of a melody and making a song out of it.
Favorite Food: 
Japanese Food (Sushi, Sashimi)
Favorite Type of Music: 
Urban, R&B
Favorite Color: 
Black, Gold, Red
Favorite Movie: 
“Wish”, “Breathless”, “A Bittersweet Life”, “I’m Going To Meet Her Now”
Favorite Number: 
“And when you need to rest, rest. Always do your best.”
B.A.P to you is?
 “Family. Although there are times when they do whatever they want, I can feel that we all cherish each other greatly.”
Links: Twitter • Instagram • Weibo
Hot Debut Story: (1) (2) (3) (4)

  • Participated in Vol. 7, 8 and 9 of Zero Show along with Yongguk and various artists from New Block Babyz.
  • He was a back up dancer for Untouchable and SECRET.
  • Appeared in Jung Seulgi’s “Back in Place” music video.
  • Appeared in SECRET’s “Shy Boy” and “Starlight Moonlight” music videos as well as Song Jieun’s “Going Crazy” and BANG & ZELO’s “Never Give Up”.
  • Was an MC on SBS’ “MTV The Show” which he hosted with SECRET’s Hyosung, f(x)’s Luna, Girl’s Day’s Hyeri and Jewelry’s Eunjung.

  • His name means ‘Full of strength’.
  • Was an ulzzang prior to debut.
  • Graduated from a famous art high school, majoring in traditional korean music. He went to college to study traditional music as well. He can play the janggu, the daegeum, the ggwaenggari and the jembe.
  • He can also play the piano, the drums, the guitar and the violin.
  • Started getting interested in hip-hop because of a friend he met in college.
  • When he was in kindergarten he was an extreme goofball. He used to get in a lot of trouble from his teacher because of that.
  • He was street-casted.
  • He thinks his nose is his best feature and his philtrum is his worst.
  • He thinks his appeal is that he seems approachable and has a smooth image.
  • He can’t sleep with the lights off because he thinks it’s scary.
  • If he could have a supernatural power it would be warping. Because he wants to sleep just a bit more, he would warp directly to the place they need to go to.
  • Like a mother-in-law, he does a lot of nagging and takes care of the members.
  • He’s careful about what he eats because he used to be very chubby when he was younger.
  • He’s a caffeine addict. He claims to drink 4 venti sizes of coffee a day and he likes Americanos.
  • His ideal type is a “woman who is kindhearted and nice.” He believes that a person’s inner self is more important than their outer appearance. People around him have said that his standards are pretty low in terms of looks, but he thinks that a woman who has a beautiful heart is more beautiful. He also prefers ‘girl’ girls.
  • He owns a driver’s license.
  • His bed is very neat.
  • He tends to squint his eyes a lot. He said it’s because he has bad eyesight.
  • He always carries a camera around and posts pictures on the fancafe. His “fansite” name is StrongBabe.
  • He’s the closest to Yongguk because they’ve lived in a dorm longer together and they’re the same age, so they tend to talk more.
  • He used to dislike going outside and play when he was little but now he likes going out more. 
  • He collects accessories and colognes.