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Real Name: Jung Daehyun (정대현)
Nickname: Honey vocals Daehyun, Busan Wonbin
Birthdate: June 28th, 1993
Height: 177cm
Weight: 63kg
Blood Type: A
 Jeollanam-do & Busan
Family: Parents, Older Brother
Position: Lead Vocalist
Bunny Color: White
Kindergarten, Seokwang Elementary School, Sajik Elementary School & Middle School, Busan Computer and Science High School 
Watching movies
Shy, Tough
Role Model: 
Shin Youngjae
Usual Fashion Style: 
Modest attire
Frequent Habit: 
Licking his lips
Favorite Food: 
Favorite Type of Music: 
R&B, Ballad
Favorite Color: 
Fluorescent colors, Black, White
Favorite Movie: 
“SF”, “Fantasy”
Favorite Number: 
“If you will, I will.”
B.A.P to you is? 
The hip is important to a person right? It becomes the center for your top and bottom, and they’re so important that you can’t do anything if they’re hurt. They’re like a ‘hip’ to me.
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  • Trained in the Nataraja Academy in Busan in 2010.

  • He joined TS Entertainment in the summer of 2011. He was the last one added to the group and trained for roughly six months before he made his debut with B.A.P.
  • His dream of becoming a singer grew when he was younger while watching DBSK.
  • He likes women with sweet images, such as Ha Jiwon, Lee Jia and Shin Saimdang. He also likes it when a woman who can prepare 9 side dishes for each meal.
  • He always wakes up the earliest, therefore he has to wake up the other members.
  • Even though he’s right-handed, he uses his left hand for some tasks.
  • He knows how to draw caricatures well.
  • He’s scared of amusement park rides.
  • He enjoys watching Yoo Heeyeol’s Sketchbook.
  • He always carries a scarf with him to protect his throat.
  • He wants to film a food CF because he’s confident in eating. Whether it’s pizza or soda, if you just tell him what to do, he can do it well.
  • If he could have a supernatural power it would be invisibility. He wants to become an invisible man and kick his members to wake them up because they never wake up.
  • He sleeps with three blankets because he likes to be comfortable. Jongup accused him of stealing his blankets and the group says Daehyun doesn’t wash them.
  • When B.A.P succeeds, the first thing he wants to do is gift his parents an amazing vacation.
  • He’s the closest to Youngjae.
  • He used to not eat most seafood when he was little but now, he’s slowly starting to get used to them. 
  • Liked reading manga such as “ONE PIECE”, “NARUTO” and “Dragon Ball”.
  • He doesn’t collect anything specifically but he always take pictures and polaroids so he collects those.